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Lavender Stripes
Gabber Extraordinaire

417 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  2:25:30 PM  Show Profile Send Lavender Stripes a Private Message
Be it your husband, your daughter, or your cat, who is your "knitting companion"? Who sits on your lap (hopefully a cat or dog ) while you knit, or finances those must-have yarn splurges, or inspires you to keep fringing that #@%$ poncho into the wee hours of the morning?

Permanent Resident

1745 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  2:45:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit klfrazier's Homepage Send klfrazier a Private Message
Well, it's my beloved Tynan (cat) who sits next to me while I knit, trying very hard to ooze onto my lap. (Think 16 lbs. No room for him AND the knitting.) My DD plays next to us and accompanies me on many of my trips to the LYS. DH encourages my knitting because he knows it keeps me sane, and provides the financial backing since I am a SAHM. Sweet man can also be roped into fringing when neccessary. So you could say that it is entirely a family affair.

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Seriously Hooked

694 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  2:45:32 PM  Show Profile  Visit thdx3's Homepage Send thdx3 a Private Message
It's gotta be my TV, preferably the junkiest fare possible (knitting is why God invented Lifetime movies).

Knit on -

Terri D. (hoping for another marathon showing of Betty Broderick: A Woman Scorned) in NYC.
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Permanent Resident

1543 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  2:50:11 PM  Show Profile Send jade a Private Message
Three cats and my long-suffering SO.

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Seriously Hooked

935 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  2:52:21 PM  Show Profile Send VickiKK a Private Message
Ah, Terri, a kindred soul, a tv junkie!! For me it's usually reruns of Law and Order!! So what if it's one you've already seen, that gives one more time to pay attention to more intricate patterns!!
Vicki near Seattle
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Seriously Hooked

968 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  3:27:21 PM  Show Profile Send flutebabe a Private Message
My cat on the arm of my chair, my dog in my lap or next to me in the chair. Both as close to me as possible.

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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  4:28:31 PM  Show Profile Send Trina a Private Message
It would have to be DH. Most of the time we're watching tv or movies & he does all of my finishing for me. He's so much neater at the finishing than I am.

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
-Langston Hughes
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Permanent Resident

1333 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  4:43:10 PM  Show Profile Send blazfglori a Private Message
YOU GUYS keep me going!

I learn so much here and feel so welcome, and I guess it's my own strong-willed determination that helps keep me going as well, 'cause nobody sits by me and I finance my own addiction. LOL!


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Permanent Resident

1896 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  4:54:51 PM  Show Profile Send ceecee a Private Message
Unless it's straight knitting, I prefer to knit alone because company is distracting and I make mistakes (especially with lace). If someone comes over and wants to talk, I usually stop knitting. I'd rather talk than frog.
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Permanent Resident

4177 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  5:23:00 PM  Show Profile Send kbshee a Private Message
DH for me too: he's my own personal swift.

kim in oregon
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Permanent Resident

3291 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  5:31:08 PM  Show Profile Send ozknitter a Private Message
Hi I agree with ceecee,

I hate knitting when people constantly talk or ask you to do things, especially when your trying to concentrate or count rows.

Although I often knit in bed while watching TV and carrying on a conversation with my DH and trying to untangle the kitten from my wool.

Knit in peace and harmony.

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Permanent Resident

2995 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  5:52:16 PM  Show Profile Send RachelKnitter a Private Message
Mainly it's me, the TV, and my rotating cat. Rotating, you ask? He jumps on my lap and stands and stares at me until I force him to sit down. I force him to sit down facing away from me, otherwise he becomes the knitting. So, he curls up in a ball, and almost imperceptibly he gradually rotates himself so he is facing me and grabbing at my needles. So I scootch his little butt again, but gradually he rotates around again. Most nights he gets in a good two or three rotations in.

And I would say my husband is more innocent bystander to the knitting than companion. Just when he thinks he's out, I pull him back in....

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep; his cupidity may at some point be satiated: but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." C.S. Lewis
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Permanent Resident

New Zealand
1673 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  5:55:18 PM  Show Profile Send busygirl a Private Message

My knitting companions are DH and DS.

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Little Kitty
Chatty Knitter

255 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  6:01:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit Little Kitty's Homepage Send Little Kitty a Private Message
Companions are usually the TV, two kitties and boyfriend. Sometimes Karl helps me untangle the mess of yarn if I get too carried away with winding yarn into balls.

The best TV shows to watch while knitting? Law and Order, Sportscenter - hands down. Do you know how many Law and Order shows there are?? And all those reruns.

~~ Lynette ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A Gathering of Wool
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  6:04:53 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
Originally posted by Lavender Stripes

Be it your husband, your daughter, or your cat, who is your "knitting companion"? Who sits on your lap (hopefully a cat or dog ) while you knit, or finances those must-have yarn splurges, or inspires you to keep fringing that #@%$ poncho into the wee hours of the morning?

I am my constant living knitting companion, and CBC World Radio Network is my background noise. It used to be hockey but not this season grrrrrrrrrrr. I hate knitting with child or animal on my lap, just gets in the way. Financing is up to me; you knit it you pay for it. Fringing - I don't fringe, but if something had to be fronged I'd pay the LYS.

"I firmly believe the Bible is the misinterpreted word of God." Mokey
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Gabber Extraordinaire

388 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  6:19:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit knit_cookie's Homepage Send knit_cookie a Private Message
My cat sits on my husband's lap, and he sits next to me when I knit. I don't let her sit in my lap ever since she batted a stole off the needles! Well, okay, I'll let her sit on my lap if she's facing the other direction (head and front claws away from knitting). And then there's my knitting partner in crime who talks to me about knitting hours a day, and when we're not talking on the phone or knitting at each other's house or going to a knitting group together or taking knitting field trips (the library, the lys, the lace museum, you name it), we're IMing on the computer about knitting. She's as obsessed as me!!!
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Emelia Lesser
Gabber Extraordinaire

359 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  6:25:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit Emelia Lesser's Homepage Send Emelia Lesser a Private Message
I am a lone wolf when it comes to knitting. I don't own a TV and and friends are few and far between here at college (the few I have keep odd hours so socializing is not as often as one might assume). I had learned to knit many years ago, but I really got going when I got to college over 1,000 miles away from my boyfriend, my friends, and family. I picked up my needles and started knitting presents for loved ones. Good thoughts of my family and friends keep me company. That is, until next year when I will be joining them again in Chicago, in which case my DBF (darling boyfriend) will acompany me.

"Art is the reason I get up in the morning but my definition ends there and it just doesn't seem fair that I'm living for something I can't even define...but there he is in the mean time," ~Ani DiFranco
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Mermaid Knits
Permanent Resident

1129 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  7:35:37 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mermaid Knits's Homepage Send Mermaid Knits a Private Message
Usually I am only with my two dogs. Usually the older male is close enough that I can rub him endlessly with my toes.

I bounce a lot of design ideas off of my husband, who has a good creative eye.
And in the past I've had a few different knitting guilds and clubs which I organized and ran. They are fun but also a lot of work.

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Seriously Hooked

711 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  9:50:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit argoknit's Homepage Send argoknit a Private Message
I am so with you about the reruns of Law and Order. I have been a fan since the beginning and haven't managed to get sick of it yet. Besides the TV I also enjoy the company of my two cats, our dog and of course my DH.


I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy, than a success at something I hate. óGeorge Burns
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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 03/31/2005 :  04:18:58 AM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
actually it varies
you guys in a way.....
I read you folks while I take a break and knit a bit
my dh, who tells me in the yarn store....'is that all you're getting?'
and my spin group...... who come and get me for spin since bernie isn't home early enough....
( I am night blind and I really am dangerous to drive at night, even twilight is not good for me to drive)

the cats just want to stop me working.... Thaddeaus covers my entire chest ( he 'don't want no stinkin laps')so I can't see anything, never mind trying to breath with 15+ pounds of fuzzy cat on your lungs....

who really must finish one more cup of coffee and then I MUST excavate the house for Fawn and Mary who are DRIVING from Virginia up here....
( do you think they would notice sheets over EVERYTHING? what? too obvious?)

none of this will matter in 100 years.......except I will finally be at my goal
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SustaYning Member

4435 Posts

Posted - 03/31/2005 :  04:41:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit Jane's Homepage Send Jane a Private Message
It's me, usually TV (except when Lost is on, can't possibly knit then!) and a close-but-not-too-interested Annabelle the cat (if only she could finance the knitting as well...). I prefer to knit by myself unless I'm working on something simple. It's funny, but I can yackety-yack about knitting while doing it, but other conversations distract me!

(who needs to keep up with Vi and her coffee intake or else the day will be a bust)

"Books are where things are explained to you, life is where things aren't and I'm not surprised that some people prefer books." Julian Barnes

My album:
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