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 How has the Internet changed your knitting?
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of troy
Permanent Resident

2474 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  5:23:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit of troy's Homepage Send of troy a Private Message
i've had a computer since 1982, and was first on the net regularly in 1995-(before that, i didn't have a regular account, but did occationally piggy back on my sons account--he had a web page up in 1993!) but i never thought to use the web as hobby..

in 2000 i found a world of friends at a word/language site(i am word nerd)--and after my son married, i finally thought about (thanks to my DDIL)joining a knitting guild.. and after that finally searched for knitting BB's. this is by far the best... (but i will admit, i love that Page by page offers a gallery and i do have some photo's posted there--see helen (of troy) )

i learned to knit back in the days when there were many adult knitters about, and many knitting magazines available ( i bought a Mon Tricot stitch dictionary, and set out to learn every stitch and technique in it--and basicly did)

i come and go with knitting... (i moved recently, and gave away many craft related materials, but i kept every knitting needle, and knitting book) i love the internet--

my knitting has always been 'original'--i was self assured(cocky?!) about my knitting skills right from the start, and never wanted to knit up someone elses ideas.. nowday, after many years, i can knit almost automaticaly-- designing on the fly, and almost never frog. (and never did.. i am more likely to 'trash'--or at least leave in the UFO pile for ever than frog)--

its wonderful that there are so many new knitters, and there are so many new ideas-- there are some i don't like, but many, many are wonderful and inspirational...

knitting is one of the normal things i do...
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New Pal

46 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  6:36:42 PM  Show Profile Send littlemaze a Private Message
How hasn't the internet changed my knitting would be a quicker question to answer!

My BI (before internet) knitting mainly consisted of buy a pattern and yarn and knit according to the pattern, always on 2 needles and always in pieces.

Now AI(after internet) I have become more discerning with yarn, able to spend more $ on yummy yarns (as I have explored a larger range), more adventourous with trying new yarns, knitting in the round, designing my own patterns, short rows, three needle cast off, my knitting books and stash have mulitplied at a rate that alarms my DH.

The most irksome thing about the internet is that my temptation gets a huge workout, especially with the strengthening Aus dollar, as I get to see what the rest of the world has got in terms of yarns, needles, books, patterns and everything else knitting related.

But the access to on line techniques, patterns etc has certainly expanded my skills and I just love to try new things - like socks! (just looked up knitting 2 socks on 2 circulars toe up - that should be a challenge)

This forum feeds my knitting interest, nearly to a point of obsession!

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Chatty Knitter

240 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  6:38:37 PM  Show Profile Send terivan a Private Message
How has the internet changed my knitting ? Well, I now know I'm not the last of a dying breed, and my horizons have broadened somewhat from just simple sweaters and vests. I've tried circular knitting, bought some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) knitting books from Amazons etc., purchased yarn from overseas rather than just having to rely on what the local department store had, and have designed my own intarsia and sweater patterns. Maybe this year I'll even try some socks.

I've met some wonderful people such as Fran, Of Troy etc., and have enjoyed my time on KR and the advice offered, even though I'm more of a lurker than a poster.

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Janice Alline
Seriously Hooked

633 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  7:13:57 PM  Show Profile Send Janice Alline a Private Message
With the internet I can search for patterns & download & copy how-to's with photo's (like all the great ones from Knitty) witout having to own a ton of books. I don't personally know anyone who knits, so having the internet to help when I have a problem has probably kept me knitting.

At one point in one of my earlier knitting forays, I remember finding a site (this was years ago) with a "movie" on how to do the knit & purl stitch. I recalled how to do the knit stitch, but I couldn't think how the purl stitch went other than it was the same but different, somehow.

"There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full."
--Henry Kissinger
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Permanent Resident

1745 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  7:25:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit klfrazier's Homepage Send klfrazier a Private Message
I've thought about this all afternoon. For me, the internet is more about community than about knitting. While it is true that you all have led me into temptation aplenty, shopping is about the only thing i do online other than visit with people here. However, KR has given me a sense of community that I would other wise be lacking as a SAHM. The chance to talk to other adults, opportunities to talk about personal issues that need solving (I've posted at least three now.) and support and encouragement whenever I've needed it. That's what KR and the internet have added to my knitting.

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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2004 :  9:02:08 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
I really love being able to track down sumptuous yarns from all over. The downside is finding out that some places won't ship outside their own geographic region!

All in all I love it. I also use the internet to email my LYS about interesting yarns and classes.


"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." Gandhi
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Permanent Resident

2810 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  03:48:11 AM  Show Profile Send Tam a Private Message
Without the internet I wouldn't be chatting to all my new knitting "friends" on the other side of the world! I also wouldn't have as many gorgeous patterns as I have now and access to great yarn; but I would have more knitting done as I wouldn't be spending all my time talking about it!!

Happy Knitting,
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Chatty Knitter

New Zealand
142 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  05:26:33 AM  Show Profile Send Jeanie a Private Message
How has the internet changed my knitting ?
Well for one I wouldn't be a KR junky who feels so deprieved when unable through other pressing commitments or circumstances to have time to get on the Forum. But then I wouldn't have it any other way !
For me personally I get to have intelligent & interesting conversations with other people of like minds from all over the world.
My geographical knowledge of USA has certainly improved.
I have made new friends.
My knitting has been given a good swift kick in the posterior & jolted me out of the rut that I was in & I now itch to try new things & design original garments.
It also galvanised me into organising my STASH.
And here is where I have a big fat confession to make ( ho hum -shame on me)
*When I first discovered KR I read about all you USA girls knitting dishcloths !!!! Heavens to Betsy I thought how very unimaginative why do they waste their time (hanging head in shame !).
One day the light bulb clicked on in my so called intelligence department, ( I had this big bag of cotton yarn that consisted of some that had been given to me, some that was once UFI's & had been frogged for reinventing & some that was just there "because") & I suddenly thought dishcloths.
Now guess who knits " designer dishcloths" in between everything, always have one sitting beside the computer for down time & when I am reading the Forum posts.
There I have confessed & now I beg forgiveness.

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vicky by the bay
Permanent Resident

4768 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  07:32:04 AM  Show Profile Send vicky by the bay a Private Message
Jeanie, Okay, we really forgive you...but only if you send each of us a hand knit face cloth w/ a pretty bar of soap!!! USA girls are unique aren't we!!

Vicky (Queen O'Yarn archivist-QYA)
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Permanent Resident

5986 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  10:07:01 AM  Show Profile Send achrisvet a Private Message
I started to not reply to this topic becaue I would just be seconding what everyone else has already said. New friends, new ayrn, new techniques. Then it occurred to me that without the net and KR Iwould never have heard about the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival or the smaller festival in Montpelier Va. Wow, what a loss that would be. And I would never have met Lissa and joined her knitting group. I love seeing what everyone else is making.

Now you've got me counting the days to the next Md festival.


See my completed projects!
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Permanent Resident

1543 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  11:44:57 AM  Show Profile Send jade a Private Message
What would life be like without the internet? I depend on it for information, and for the personal support of those providing the information.

My knitting has improved because of this forum, its enthusiasm and shared information about yarns, techniques, designs and resources. Through it I came to know Artfibers, start knitting socks and find a supplier of Hanne Falkenburg kits, to name 3 new things I learnt last year.

Through the internet I have learnt new techniques, found free patterns and been inspired by other knitters.

I can't imagine how I lived without it.

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New Pal

35 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  12:16:43 PM  Show Profile Send Pam246 a Private Message
The internet definately opened up my world of knitting. I wouldn't have any of the books I have on knitting from Amazon. I wouldn't be inspired, informed and befriended by internet knitting friends. It is like a library at your finger tips. Pam
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New Pal

5 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  12:21:49 PM  Show Profile Send rgaudreau a Private Message
This site has had the most impact. The articles are informative and current.
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New Pal

11 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  12:40:54 PM  Show Profile Send iknitsox a Private Message
I find that I buy more and more of my yarn via the internet. Many of the catalog sellers send weekly ads of what is on sale that week and the percentage off from the regular price is quite substantial. I would say that at least 75% of my yarn purchasing is through the internet. I also get many free patterns from the multiple sources available on the 'net!

Cindy L.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

423 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  12:58:42 PM  Show Profile Send knitnerd a Private Message
The internet has made my knitting much more social. I hear about new books and yarns much more quickly. In NYC you can find a knitting group every day of the week, though I do feel more comfortable with some than with others. I do sometimes forget that some of my internet friends are thousands of miles avay instead of a short subway trip.
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Permanent Resident

3817 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  1:19:06 PM  Show Profile Send Milinda a Private Message
Prior to the internet, I believe I was a stagnant knitter. I've knitted since I was a small child but all I really did was sweaters and more sweaters. Being on this site has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new things. Just look what Dee and Laura Storie have done to me with the felting bug!

There is the aspect of unlimited stimulation through all the different yarn sites but mostly it is the sharing of information with so many talented knitters from all over. There would be no words to describe the impact that has had on my life in general. When one has health issues, as Fran has been so frank about discussing, often times one is so isolated and the internet breaks up that isolation. I have met some fabulous people on the internet, especially here.

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Posted - 01/08/2004 :  1:52:17 PM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I'm new to KR last week. I found it through (which I'm madly in love with). I started knitting in the fall of 2002 and within weeks was ordering yarn on line and printing copies of every free pattern I could find. Thanks to the internet I have a huge stash of patterns. I still tend to buy yarn at my local shop (Webs - it is fantastic!) more than I do on line.

The thing I've found most valuable about the internet and knitting is happening upon some knitter's blog and realizing I'm not the only one out there with this crazy obsession. There's a whole community of people out there like me. I'm only just discovering them and it makes me all warm and fuzzy to read all of your comments and feel like its something I could be part of.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

553 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  2:43:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit lizzi's Homepage Send lizzi a Private Message

...wouldn't be a published designer (since I never would have submitted to a printed magazine...not enough courage; Knitty spurred me to try it, and I succeeded!)
...wouldn't have been able to afford half the things I knit this last year (thank you, Smiley's and Elann!)
...wouldn't have a blog, or read any, which in turn would prevent me from forging friendships over the 'net with my fellow bloggers.
...wouldn't be here at KR at all, which means no contributing to or organizing those healthful/Christmas throws! And no getting help or helping others here, either.


"Talk is cheap, but lies are expensive/ my wallet's fat, and so is my head" --Green Day, Walking Contradiction
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Posted - 01/08/2004 :  4:26:09 PM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I've known basic shaping techiques for over 20 years, but didn't enjoy knitting until the 'net.
I live in SF Bay area which has a lot of options, but they don't suit my needs. Variety & craft stores stock uninspiring & unpleasurable pastel acrylics; high end "boutiques" offer selections that are way too expensive.
EMerchants make luxurious animal, plant & synthetic fibers convenient to view and bring costs down within my budget.
Now I have fabulous yarns and beautiful wooden needles in my living room, bedroom, "the other room" so there's an oasis of texture and visual pleasure whenever I have a moment to sit down. I CRAVE new yarn experiences, so I work up a lot of accessories & toys (teddy bears) because these go quickly and I can start a new project in a matter of days or even hours, sometimes.
I "mix it up" by finding new stitch patterns or experimenting with new shapes in the finished pieces. Most of these ideas are inspired by free sites like KR. That's another great advantage of the 'net: My brain is only so big, but there's thousands of folks out there making the Superhighway a MEGA-brain venue. I may be an idiot but I'm no fool: I'm taking advantage!
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New Pal

30 Posts

Posted - 01/08/2004 :  7:43:33 PM  Show Profile Send CAJill a Private Message
One of my uses of the internet for my knitting has yet to be listed: finding more balls or skeins of a certain dye lot of yarn so that I can finish the project! Since I have long arms and like my sweaters a bit longer, I always seem to run short, even though I buy lots extra in the first place.
It sounds like many people here have had good luck swapping or getting rid of items they no longer need via the internet. I hope to try this as I clean out my stash. I already use all of the reasonable tips that were listed in today's issue of KR.
Jill in California
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