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 How to Use DPNs
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Posted - 11/28/2001 :  07:00:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage Send Admin a Private Message
One of the biggest concerns that keeps people from trying socks is that they don't know how to use DPNs. If you fall in this category, you may benefit from reading our articles on the topic. Then, if you have questions or want to add feedback, you can do it here!

An Overview of DPNs and How They Work:

DPN Buyer's Guide - What's Available, Where:

Tutorial - Get Started on DPNs in Four Easy Steps:

Knitter's Review Publisher

Forum Admin

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Posted - 11/28/2001 :  07:09:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage Send Admin a Private Message
Here's some excellent feedback - including good tips and advice - from people who've already read our DPN articles:

"Thanks for the DPN tutorial. I've always been intimidated by the thought of the stitches slipping off. However, I've been yearning to try my hand at socks. So I bought some DPNs and gave it a try with DK weight yarn. I don't know why I was so intimidated! It was a breeze to knit in the round. I find I can knit faster this way. I think from now on, I'm going to stick with DPNs and circulars. I take the train to work everyday and the DPNs & circulars don't bump the other passengers like straight needles do. You've got a DPN convert here :-)" sopranokris, 10/5/01

"I made my second pair of mittens, for my husband on size 8 dpn using two strands of yarn, and loved doing them.I did my first pair of socks last winter and being able to work with dpn made knitting the socks much easier." laberriebinger, 7/2/01

"This is for "saguaroaz" who said that DPNs were driving her crazy falling out all the time. Sounds like she knits loosely, which must produce wonderful fabric! She should keep some small rubber bands handy, and wrap them around the ends of the needles before she sets down her work. If they are falling out while she's working, maybe she needs to try to knit more tightly... lol..." joygetha, 5/10/01

"DPNs are about to defeat me! I can start OK, but can't seem to keep them in the yarn. One slips out, gets under the chair or in the cushions and I have to get up and hunt for it. I have Brittany Birches and now caseins, they said they wouldn't fall so easily. Well, define easily, folks! I still have to chase them. Any suggestions?" saguaroaz, 4/27/01

"I love to knit socks and other small projects like hats, so I have used DPN for awhile. (I am a fairly new knitter.) Moving the stitches around on the needles helps to avoid ladders and stitch markers help to keep your place. I have a friend who always uses 5 DPN and tells me that helps to avoid ladders, but I haven't tried that yet." jf01, 4/27/01

"I like using the sets of 5 as sets of 5 -- knitting with 4 needles and using the 5th, this helps me avoid ladders, since there is less of an angle between needles. Also, if I want to move stitches from one needle to another, I can often slip or knit directly to my heart's desire, something that would be impossible when using only 4 needles." tsgala, 4/26/01

"My tip on avoiding ladders between the needles is to use all five needles instead of four. This means that you are knitting round a rectangle rather than a triangle, and the wider angle means the end stitches get less stretched - so no more ladders. I also find using five needles makes it easier on my hands." Elizabeth D., 4/26/01

"Another way to join the beginning round when making socks. Pass the first stich on needle one over the last stitch on needle three. This twisted stitch doesn't show and really tightens up the joining." knittenkitten, 11/26/2001

"I hate it when one sock is finished, I still have a whole sock to go until I thought, why not knit both socks at the same time and finish one Pair instead of just one sock. Knit back and forth on one and then the other.Soon a pair of socks is finished." woolspinner, 10/6/2001

"Wow... I've been very intimidated by DPNs, and have yet to find any instructions clear enough to explain the process, until now! Thank you so much for this tutorial! I can't wait to try them!! Happy knitting to all!" wrenjen, 7/12/01

"Thank you for this article. I love socks and I have started one pair but got discouraged in trying to handle the 3 needles. I now have a better understanding of how to go about it again. I just bought a sock knitting machine from ebay, but it is still in the box. I want to knit them myself! The machine will have to wait for a while. Thanks again." Ruth, 7/8/01

"I use to slide stitches too. However, I found that if I worked the first stitch and THEN moved my working needle up and over, moving it closely and parallel to the last needle, my work was evenly knitted. I am going to start adding that extra stitch. Thanks for sharing." slipstitch67, 5/01/01

"I think your instructions were perfect. I just learnet how to knit on four needles and that is the exact way the I do it and I have found it very easy. Coming from someone who is 65 and always afraid to do it as I thought it was too hard for me. Never to old to learn I guess." Elaine, 4/27/01

Great minds think alike! Thanks to both Pat and Laura for submitting this excellent tip. -Clara

"I have a small tip to add that I find very useful at least for me. I add one (1) extra stitch and when I join together in the round I knit the last stitch together with the first stitch making a tighter join with no additional stitch." Pat, 4/27/01

"When casting onto DPNs, I cast on an extra stitch. When I go to start my first row, I slide the last cast on stitch onto the left hand needle. I then knit two stitches together, thereby avoiding the loop that is caused by the join." Laura, 4/27/01

"I use all five of my dp needles. There are always four with stitches. The fifth I'm knitting with. This makes a square sock instead of a triangle. Somehow it seems easier to handle. Also the idea of migrating a few stitches works great when knitting socks with two strands of yarn in each row. I knit several stitches from the needle in my left hand before starting to knit on the new, empty needle. When I learned this I could stop using those incomfortable little circulars, and wow! no more ladders." hoffish, 4/27/01

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New Pal

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Posted - 12/27/2001 :  10:14:51 PM  Show Profile Send prjona a Private Message
When I learned to knit it was with using circular needles and DPNS. It makes knitting faster and the stitches will be more even and regular. It just takes a little practice and when you get used to the rythym, so to speak, then it is really fun. So, I think it is really good for knitters to learn all kinds of techniques of knitting, it really is enriching and your knitting will become more professional and you can master the knitting pins and yarns better and be more creating.

Elizabeth Brown
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Chatty Knitter

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Posted - 03/07/2002 :  2:35:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit marnita's Homepage Send marnita a Private Message
Is there any reason to use four dpns instead of five? I have tried both ways and have found five needles easier to manage. There are fewer stitches on each needle. Also projects lie flat when you put them down. Am I missing some benefit about leaving out the fifth needle?

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Seriously Hooked

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Posted - 03/07/2002 :  3:26:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Alissa's Homepage Send Alissa a Private Message
When I knit on double points I prefer to use 4 instead of 5. The reason for this is that the square you get when you use 5 flops around on me. I find that the triangle stays put nicely. However I have been known to use 8 or more if needed.

The thing to remember about double points is that you are still only working with two needles. The other needles (however many that may be) are just standing there acting as stitch holders.

Happy Knitting,

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New Pal

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Posted - 11/16/2002 :  07:01:37 AM  Show Profile Send Catladyy a Private Message
I guess I'm just dumb, but I just cannot understand the directions for knitting on dpn's. Does anyone know of any videos that show how to use them? I use circular needles without a problem. I guess I'm like the monkey.....Monkey see.....Monkey do. I guess if I saw it actually being done I could understand it.

Mildred Page
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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 11/16/2002 :  10:32:22 AM  Show Profile Send phlame a Private Message
It looks like a case each his own, doesn't it. I would think that to knit on what seems easiest to you is the answer. Since I found knitting on two circs...I would never go back to dpn's. But some people do not care for them.


Too much is not enough!
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New Pal

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Posted - 11/19/2002 :  07:37:06 AM  Show Profile Send momof5 a Private Message
Okay what am I doing wrong! I found a sock pattern that uses all 5 needles so I decided to try it. This is only my 4th pair of socks the other three were done on 4 dpns. My problem is ladders!! I didn't have those on the other socks, so I don't know if my problem is the needles or maybe the yarn. The other socks were in worsted weight and my new ones are being done in fingering weight.
My stitches are great and I am pulling the yarn tight after the first and second stitches but I still have ladders ( not really bad ones but I can tell they are there).

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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 11/19/2002 :  11:32:38 AM  Show Profile Send Patience a Private Message
Hi Alissa,

Although this is a bit OT, I was happy to see your post! Maybe I've just been misssing some of your previous ones, but so glad to see you online again!

I was shown how to use dpns by an acquaintance and at first I was all thumbs! It took me quite awhile to get comfortable with them and know just what I was doing. I applaud those of you who learned from a book....I'm in total awe!

I've used 4 dpns for most of my socks but recently met Leslye Solomon at Stitches East and she is a big believer in 5 dpns for nicer socks and easier workability, so I've started trying 5 again and to be honest, I like using 5 better! Who'da thunk?

Hugs, Patience
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