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Knitter's Review
May 26, 2005

remnants of looms past The relationship between handknits and washing machines hasn't always been a good one. Some knitters bemoan the general lack of machine-washable yarns, others bemoan lost projects made from yarn they thought was machine-washable...until it was too late.

But this week I present a new yarn from Rowan that blends luxurious merino and cashmere, won't break the bank, and can be tossed directly in the washing machine.


In the KR Boutique: Basket Case
I tend to have a separate knitting bag for each project. The problem is that instead of finishing the projects, I usually just buy more knitting bags! If you share my habit, then you'll enjoy the latest addition to the boutique: a classic tote-shaped knitting basket with embroidered fabric lining.

In the Forums: Supportive Siggies?
Do you have a partner who supports your knitting, and if so, how? (And if not, don't despair. We also share tips on how to turn them around!)

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