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 Defeating 2nd Sock Syndrome
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Permanent Resident

1081 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  08:35:02 AM  Show Profile Send Patience a Private Message
Well, after trying DPNs, knitting one sock at a time, then circs knitting one at a time, then circs, 2 at a time, I've decided that I prefer DPNs. However, I always hated the idea that I'd have to make another sock after the first one, so I have to admit to a few "only children".

Now, in order to use the needles of my choice, I cast stitches onto 2 sets of dpns at the same time and knit one for a few inches, put down, and pick up and knit the second one the same way and so on. Not only do I have 2 done simultaneously, but whatever I've done with the first sock, no matter how trivial, I can remember to do likewise with the second sock as well!

I'm sure that many of you already do this, but for some reason it just never clicked to do it this way until recently and I just thought I'd share the idea in case anyone might be interested in trying it out too.

Regards, Patience

Seriously Hooked

748 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  10:24:59 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kipster's Homepage Send Kipster a Private Message
Yes, this is something that I just "learned" to do too. However, now I seem to have "Two sock stall syndrome"---I'm stalled at the same place with both socks! LOL!
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New Pal

United Kingdom
24 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  1:44:21 PM  Show Profile Send Sunnylady2003 a Private Message
I also cast on one sock, work a bit, then do the other to the same point: so far no stall though I have got three pairs on the needles with a fourth (making waves for the six sox knitalong) to restart soon as I have just frogged both after working one of the heels.
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Knit Twit
Chatty Knitter

257 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  3:46:36 PM  Show Profile Send Knit Twit a Private Message
Heh-heh, I'm guilty of having a few sock orphans lying around as well! Usually that happens when I use a yarn that I wasn't so thrilled about knitting with in the first place. What sometimes helps me is to do one sock in one yarn, then another sock in a different yarn, then go back to finish the second sock of the first pair, etc. Sometimes the little break in between lets me finish the original pair with less of the "second sock blues."

Terri : )

Discretionary Spending = Yarn and Teddy Bears
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Permanent Resident

2069 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  5:15:21 PM  Show Profile Send Shalee a Private Message
I was wondering if it would work to make pairs, but different, to make it less boring. Like this link:

Is that a long enough link or what!

Sharon in NW PA
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2004 :  11:58:41 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
I've never been bored by the second sock. If anything I make it faster so that I can use it.

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." Gandhi
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Gabber Extraordinaire

379 Posts

Posted - 09/05/2004 :  12:07:28 PM  Show Profile  Visit jrwhiskey's Homepage Send jrwhiskey a Private Message
I'm with Mokey... the second sock seems to go faster, as I want to wear them, and with only 1 sock done, I can't do that

Julie in central MD
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Pinky Yarn
Permanent Resident

1045 Posts

Posted - 09/05/2004 :  12:41:01 PM  Show Profile Send Pinky Yarn a Private Message
im making two at a time, on double points, just finished the gusset on both and now im bored and feel like its gunna tkae forever, taht and im not quite sure how to make them work for my feet, that could be part of it.. lol

- Katie

"Say what you mean, and mean what you say"

The next generation of knitters :-)
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Gabber Extraordinaire

527 Posts

Posted - 09/05/2004 :  4:23:08 PM  Show Profile Send Laxmom4x a Private Message
I think I like knitting socks so much because things change more quickly than, let's say on a sweater... You have the leg, and then before you know it the heel, and then the gusset, well you know. So knitting a second one isn't a problem, and like some of the other sock knitters, the first one done is inspiration to finish the second. I think I must be ADD anal retentive! ;-)

"Change is inevitable except from a vending machine"
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Permanent Resident

2454 Posts

Posted - 09/05/2004 :  4:55:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit celia's Homepage Send celia a Private Message
my socks usually aren't exactly the same.
the last couple of pairs of socks I made for my bf were odd socks - one made from the inside of a self-patterning ball and the other from teh outside.
It's easier to defeat the second sock syndrome when I am kitting for someone else. When it is for me, I simply can't get it done!


View my completed items here
and my blog here
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Permanent Resident

2373 Posts

Posted - 09/08/2004 :  7:04:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit RobA's Homepage Send RobA a Private Message
I use two circs, or even just one long circ (the so-called "magic loop") but I use the same system to avoid SSS -- the toe on one, the toe on the other, foot and foot, heel and heel, etc. The funny thing is I get a bit bored with the leg, so I am trying different patterns to keep it interesting. This time, though, I am working and thinking hard to truly make these socks a custom fit, and to try new (to me) heels, so I did the entire first sock, taking notes. No point in duplicating something that wasn't going to fit, right? So I then immediately cast on for the second sock, and in fact will modify the fit a little. But I am just DYING to get on to other sock yarn and other socks!!!!

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Gabber Extraordinaire

525 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  07:22:06 AM  Show Profile Send DebbiOH a Private Message
I usually have the second sock come out slightly different. I'll be trying this idea of knitting two at a time on seperate DPN. Socks have become a passion to take in the car. You never know when you are going to have some down time.

Debbi - NW Ohio

NW Ohio
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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  07:34:06 AM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
I love doing the second sock, sometimes I do part of the first one, then start the second one and finish it....then go back to the first what sock is first and what sock is second??????
but you know............ I was always a bit odd

none of this will matter in 100 years.......except I will finally be at my goal
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Posted - 09/09/2004 :  07:34:09 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
While I have not yet knitted any socks yet, I can see this happening to me--wanting a new project after finishing one sock.

But I'm the sort who would wear mismatched socks if they were cute and handknit.

Heidi in San Diego
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Posted - 09/09/2004 :  07:51:45 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I've just turned the heel on the second sock of the second pair I've ever made; socks are too new for me to have SSS yet. I'm still amazed to be knitting them at all after years of thinking they were too difficult. The first pair was from yarn I handspun and it knit up fat & quick (5 spi on size 6 dpns). This second pair is in Socka yarn on size 2 needles so it's going slower, but I love getting to the architecture of the heel and toe. AND they're super-portable; I can knit on the subway even if I don't have a seat. AND (so many sock-thoughts!) all socks I'm knitting this month are for my sister's surprise 40th birthday party; a deadline always helps me knit with more focus. After this pair I want to do a few more but with a better pattern in the leg, rather than just stockinette. has some very tempting choices.

--Robin in NYC
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New Pal

11 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  08:14:56 AM  Show Profile Send Bookandyarn a Private Message
I don't normally finish anything unless I am under the gun (is that correct English?). So, I knit one sock without keeping any written notes (it's all in my head), and then I immediately work on the second one before I can forget what I did on the first. It also helps that I make socks mostly for my kids and they can hardly wait for me to finish so that they can wear the socks.

It also helps to sometimes make them from cuff-to-toe for one pair and then from toe-to-cuff for another pair (for variety) as well as to have interesting patterns in the legs.

I personally prefer two circular needles -- it helps me keep my rhythm going.

Happy knitting!
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Posted - 09/09/2004 :  08:18:31 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I usually cast on both socks on two sets of needles at the same time. This works especially well using the new self patterning yarns. I am able to have a perfect match in each sock. I then knit each to the heel, then do each part of the two socks before advancing to the next. I have no problem matching or finishing the pair. Great fun.
Mary in Pa.
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Chatty Knitter

161 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  08:22:28 AM  Show Profile Send nellcm a Private Message
i knit socks all the time, but they are my mindless knit at meetings, knit in the car project so doing the second sock is no problem. i do them one at a time, and like many of you said i enjoy the second sock and probably knit it faster because i want to have the pair complete.

also if it's a new patter, i've worked out all the bugs on the first sock and the second one is just pleasure.
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New Pal

0 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  08:59:01 AM  Show Profile Send Tricotine17 a Private Message
"Two socks at once" is definitely the answer for me! Especially if it involves a pattern, like Fair Isle, etc ... It is a lot easier to keep track of which peerie you are working on. Since I only knit socks from the toe up, all I have to do is save enough yarn to graft the heel at the end, and the pair is done, just like that! The only drawback is that it ties up two sets of dpn's, but by now I have enough sets that it makes no difference. Just don't start six pairs of socks that require the same size needles! Anna
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Parrot Girl
Permanent Resident

2129 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  09:30:29 AM  Show Profile Send Parrot Girl a Private Message
I love knitting socks, the first for the discoveries, and the second for the comfort/ease. The last pair I did, the second one turned out so much better than the first that I took the first out to the heel and reknit it. If I had three feet, I'd enjoy the third one just as much!

"The past does not equal the future"

The other Fran in Kansas City
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Permanent Resident

1745 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2004 :  10:59:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit klfrazier's Homepage Send klfrazier a Private Message
I've really never had 2nd sock syndrome, but I know plenty of people who do. For me, sock knitting (especially with self-patterning yarns) is my mindless work. It occupies fingers when they need to be occupied. Like Fran, the first sock is usually a discovery. The second, though, is a challange - how fast can I go? It's all good fun!

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