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December 19, 2013
a hygge home

This winter I'm embracing the Danish concept of "hygge." Like all good words, this one lacks an easy English translation. Hygge is about coziness and nesting, but also relates to the broader concept of kindness and conviviality, gathering with friends, and slowing down to enjoy simple things. It's become an underpinning of Danish culture, especially during the cold, dark winter months.

For me, hygge means stepping back and taking a thoughtful, compassionate survey of the road we've just traveled. We've covered a lot of ground this year. Let's gather for a look at 2013 in review.

Taking to the Airwaves
Last week I got to speak with Anne Strainchamps on 45 North, a program on Wisconsin Public Radio. We talked about what might be behind the rise in knitting, touching not only on trends but on the deeper spiritual notion of making itself. Give it a listen.

Heifer Holidays
I'm excited to announce the return of our year-end fundraising drive for Heifer International. Many places need and deserve our support, but Heifer touches a soft spot in my heart because it works with the gift of nature (whether through livestock or trees) and education. Won't you pop over to our Knitter's Review registry and give what you can?

In the Forums: Hey I Know That Hat
While at a party recently, Donna glanced across the room and noticed a woman. This woman was a complete stranger to her, except for one very important thing: She was wearing one of Donna's hats. Can you pick out your knitting in a crowd?

Need help logging into the Forums?

It has been a great privilege to be part of your knitting life this year. I wish you all a New Year of health, happiness, and hygge.

We'll talk again on January 2nd!

Clara Parkes

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A hygge window spotted on the streets of Portland, Maine

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