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T O P I C    R E V I E W
hissyknit Posted - 12/03/2006 : 07:54:40 AM
Am I the only klutz ever to be injured by a knitting needle? I recently sat down on my couch and didn't realize my son moved my needles, pointy end up. When I sat, I felt like I just received a strep throat antibiotic shot. Fortunately, the needle was NOT injured nor was my unfinished hat. Oh and my bottom was just achy--it didn't break the skin. My DH kind of laughed when I told him and said I was probably the only person in the world who had been vaccinated by a knitting needle. Please tell I'm not.

Christy B.
"I run with scissors and eat paste."

I am no longer a blog virgin. Visit my new blog!!!
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RoxieKatz Posted - 01/02/2007 : 07:25:15 AM
Although I'm a klutz, I've not injured myself with knitting (unless you count cat scratches from rescuing a project from an energetic 12-lb cat), but my roommate recently sat on a circular and punctured her heel. She was limping around the house trying to find a bandage, when the mail carrier knocked on the door. She hopped to the door, and scared the mail carrier when she announced that she had just stabbed herself. Then she had to calm her down to explain that it wasn't a half-hearted suicide attempt, but a case of the clumsies.
knitting_wounded Posted - 12/16/2006 : 4:43:59 PM
My mother once left her knitting on the back of the couch and sat down in front of it. One of the knitting needles punctured her scalp! She used to tell people that when she died they'd find a needle mark on the back of her skull.

It didn't stop me from knitting, but it may be why I don't have a couch!

Check out the Knitting Wounded Tent:
FiveNdlSocks Posted - 12/11/2006 : 9:57:56 PM
I was walking inside carrying my sisters diaper bag it bounced onto my knitting bag driving my very long slender scissers into the side if my knee, that came Thru my knitting bag and into my knee it bled profusely scareing my sister half to death. I had to go to the er and have stitches as it wouldnt close and stop bleeding soaked a towel clean thru. took 5 stitches.
aggie epee Posted - 12/11/2006 : 12:24:12 AM
These are really cracking me up. I don't have any good stabbing stories but there have been some close calls. I have a sectional couch set up so one corner section is where my butt goes, my legs go down one way, and all the project stuff is next to me. Once when my boyfriend was coming over I cleaned off the whole couch except that part, and he tried to sit there. On all my needles. He caught himself as he saw the look on my face, but rather than move he stood patiently aside while I moved my knitting! Boys...

I have a nipple piercing story! Once on a high school church trip we were repairing a very old porch. Two big boys were vigorously trying to remove all the rotten boards, and the very last one was being rather stubborn so they just started swinging at it with their hammers with all their might. One of the boys was wearing one of those big tshirts with the sleeves cut off so the armholes are really big, and at one point he felt a slight sting in his nipple area.

About an hour later he decided to actually look at it and saw the tiny puncture wound... apparently he could *feel* a tiny shard of metal in there. An inspection of the other boy's hammer revealed that a sliver of boy 2's hammer had splintered off and gone flying through boy 1's giant armhole and right into his nipple.

The group adult took him to the hospital where a nurse poked, prodded, and rolled his nipple around for some time before announcing,

"Yep. It's in there!"

And that was kind of the end of the discussion. The hammer was made of steel, so they decided it wouldn't hurt him to leave it in there.

For the rest of the trip he was called either "Nipples" or "The Man of Steel."
seagrrlz Posted - 12/09/2006 : 06:55:24 AM
well, i haven't personally had a " when needles attack" scenerio but i do know of 2 seperate cases... my friend lori was knitting in the living room and had dropped a needle... her sister came into the room and didn't see it.. when she "kicked" it ass she was wlking, she was by the chesterfield and endedup jamming it between her toes and half way into her foot... my mother almost widowed herself once... she keeps her knitting supplies in the closet of the t.v. room.. she was walking by my dad who was taking a nap and tripped on the edge of the rug and stabbed him in the chest w/them..rude awakening i'm sure... luckily, she had plastic ones in her hand ,not metal so it only just broke the skin...
TobyJ Posted - 12/08/2006 : 12:50:40 PM
I am laughing out loud as I read some of these stories, but they are also uncomfortably painful! I am lucky to be injury-free, but, after reading these tales, I will be very, very careful from now on.

Toby in Southern CA
suzieshoes Posted - 12/08/2006 : 10:10:24 AM
Sewn through a couple of fingers with a seriously heavy-duty machine..wound up in the ER due to forgetfulness (Yup, that sure was the embroidery hoop you left on the carpet next to the bed last night. The needle is now broken off and in your knee)

No damage from knitting (yet). But exploding knitting needles? That's Just Not Right.
Catlover Posted - 12/07/2006 : 5:57:02 PM
Years ago I was home sick from work. I only had a bad cold so I was sitting on the couch knitting and watching television and taking time outs to blow my nose. I got up for some reason I don't remember and, when I returned, I knelt on the couch for some. I slipped off and fell on my knitting bag. The needles and the project on them were in the bag with the points up. They were long metal straight needles and one of them went about half an inch into my knee. For some reason it didn't hurt much but it didn't bleed either. I felt pretty foolish calling the doctor's office to make an appointment for a tetanus shot. I had forgotten about it until I started reading this thread.
scraffan Posted - 12/07/2006 : 4:51:02 PM
I can say I have been fortunate enough to never have sat on or been stabbed by a needle.
I have lost count of how many fingers have been bent or broken off while knitting. It is a amazing how a nail can break below the quick and when I am wrapped in my world of knitting I block out things, apparently this includes the nails breaking or bending below the quick..It is not until I stop or notice a piece of broken nail on my newest project..oops
Corddrymum Posted - 12/07/2006 : 1:09:33 PM
I've been very lucky in the knitting needle area although on a flight back from LA, I managed to stab myself in the hand twice with scissors and a darning needle. In my sewing days I can't count the number of times I have to remove stitches from various fingers.
Knit and sew safely!
Robin C
susan14_23 Posted - 12/07/2006 : 11:58:31 AM
Wow, these stories are really eye-opening. I'm going to be much more careful with my needles. It's funny that so many people had no pain and didn't even notice at first that they had a needle stuck in them!

Can you see a bunch of knitters sitting around at the yarn shop and proudly showing off their battle scars?

pattiw Posted - 12/07/2006 : 09:25:15 AM
I never thought that a knitting needle could actually puncture skin. A month or two ago, I was working on a sock with metal dpns and set it on the table next to my chair when I got up for a cup of tea. When I came back and sat down, I managed to impale one of the needles about an inch into my arm. It is a tad horrifying to see a needle hanging from a body part. But amazingly, it wasn't painful and healed surpisingly well. And now I have coordinating scars on both arms near my elbows. A round one from the needle and a long one from when I was a kid and fell on my grandmothers sewing scissors. Who would believe that knitting could be a dangerous hobby?

llinn, you had the 2 best stories. Your accident still makes me cringe when I think of it. And the one about your husband...I'm still giggling.


I'm not always perfect, but I am always me. Posted - 12/07/2006 : 08:27:48 AM
Some time ago a dpn got me in the car when I reached down to dget something out of my bag. But that pales in comparison to what happened this past summer, when my husband stepped on an embroidery needle which had fallen from my lap. It broke in 3 places, leavinag one piece deep in his foot. It cost $7,800 to have the 9/16-inch piece of needle surgically removed from his foot.

purlthis Posted - 12/07/2006 : 08:20:29 AM
On WendyB's story, Mokey's quoted!!!

As I get older, I prefer to knit. Tracey Ullman
leslie5 Posted - 12/07/2006 : 08:07:19 AM
Beware when you're knitting in the car. If the air bags deploy, you're in trouble. Leslie Ehrlich

WendyB Posted - 12/07/2006 : 06:54:52 AM
These stories are making me cringe. Some are making me cringe and laugh. Fortunately, I've had no injuries from knitting needles (so far). I wanted to remind people of this story, though...another way in which a needle has been found to be dangerous. I've not heard of a similar story since.

Wendy :) Posted - 12/07/2006 : 06:49:58 AM
OMG, I remember with real horror the day that I hurried into my bedroom closet, where EVERYTHING is packed, piled, and put away in great haste. Shocked, and truly believing that I had been shot in the leg, I looked down (in the dark) and in horror to see a thick, red ribbon of fresh blood traveling down the length of my calf. Not fully comprehending what had happened, I finally realized that I had just about run, at full speed, into the business end of a size 15 wooden needle (scarf still attached and fortunately unblemished), which left a 3/8 of an inch puncture wound, reminding me (once again!) 1) to put things where they belong, 2) slow down and turn on the light, and 3) that a knitter's life is always interesting!
molly-o Posted - 12/07/2006 : 05:46:32 AM
Since I seem to not be the only one to have sustains knitting related injuries, I will share with you a motto to live by:

Practise safe knitting:

Look before you sit!

Cheers, Posted - 12/07/2006 : 05:45:05 AM
And to think people actually pay lotsa $$$ to have their nipples pierced! [:00] Posted - 12/07/2006 : 05:16:46 AM
I wish I couldn't reply to this post but I am, too, a victim of carelessly leaving needles around where they shouldn't be. I always sit on my front steps and knit in the summer while my kids are playing outside.
Two summers ago, I set them aside when I got up for something and promptly sat on them when I returned to the steps. It was horrifying to stand up and see a needle sticking straight out of my thigh. It was even more horrifying when I had to explain to the doctor as he cleaned it out and looked it over.

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