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Rowan Update:

Future Directions,
and the Fate of Designer DK

A few weeks ago we reported that Rowan was discontinuing its Designer DK yarns at the end of this year.

Nicola Earnshaw at Rowan recently sent us a note explaining why they made the decision to discontinue the Designer DK and where they're going next. Here's an excerpt.

A Note from Rowan

Thank you for contacting Rowan and for giving us the opportunity to provide some information for Knitters Review. I have visited your site and found it very informative and a great encouragement to knitters.

Unfortunately, I must first confirm that you are correct in saying that we have decided to discontinue the Designer DK from our range, though of course there is still plenty of the Designer DK yarn in the shops at this time. To understand the reasons for this decision it is important to be aware of the background to it.

At Rowan, we believe it is important to listen to our customers and to maintain our tradition as the 'Designer's Yarn Company' - the basis of our original and ongoing success reflected in our knitting designs and knitting yarns. In the last couple of years the customer demand has been for softer and softer fabric.

Alongside this the advancements in yarn technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the shape of new softer yarns. This has enabled us to meet the customer demand by introducing yarns like the DK Soft, Chunky Soft and the Kid Soft (as currently reviewed on your site) offering our designers and knitters a new knitting experience.

Our replacement for the Designer DK is a 50/50 pure fibre mix of wool and cotton - the new Rowan Wool Cotton - which offers a softer handle than the pure wool it replaces. The range is supported by a broad palette of colours and we view the Wool Cotton as a new Rowan classic with wonderful potential for the future, and a new generation DK weight.

We are very excited about our new ranges, and we hope that this will be translated to the customers through the new designs in our current magazines, offering them the opportunity to try new yarns for themselves.

I hope that this information will be useful.

Kind regards,

Nicola Earnshaw
Sales Office Manager

You can learn more by visiting the Rowan Web site.