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Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

Yarn Profile: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

First Impressions
Introduced in the summer of 2000, 1824 Cotton is a soft, unmercerized cotton from Mission Falls. Its color, gauge, and appearance are designed to be completely interchangeable with Mission Falls' other line of yarn, 1824 Wool.

This means you don't need to be limited by where you live. If you love a winter Mission Falls pattern but live in the tropics, no problem. Just use the 1824 Cotton instead.

It's currently available in 24 colors, mostly subtle hues with a few bold basics.

Knitting Up
I worried that the yarn's unusual nubby texture would snag and be difficult to manipulate. But the added texture didn't interfere at all.

I knit at a rapid clip. The yarn slid through my hands smoothly and easily, and I was sorely tempted to turn my test swatch into the beginnings of a sweater.

Blocking / Washing
You can toss this easy-care yarn in the washing machine without fear. My swatches performed perfectly, maintaining their shape and form throughout the wash process.

There was a very slight bleeding in the water, with no visible fading once dry. The gauge remained consistent, and the swatches blocked flat and square with almost no prodding.

There is a moderate heft to this yarn that is neither bulky nor too revealing. You can use it for nearly any type of garment, for adults and children alike.

My swatches survived a significant amount of abuse before showing any signs of degradation. When they finally did begin to age, their deterioration was concealed by the yarn's nubby texture except when examined up close.

If you didn't notice already, I liked this yarn. I used to think all cotton yarn was flat, boring, and inflexible, but 1824 Cotton has made me a cotton convert.

It's pleasing to the touch, easy to work with, and wears well. It knits up quickly and produces a rippled texture that makes even the plainest stockinette look attractive.

Combine this with any of the fresh, simple patterns from Mission Falls designer Mags Kandis and you'll be very pleased.

Read more about Mags Kandis and Mission Falls in the Spring 2001 issue of Interweave Knits.

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Previous reader comments
"I have knitted two sweaters in 1824 cotton. Love the colors and the boucle look. I have washed (and dried--though not bone dry--in dryer) my daughter's sweater and it looks good still. My mother in law wants a sweater now. Whew!" dkkpersonal, 11/26/2001

"I have knitted four projects with the Mission Falls yarn. One sweater in the 1824 Wool and the other three in the 1824 Cotton. Personally my favorite was the wool. The cotton knits up nicely and is pleasant to work with, however it is a roving cotton. (stranded cotton wrapped by thread) People seem reluctant to mention this in their reviews of this yarn. Roving cotton will, over time, pill and get a fuzzy look. It is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast. If you don't mind the fuzzy look, then this cotton is great. For people who would like their yarn to keep a more polished look, I would suggest trying something else." T. Hanks, 9/8/2001

"I am currently working on my 5th sweater with 1824 cotton. I am absolutely in love with it. I rarely have any 'ugly' loose stitches as I have occasionally found with other cottons. Before washing my first sweater, I made a tested a swatch with 7 colors in stripes and checks-indigo next to white. After being washed and wrung out [which I would never do with a sweater] there was no color transfer. With left over balls, I have made myself some washcloths. So soft, such a luxury." parkerok, 3/14/01