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Reviews of Single-Pointed Straight Needles

Not sure which needle to try? Check this list of popular single-pointed straight needles, sorted by material.

This is a work in progress, so stay tuned as we continue to add more needles to the list.

- Bryspun Flexible
- Crystal Palace Daisy
- Pony Pearl
- Red Heart Starters for Kids

- NEW: Signature Needles
- Susan Bates Quicksilver

- Clover
- Crystal Palace

Other materials
- Swallow Casein

Carbon Composite
New - Knitter's Pride Karbonz

- Brittany Birch
- Hand Made Birch
- Judy Grill Designs
- Lantern Moon
- Montana Mountain
- Pony Rosewood
- Editor's Choice: Turn of the Century Hand-Turned Wood Needles

Featured Tool Review

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