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Knitter's Review
July 14, 2005

summer flowers against hand-dyed handspun angora yarn I often get asked to review knitting bags, but so far I've resisted. My argument has been that pretty much anything could be considered a knitting bag.

Would I be expected to review diaper bags from Target, plastic bags from the grocery store, and every seemingly identical quilted fabric tote on the planet?

Although I still believe the knitting bag market is too vast for my lasso, this week I had to make an exception for a lovely little bag from a cottage business in Vermont.


In the Boutique: The Write Stuff
Sometimes you want to jot down some ideas that don't merit letterpress, yet they deserve something a little classier than the backs of old take-out menus. Our knitting-themed writing pads fit the bill perfectly.

In the Forums: Curse of the... Friendship Sweater?
We've heard stories of relationships that have fallen apart when a handknit sweater got involved. But can the curse of the love sweater extend to friendships as well?

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As always, I thank you for your readership and support. Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the forums,

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