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To get answers to questions or a copy of our 2015 Ad Program Description, simply email us (sponsor AT knittersreview dot com) for more information.

Our readers
Brought to you by writer Clara Parkes and published weekly since 2000, Knitter's Review provides fiber enthusiasts with timely, unbiased, critical reviews of yarns, books, tools, events, and everything else that shapes our knitting experience.

The Knitter’s Review Newsletter, a weekly double opt-in online publication, goes into the e-mail inboxes and RSS feed readers of more than 36,000 subscribers each Thursday. Our e-mail list is extremely clean, managed in accordance with all CANN-SPAM guidelines. In 2010, our e-mail newsletter had an open rate of 50.2%, a click-through rate of 24.6%, and a bounce rate averaging only 0.14%.

The typical Knitter's Review reader is:

  • Avid, intelligent, curious, and a dedicated knitter
  • Active on the Web and comfortable shopping online
  • Loyal to Knitter's Review and its advertisers
  • Discerning and committed to knitting for life

Since its beginnings in 2001, the Knitter's Review Forum has been an active social community for knitters. The focus is on sharing inspiration, ideas, and support, with moderator oversight and volunteer assistants to ensure that the community remains safe, fair, and respectful of all viewpoints.

Forum advertising is an affordable option that offers you an opportunity to build relationships with online knitters. They'’ll spread the word about your business or service.

Readers and forum members include novice to experienced knitters, yarn shop owners, knitwear designers, publishers, yarn producers, and fiber-animal breeders. Many of our readers also actively spin, weave, sew, crochet, and/or quilt their own textiles and garments.

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Contact us (sponsor AT knittersreview dot com) if you're interested in learning about our rates and availability for sponsorships. Please indicate which type of sponsorship you're interested in, as well as a little background on your business. Thank you!