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I'm a sucker for cashmere and cute packaging. But there's something more to these kits, which actually don't look like kits at all—they look like a sort of magical multicolored caterpillar in fiber form. I first noticed them in people's pictures on Instagram. I followed the tags and discovered that they were coming from a Boise, Idaho-based company called Lux Adorna Knits. They contained 100% cashmere yarn. Naturally, I immediately had to order a kit. The kit arrived, but I waited. I'm the kid who kept her Halloween candy for months before finally opening it. I love holding pleasures in suspended animation because as soon

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I'm a sucker for cashmere and cute packaging. But there's something more to these kits, which actually don't look like kits

Once the backbone of the British empire, wool has declined in value so much that it's being buried or burned

I first heard about the Exmoor Blueface sheep from John Arbon back in 2010 when I was in London for Knit Nation.

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How do you keep that spark alive? You know, the one that drove you to knit in the first place, that

The day I completed my first sock was a day of liberation. For years I'd been mystified by socks, never

Most knitters have been taught from day one not to tie knots in their yarn—or, at a minimum, not to do so

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The principle underlying knitting is simple: You use two pointed sticks to pull loops of string through one another. But

You could say that Julie Weisenberger has a thing for gadgets. The creative brain behind the knitwear design line Cocoknits, Julie

Sometimes the most useful tools are also the simplest. They have no moving parts, they require no batteries or clamps.

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I've always dreamed of seeing London in December. When I heard news that Pompom was having a Christmas party and

The 2015 Knitter's Review Retreat Canandaigua, NY November 12-15, 2015 A funny thing happens when you bring knitters together. Create a space—a comfortable,

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Kate Atherley has long served as the technical editor of, the oldest and largest

I'm strangely smitten with Stina Tiselius' new collection of knitted potholder patterns. Potholders, you say? I

In the world of teams, few are as prolific and popular as the dynamic Swedish/Norwegian

Romi Hill is one of my favorite designers, especially for lace. She has a way

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