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 Question about arrowhead lace pattern
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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  08:02:59 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I am a fairly new knitter and am trying to get the hang of following patterns etc. I was working on what was said to be a 6 stitch repeat pattern for arrowhead lace given in "Knitting for Dummies"; however, I kept ending up reading it (and knitting it) as if it was an 8 stitch pattern..I don't have the book with me but I think this is the pattern
Row 1 & 3 (WS) Purl
Row 2: K1 *yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1
Row 4: can't recall exact pattern

Here is how I would read the number of stitches above for Row 2, please let me know if I am doing something wrong
Row 2: k1 *yo (=1 stitch), ssk (=2 stitches), k1 (=1 stitch), k2tog (=2 stitches), yo (=1 stitch), k1 (=1 stitch)
The pattern calls for a multiple of 6 stitches PLUS 1 (I cast on 18 + 1) and ended up with 2 stitches left on my needle...
If someone could please assist me, I'd be grateful (so would my husband because I am driving him insane!!)

Permanent Resident

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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  08:13:46 AM  Show Profile Send MMario a Private Message
no - it is a six stitch pattern. If you count the YO as a stitch - then you need to count the decreases as a single stitch rather then double.

otherwise - you don't count the YO's.

so it would be:yo,ssk(=2 stitches), k1 (=1 stitch), k2tog (=2 stitches),yo, k1 (=1 stitch)


or you could figure it as:yo(=+1 stitch), ssk (=2 stitches- 1 stitch = 1 stitch), k1 (=1 stitch), k2tog (=2 stitches- 1 stitch=1 stitch), yo (=+1 stitch), k1 (=1 stitch)

so - it is 1 +2 -1 +1 +2 -1 +1 +1 = six

the "plus 1" is that k1 at the beginning of the row that is NOT in the repeat.

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Permanent Resident

United Kingdom
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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  08:16:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit probablyjane's Homepage Send probablyjane a Private Message
The way that I would read it is:

yo (1 stitch as you are making one by passing the yarn over the needle)
ssk (1 stitch as you are knitting two together to make one
k1 (1 stitch)
k2tog (I stitch as ssk)
yo (1 stitch as above)
K1 (1 stitch)

This adds back to 6 so you should be able to repeat 3 times plus 1 with your 19 stitches. You need the K1 at the beginning to have a stitch to yo from.

Hope this helps

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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  08:51:08 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I understand that is how it works out with the addition on the yo's and deletions on the ssk and k2tog but how am I ending up with stitches left on the needle?

lets say for sake of ease, I cast on 7 stitches (6 stitch pattern + 1)
Here is how the stitches come off the left needle:
knit 1 (7-1 = 6)
yo (6-1 = 5)
ssk (5-2=3)
k1 (3-1=2)
k2tog (2-2=0)
yo (out of stitches)
k1 (still out of stitches)

I feel like there is something I am just not getting but this is driving me insane!!

Thanks very much for all the help.

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Kelly B
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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  09:14:23 AM  Show Profile Send Kelly B a Private Message
The yarn overs don't use up a stitch from the left needle: you wrap the yarn directly around the right needle, creating a stitch where there wasn't one. The decreases ssk and k2tog use 2 stitches off the left and give you 1 on the right. So, to use your notation:

knit one: left needle: 7-1=6; right needle: 1
yo: left needle: no change=6; right needle wrap: 1+1=2
ssk: left needle: 6-2=4; right needle: 2+1=3
k1: left: 4-1=3; right: 3+1=4
k2tog: left: 3-2=1; right: 4+1=5
yo: left: 1-0=1; right: 5+1=6
k1: left: 1-1=0; right: 6+1=7

How's that?

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Permanent Resident

United Kingdom
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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  09:18:42 AM  Show Profile  Visit probablyjane's Homepage Send probablyjane a Private Message
Isn't this one of those moments when you know it would be so much easier if you were sitting next to each other?

I'll have another go but am sure that there are wiser and more experienced knitters on here who will explain it better than me - but then how can I develop if I don't learn to teach?

Using your method:

K1 (7-1 = 6) Agreed
yo (still 6 as you have just passed the yarn from one side to the other on the right hand needle to make an extra stitch)
ssk (6-2 = 4)
K1 (4-1 = 3)
K2tog (3-2 = 1)
yo still 1 as you are making the extra stitch on the right hand needle
K1 (1-1 = 0)

Are you slipping a stitch from the left needle to the right as your yo by any chance? yo is just making an extra loop on the right hand needle by passing the yarn over the needle and back into place and doesn't involve touching any on the left at all.

Hope that helps

Best wishes


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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  09:49:35 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
Ah ha! That is what I am doing wrong...When I YO, I have been putting the right needle in the stitch knitwise on the left needle and then am wrapping the thread as if to knit, however, I do believe that I am also removing the stitch from the left needle as well - - - I wish I had my stuff with me at work today! I'll have to try when I get home...thanks veyr much and here hoping that I can figure out how to YO without using a stitch from the left needle. Any additional advice on tackling this would be great!! Thanks very much to everyone who responded, I really appreciate it!
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Seriously Hooked

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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  1:46:04 PM  Show Profile Send kekokat a Private Message
go to and look at the video of the yarn over.
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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 01/14/2005 :  5:47:20 PM  Show Profile Send SerMom a Private Message
I find that the easiest way to think of a yo is that you wrap s st around your rt. needle before you stick that needle into the st on the left needle. So, after you've made the actual st., you've got 2 for the price of one.!

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Posted - 01/17/2005 :  1:27:32 PM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I just wanted to thank everyone for their help on this - on Friday I went home and tried and tried and managed to tackle the pattern with ease thanks to your advice! Thanks again so very much!!
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