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  Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
by Erika Knight
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Just like cookbooks, knitting books often fall into two categories: Those you can actually use, and those you're more likely to set on the coffee table and leaf through dreamily.

Rarely do both categories converge under one cover, but Erika Knight's new book does just that.

Ode to Knitters Past
Knight has perfectly captured our enchantment with knits of the past, those precious baby booties we were wearing in faded photographs, the tattered teddy bear now safely stored away in the attic.

The person who made those items may be long-gone, but we cherish their memory through their knitted work.

Gather Thy Needles
Now we have a chance to make the same lasting impression on the generations to come.

Each item in Knight's book -- whether it's the classic cashmere sweater, chunky knit cardigan, or personalized baby cushion -- is clean and classic.

Agreed, a cashmere sweater may not be the most durable item in a baby's wardrobe, but it'll definitely be among the most cherished. And as many knitters already know, that's half the point.

Simple Styles
The garments are loose and comfortable, without excess decoration or contrived cuteness.

Instead of adorning your baby's head with a strawberry-shaped cap, for example, you can create a simple beanie hat. Knight also skips the rabbit-shaped slippers in favor of a simple but exquisite pair of cashmere booties.

Beginner Friendly
The patterns are perfect for beginners, most calling for garter or stockinette stitch and not-too-complex shaping. Knight writes clearly, and it's easy to follow her train of thought.

She also provides on-the-spot translations of common terms so you don't have to put down your needles and go hunting for the glossary.

Tactile Imagery
Each page is packed with lush photographs detailing different angles of garments as well as how the different pieces come together. This help is especially important for the not-always-obvious components of a teddy bear, for example.

Knight's latest book proves you don't need to be a brain surgeon to create beautiful, meaningful gifts for a new baby. I know I'll cherish this book for many years to come.

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