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Rowan Linen Drape
Rowan Linen Drape

Yarn Profile: Rowan Linen Drape

First Impressions
If knitting is just two sticks and a string, then this is the string you'll want to use. It looks unassuming enough at first, almost like a ball of standard utility string. But this is Rowan, which means there's much more than meets the eye.

Linen Drape, the newest in Rowan's lineup, evokes pleasant images of summer. There's a dry, almost stringy texture to it, which is typical of linen blends. It comes in 10 colors that range from bright white and turquoise to a subtle celery and dusty pink.

Knitting Up
I was apprehensive about working with this yarn because it is made up of so many smaller strands (I counted nine total). Normally this results in endless frustrations as the yarn comes unspun, making each stitch an effort.

Such was not the case here, with the occasional exception of the last stitch at the end of a row.

Otherwise, it knit up quickly and easily, with minimum snagging. My stitches were steady and even, and the yarn was overall a pleasure to manipulate.

Blocking / Washing
Don't be surprised if your garments appear to harden significantly when you expose them to water. Once dry, they will soften again.

My swatches did not bleed or fade in the water, and once dry the color was identical to the unwashed swatch. The yarn filled out slightly to give the fabric a more solid texture, but there was no change in gauge.

This is a surprisingly hearty yarn. Only after truly excessive rubbing was I able to induce any fiber degradation.

Then only a small amount of fiber would detach from the body of the yarn, producing tiny easy-to-remove pills. I can imagine that single strands within the yarn might snag, but you could easily fix them with a crochet hook and some patience.

This yarn is true to its name: It drapes beautifully. The viscose adds just enough slink to counter any stiffness in the linen. The multiple strands produce an almost opalescent effect in sunlight. And its texture is airy and light.

All these elements -- plus the availability of gorgeous patterns from Rowan -- make Linen Drape a solid choice for warm-weather knits.

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