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February 1, 2001

February is the perfect month for felting.

While the world is still blanketed in varying degrees of winter, you can stay indoors and knit quick, easy items that provide great warmth, protect you from the elements, and look great.

The Felting Phenomenon

Felting is an age-old process of subjecting natural fibers to heat, moisture, and movement. This causes the fibers to become irreversibly entangled, forming a thick, matted material known as felt.

Felting raw fibers and molding them into various shapes is perhaps the best-known form of felting, but you can also do it successfully with knitted items. The real benefit is that the garment shape has already been established, and all you need to do is coax it along.

February Focus: Felt

This month we explore felting in greater detail. You'll learn the physics of felting, how to do it, which materials and commercial yarns felt best, and who is designing for this wonderful medium.

January Newsletter Subscriber Winner

Congratulations to Terri Martin, winner of the January newsletter subscriber drawing for a $50 gift certificate from ForKnitters.com! We'll give away another $50 gift certificate from ForKnitters.com at the end of this month, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (or stay subscribed) to get in the running.


Last week's newsletter incorrectly identified our Quick Gifts Showcase prize as a Tra-bar skein winder, when in fact we should have said yarn holder. We deeply regret the error.

Happy knitting!


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