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Knitter's Review
October 18, 2012
Cat interrupts photo shoot

"I have this mother-in-law," the email usually begins. It could be family, future family, a dear friend, or even an important colleague at work. But the rest is the same. "I want to make something special for this person. Not just special, but really special. What yarn would you recommend?"

It's a good question, and my answer invariably includes qiviut, the down undercoat of the Arctic muskox. This rare and pricey fiber is actually best in blends, and this week I review one of the finest: an ethereal laceweight blend of qiviut and silk.

This weekend in New York
It's finally here, the grande dame of gatherings that marks the official arrival of knitting season: The New York Sheep and Wool Festival. It takes place in the bucolic town of Rhinebeck, nestled along the banks of the Hudson River just north of New York City. Go for the fiber, stay for the cider donuts. I'll be there both days wandering the fairgrounds in a daze—please say hi.

In the Forums: Furtive Glances
We all have our techniques for stalking yarn. When Lynne finds a skein she likes, she'll quickly cast a glance around the store to see if anyone else has noticed it too. What do you do?

As always, I thank you for your readership and your support.

Talk to you next week!
Clara Parkes

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Cat interrupts yarn photo shoot

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