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Knitter's Review
October 12, 2002

tiny fall leavesWe've all been there. Halfway through a beautiful project we're halted in our tracks by tortured shaping instructions that involve not only keeping track of rows but numbers of rows as well.

Pencil and paper can do the trick, were it not for both items' tendency to wander away from projects. Most of us have also developed home-grown techniques for keeping track of rows.

Never ones to miss out on a merchandising opportunity, gadget manufacturers offer a host of row-counting tools as well. One of the most useful is called a circular needle counter, not because it helps you count your needles but because it can keep you sane in the face of a counting crisis.


New This Week
The first time I tried to buy a circular needle counter, my local shop owner balked. "You don't need that," she shook her head disapprovingly. "Just use a pencil and paper. It's cheaper."

What she didn't understand was that some of us enjoy the prospect of accessorizing, even if we don't ever use the gadget. A few years after that first incident, I finally walked back into the shop and proudly bought my circular needle counter. This week's tool review explains what they are, how they work, and if they can help.

In other news, a new pattern book for toddlers advertises "too cute" designs. There's only one drawback, which I reveal in this week's book review.

In the Forums
If you've ever spent a lot of money on yarn for a sweater, only to let it languish unused, guess what? You're not alone!

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Special Sampler Sale
You've told me how hard it can be to settle on just one box of notecards when there are so many to choose from. To make the choice easier, I've dropped the price of our notecard sampler packs from $14.95 to $12.50. Enjoy this special treat through October 19th, and - as always - thanks for your support.

October Subscriber Prize
Last week's poll indicates that chocolate is a distant second to yarn in your list of priorities. Still, we're giving away a beautiful assortment of gourmet chocolates (34 pieces total) from Godiva Chocolatier at the end of this month. Simply stay subscribed to this newsletter and you could win.

Happy knitting, and I'll chat with you in the forums!


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