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 How does your partner back you up in knitting?
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Chatty Knitter

246 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  05:44:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit AllisonV's Homepage Send AllisonV a Private Message
I'm on sock #2 for my husband- everytime I put it down I hear "Pick that back up! Don't stop knitting!" I have NEVER heard that before and I like it! I might have to knit for him more often.
HE even picked out the yarn he wanted- a Jawoll varieagted dark and light gray. Smart of him to pick the one with the reinforcing thread!

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -Confucius
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New Pal

33 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  07:06:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit brnwebgrrl's Homepage Send brnwebgrrl a Private Message
My dh is very supportive of my knitting. When we were dating, I taught him how to knit and he picked it up more quickly than many women that I have taught over the years. When he was re-called to active duty in the Navy for September 11, he was often assigned to guard duty in a small shack at a remote gate on the military base. He brought his knitting along to occupy him during the long stretches of time when there was no one coming through the gate.

Now that he is back in civilian life he does not knit much, but he admires my work and puts up with me taking off to go to my knitting groups and other fiber related outings.

He started a baby blanket for a co-worker who was pregnant as a shower gift. Let's just say that the baby is no longer a newborn and the partially finished baby blanket is still in his knitting bag!

He loves golf and I love knitting. We each support one another's hobbies equally.

OTN: Koigu KPPPM lace shawl (*not* Charlotte's Web!) ;-)

FO: Lace hat



"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own." - Disraeli
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New Pal

15 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  07:15:55 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
nice to hear all the stories about supportive hubbys & DH on occaion makes the rounds to different yarn stores, driving me & coming in to look over their Merino wool(we raise Merinos), never seems to fuss as long as we eat along the way..haha
annie in michigan
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Gabber Extraordinaire

389 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  08:15:04 AM  Show Profile Send knittiegirl a Private Message
My DBF is supportive too - in fact I was knitting at an outdoor show he was in last weekend (he's an actor) and as I sat on my blanket and knitted and watched the play and he told me later that behind the scenes people were asking him all sorts of questions about my knitting! To quote him talking to the other actors: "You'd be amazed at what she can do while she knits! She's making a shawl and I bought her that yarn!"

I'm one of the lucky ones.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.
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Warming Up

68 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  08:47:53 AM  Show Profile Send bogrady a Private Message
My husband is respectful of my knitting as a form of creative expression. I have long supported his need for a creative hobby, so it's mutually beneficial. However, he's really supportive if the project is for him, although his suggestions for design modifications on projects have taxed and enhanced my level of expertise.
It is my 11 year old son who is most excited about my knitting - he LOVES wool socks. I do too, but I can't stand to wear them (too itchy) but on the coldest of nights at home. He has been known to hover over me while his socks have been in progress. Also wool socks are ideal for camping with his Scout pack in the fall and winter. Hmm - maybe I should teach him to knit - since our daughter isn't very interested.

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Seriously Hooked

891 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  09:22:35 AM  Show Profile  Visit Inkmama's Homepage Send Inkmama a Private Message
It's sort of like when I started beading and would stay up late doing it. He said it could be worse: I could be into drugs, or golf, and at least I was creating beautiful things. Plus, he likes it when I make him something.


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Knitting blog:
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Gabber Extraordinaire

433 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  09:49:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit elliela's Homepage Send elliela a Private Message
My husband is totally supportive of my knitting and is especially proud when he wears something I've made for him.
He used to be "afraid" to talk to me when I was knitting, because he thought I was always counting or concentrating. Now he knows if it's garter or stockinette, it's no problem!

Check out my blog (link below) to see the similarities in our hobbies.
It's pretty funny.

Although I know very little about his, I am interested because he enjoys it so much. And he's always pointing out knitting-related things to me.

My husband often operates one of his radios in our car because it gets better reception than in our apartment. We park at a lovely spot overlooking the ocean. I bring my knitting and he talks to folks all over the world.
We've dubbed our car "the hobby-mobile"!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

See what I'm up to at:
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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  11:28:53 AM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message
I loved your parallel Hobby pictures Ellen. I have a big piece of phone cable that has colored wire inside that I want to make a knitted wire basket out of. Or several. Thanks for sharing your piccies.

lella [img]^/9971/omelet.gif[/img]
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Chatty Knitter

312 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  11:38:57 AM  Show Profile Send Shellizabeth a Private Message
My husband feels knitting is a waste of time and money. He always seems a bit annoyed if I mention going to a LYS, I have knit things for he which he does not wear ( the patterns and yarn were his choice) I still knitt and I will not give it up. I sit with him while I knit so it is not lack of companionship. Oh well my daughters support my and many people have enjoyed the fruits of my labour.Someday he will realize what it means to me' Shellizabeth

There is no such thing as too much yarn or too many needles!! Or too many knitting bags either!!!
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Gabber Extraordinaire

509 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  11:47:12 AM  Show Profile Send jennaknits a Private Message
"I could be into drugs, or golf"
LOL, I love that those two are on the same level, Barbara!

Ellen, my BF also once admitted during a discussion that he would be afraid to come talk to me when I was knitting in the lounge (we live in a dorm, and he'd often be sitting at the table with friends playing Magic: The Gathering (ew) while I sat alone over on the couch) because he was afraid he'd make me mess up and I'd be mad at him. Awww. But like your DH, he knows differently now.

This is a wonderful thread. It's great to see so much support from our partners.
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Pampered Punkin
New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  12:03:49 PM  Show Profile Send Pampered Punkin a Private Message
A little over a year ago I was knitting a hat on circular needles and when I reached the crown of the hat I realized that I didn't have the correct size of dpns to do the decreasing and finish the hat. I called the LYS and asked them pull a pair aside for me and I asked my DH to stop and pick them up on his way home from work. When he got to the store, the clerk tried to sell him circular needles. He had paid enough attention to the project that I was working on to know that they weren't the right needles. He didn't know exactly what I needed, but he knew that wasn't it. He was able to explain the project to the clerk and come home with the correct needles.

Whenever we go on road trips I look up all of the yarn stores that are along our planned route and my DH goes out of his way to find every single one of them, no matter how far out of the way they are.

He loves that I enjoy making things for his mother. Sometimes I think that he takes more pride in the fact that he has a wife that gives handknits to his mother (which makes the mother very happy) than I do when I see how happy she is to receive the gift that I made for her.
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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  12:41:24 PM  Show Profile Send Trina a Private Message
DH is very supportive of my knitting & any other hobby I might want to try. He LOVES going to the yarn stores & looking at all the new stuff that comes in. He will often see new yarns & encourage me to buy them. He has gone to the yarn store for me & picked up needles- he has a memory like a steel trap! He never complains about my buying yarn & is always interested in whatever project I'm working on. He knows how to knit, but hasn't made anything in a long time. He has many hobbies too- cooking, fishing, golf, camping & I have no problem with him buying whatever he needs. He's definately a keeper! Many times he'll go without something he'd like so I can buy yarn. Now, that's a REAL keeper!

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
-Langston Hughes
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Warming Up

United Kingdom
52 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  2:56:54 PM  Show Profile Send Erinairy a Private Message
Knitting is the one only hobby my boyf and i don't share. He thinks i'm abit of a geek for it epscially when i get excited about going on knitting trips and things. Though he does help me pick projects when i start new projects - alot of which i haven't finished yet. And the ones that i have completed - ...2- he always praises me about. Its nice that he doesn't want to learn as hes notintersted like that, and i don't want to teach him anyway
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New Pal

5 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  3:44:19 PM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I have to say, I am lucky - DH is totally supportive of my 'needling' (sp) as he puts it, I 'drag' him with me to the LNS and he doesn't complain at all and frequently picks the colors for the project I'm making. He's particularly interested in my recent project as it's an Aran sweater for him with the pattern of his family name. My knitting he's OK with, it's the stash he's getting a little tired of but I remind him of all the golf clubs he has that we pick-up at garage sales and then he just smiles.
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New Pal

15 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  4:11:08 PM  Show Profile  Visit JessaLu's Homepage  Send JessaLu a Yahoo! Message Send JessaLu a Private Message
It is very heartwarming to hear of all the lovely men out there that we are all lucky to have in our lives. Mine is awesome and completely supports me in my hobby to the point that if he is in NYC and I want a yarn I can't get up here HE'LL GO AND GET IT even if it is out of his way (nevermind that he's in a work van so he can double-park just about anywhere, hehe). He also has his own hobbies (car shows - can you say hours upon hours of uninterrupted knitting time? AND a very hot '67 Chevy Truck *grin*) that I support. I came home with TWO GI-MUNDOUS (sp..?) bags of yarn from the Webs tent sale this past weekend (photos on my blog - see below) and he patiently sat and let me show him each and every skein. When I asked him if he wanted to know how much I spent (almost a car payment for a very comfy SUV) he said no - and MEANT it. My DD is starting to get the bug - she will be working for my LYS this summer (yes, I dragged her in for an interview. She's 15 and dangit I'm not buying any more CD's and whatnots when she's old enough to support her own shopping habit! However, does this make me a knitting enabler?) and I'm pretty certain that she'll be holding needles by the end of vacation.

Life isn't fair, anyone who tells you different is selling something. ~Wesley to Princess Buttercup in 'The Princess Bride'
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Permanent Resident

1484 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  4:46:00 PM  Show Profile Send knit_chick a Private Message
I, too, am enjoying reading about how many of you have people who support your knitting. My boyfriend isn't interested in knitting, but knows it's my hobby and respects that. He has no problem buying me knitting related items as a birthday or Christmas gift as long as he knows that's what I want. He compliments me on my work & how it looks "professional". Last week, I was telling him that I reorganized most of my stash into two big bins. I mentioned that I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated within a few years & how I was a little embarassed. His reaction was "Why should you be embarassed? It's your hobby!" He compared it to his one friend who had hundreds of vinyl albums in his record collection. He pointed out that he'd probably never be able to listen to all of them, but that it didn't make a difference because that was his friend's hobby and he enjoyed it.
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Susan T-O
Permanent Resident

2481 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  5:48:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit Susan T-O's Homepage Send Susan T-O a Private Message
Mine is beyond supportive--he is an ENABLER! If I buy a new pair of needles, he always tells me to get two sets, in case I break or lose a needle. He asks me to make gloves, hats, and scarves for him. He buys me knitting supplies for Christmas. This man is *definitely* a keeper .

--Susan T-O in Long Beach CA

"Implying that Fran can't knit is kind of like implying that the Pope can't pray."--RachelKnitter
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Permanent Resident

3244 Posts

Posted - 05/26/2005 :  8:10:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit Wen's Homepage Send Wen a Private Message
My husband is the biggest enabler on the planet. Money should be spent on hobbies is his attitude and he likes the fact that I have one. (It makes it easier for him to spend money on his slot cars/PS2games etc)

Also he thinks I should buy quality, given the choice of all the wool in wondoflex he was the one who decided that the only suitable wool for my wedding capelet was Anny Blatt Angora Supreme. I kept looking for something cheaper but he wanted the angora.


2005 stats: 7 FO, 9 WIP, 1 frogpond.
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New Pal

17 Posts

Posted - 05/27/2005 :  07:05:07 AM  Show Profile Send Wood a Private Message
My sweetie is the one who got me started knitting. She taught me, although she doesn't really like knitting much. She crochets. She's also a visual artist who has worked with many media over the years. We have a studio packed with art supplies for pretty much anything one might want to do. And believe me, even expensive knitting is cheaper to pursue than glass art! So she's thrilled that I'm knitting, enables me like mad, and brags about me to an embarrassing degree.

But I enable her, too. We have a mutual admiration society.


"Settle for nothing
less than the
object of your

*The Object*,
Alma Luz Villanueva
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New Pal

32 Posts

Posted - 05/27/2005 :  07:26:58 AM  Show Profile  Visit patt711's Homepage Send patt711 a Private Message
Add me to the list of women with supportve husbands! I started knitting about 3.5 years ago; we got married almost 6 yrs ago and I moved to his "side of the hill" on the coast...where it's foggy from May - Aug! I'm a sun person, but once I took up both knitting and weaving, I found great reasons to love the stay-inside-and-knit fog! Of course, I'm also pretty sure he has no idea how much I spend on yarn, though he has noticed it's taken over 2 rooms in the house.....
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