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April 5, 2001

Knitting needles are unsung heroes.

We may snap them in half with our tight grip, jam them in the bottom of our bags, and lose them for months between couch cushions, but without them we'd be totally and completely lost.

Ode to Needles

In honor of these brave companions that help us create garment after garment, I declare April Needle Appreciation Month.

I begin this week with a comprehensive overview of needles, including the basic types, materials, and reasons why beginning knitters need to be particularly careful.

In subsequent weeks I'll examine each needle type and popular brands in more detail.

Special Discount!

In honor of knitting needle month, Patternworks is graciously offering Knitter's Review readers a 10% discount on all knitting needles! Simply mention code WKR2 when placing your order online or over the phone (at 800-438-5464), and you'll be given the discount. The offer ends May 3, 2001.

Beautiful Book

After recommending this book to several of you privately, I decided it was time to share it with the rest of you in a full-length review. Written by two experienced designers and yarn shop owners, "Simply Beautiful Sweaters" proves once and for all that the right yarn will knit itself.

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Book Review:
Simply Beautiful Sweaters

Simply Beautiful Sweaters
Tired of mind-numbingly boring patterns, but aren't quite ready to tackle advanced techniques? Let this book be your guide.

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