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Needle Profile:
Red Heart Starters for Kids

Red Heart Starters
Close-up of Red Heart Starters
Coats & Clark Inc.

Editor's note:
These needles have since been discontinued. The review is left here for archival purposes only.

I can't help it - I'm a sucker for cute things. Frankly, these little needles are adorable.

They're intended to be starter needles for children aged 8 and older. But if you do a lot of swatching, or simply enjoy making narrow items such as scarves, these can come in handy.

Likewise, they're perfect for any impromptu knitting lesson. They're easy to manipulate, and they make a perfect gift for the beginner.

You're most likely to find the Red Heart Starters at your local WalMart or craft shop, although they're also available online. There are three sizes available, each size with its own different color.

The needles are shorter than most pencils, each one measuring roughly 6 1/2". They look so harmless, in fact, that I'm tempted to try bringing a pair on board an airplane to see if they get through security.

The needles have an average taper and medium-sized tip. They have a warm, lightweight feel with a hint of flexibility similar to Bryspun or Pony Pearls.

One note: Because they are plastic, the needles will gradually begin to show surface wear over time.

Available Sizes
Needles marked in U.S. and metric sizes.
US 7, 8, 9
mm 4.5, 5, 5.5
Average retail price
$3.50 for one pair
$9 for all three
Where to buy these online
Made in
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