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 How do you control the mania?
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New Pal

13 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  07:54:32 AM  Show Profile Send knittingmomof3 a Private Message
I'm coming back to knitting after several years away and feel a mounting knitting mania -- want to do 10 diff projects, buy bunches of yarn and pattern books, knit into all hours of the night. How do you control your knitting, budget and timewise? Thanks! (sorry if I haven't posted this in the right place!)

Gabber Extraordinaire

465 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:05:09 AM  Show Profile Send Ivynforestsmom a Private Message
Control? Oh my.
If you've come here looking for help controlling your habit, you are in the wrong place.
We will, however, help you pick out yarn for the 10 projects you have in mind and be happy to suggest a few other projects... and hook you up with some more yarn... cheap, if you hurry!
While you're here, have you considered taking up spinning or crochet?

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brown-eyed purl
Chatty Knitter

182 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:21:01 AM  Show Profile Send brown-eyed purl a Private Message
Ohhhhh, no, Yvonne is right. This forum just makes things worse...I have a ridiculous increase in both the yarn stash and projects I want to start that is mostly due to this forum.

However, I do rationalize this somewhat - I try to keep an easy project on needles for some mindless knitting, a gift project (since I have a few I need to do), something challenging for me (currently my first aran sweater), and at least a sweater or two from the thrift store being turned into lovely yarn. This way no matter what I'm feeling (generous, mind-numb, up for a challenge, etc.) I have a project that fits!

And as to money, I'm a big fan of the 40% off coupons for Michaels and Joann's, knitpicks, ebay, and thrift stores to keep costs down. That and all my family know I'm always happy with knitting items as gifts.
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Permanent Resident

3073 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:39:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit Boogie's Homepage Send Boogie a Private Message
what is this control thing that you speak of?

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Seriously Hooked

633 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:45:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit franna724's Homepage Send franna724 a Private Message
Why should I control it? LOL

There's countless worse things I could be doing instead of knitting.

At least that's how I justify it.

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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:48:39 AM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
ok listen
I knit mostly socks, which I can do in the dark and practically in my sleep
I knit while reading email
I knit while bernie is driving somewhere
I knit at doctor's appointments
and any other waiting room situations....

right now I am knitting a sweater for a class I am giving but normally I knit in the morning... during appointments and at night after supper
during the 'day' I am usually making dolls or something for the business
the answer is...
set up TIMES
and stick to them


none of this will matter in 100 years.......except I will finally be at my goal
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Gabber Extraordinaire

524 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  08:57:58 AM  Show Profile Send knitloon a Private Message
Control? yeah, right. I think we've all established that we have no control. And when I'm not knitting, I read knitting books and this forum. Oh, and of course I have a job, but that's irrelevant. :)
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Permanent Resident

5986 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  10:02:17 AM  Show Profile Send achrisvet a Private Message
From her number of posts I deduce that Yvonne has not been with us long, but man does she have us pegged! I was LOL reading her response. You have wandered into the biggest bunch of enablers on the planet!

They are also inspiring, smart and experienced. I am knitting so many more things, using new techniques, fixing mistakes, that I never would have been able to do without the posters here.

But they will not help you stop! And IMHO, that's a god thing

Oh, if it helps.... we think you are completely normal. Does that help? I like your phrase "mounting knitting mania." Perfect description.

My completed projects

and here

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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  10:13:53 AM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
With me it's pretty cut and dry. If I can't afford it, I don't buy it.

Timewise, I make time. At work I knit when someone takes a smoke break. I make all household members pull their weight so I'm not using all my free time on housework. There are little ways of getting more time, like buying pre chopped produce and very good frozen or store made meals.

Bottom line, you need to declare that your "me" time is sacred.

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr.
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Permanent Resident

12598 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  10:19:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit RoseByAny's Homepage Send RoseByAny a Private Message
First I must admit that I am powerless over my knitting...

no, wait, that's something else...

or is it?

"Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable."
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Elaine in NJ
Gabber Extraordinaire

584 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  12:26:58 PM  Show Profile Send Elaine in NJ a Private Message
My control over knitting time is that I knit only at night. My control over yarn purchases is the amount of room in the closet (the number of empty bins). I can buy yarn for 2 or 3 projects now--yay!
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Permanent Resident

2215 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  12:50:44 PM  Show Profile Send MMario a Private Message
Has anyone mentioned KnitPicks to you?

My control over knitting time is that I knit only at night

Elaine - is it true you are planning on wintering at the North Pole - and Wintering at the south Pole? *grin*

Knitting is somewhat like an encounter with the Borg. You *will* be assimilated!

MMario - I don't live in the 21st century - but I play a character who does.
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Seriously Hooked

826 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  1:32:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit xmasberry's Homepage Send xmasberry a Private Message

Wow! you are really evil! [:00]

I go through phases of stashing and then destashing (by knitting, ideally). I hate having a full closet, so i am knitting from the stash right now. Like you said, there are so many interesting things to try. All of my interests demand quite a bit of time, but i can usually balance those, its the dis-interests that i have to do that i have a hard time fitting in.

holly x
"do what you love, love what you do, leave the world a better place and don't pick your nose" -Jef Mallett
little miss messy hair's blog
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Gabber Extraordinaire

459 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  3:00:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit ChelleC100's Homepage Send ChelleC100 a Private Message
Ah yeah, the folks on here won't help you put the brakes on your habit. We only encourage one another to knit more, buy more etc. However, if you really get into a pinch and want to save $$$ for whatever reason (imagine that) they are pretty good about supplying you with good yarn substitutes for particuarly expensive projects. And thus, Knitpicks . . . but then you start thinking, "Hey, since I'm saving so MUCH on this yarn, maybe I should buy more . .. to save on the shipping don't you know? Because if I spend $30 I bet free shipping!!!" you get the picture? Chelle
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SustaYning Member

4435 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  3:55:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit Jane's Homepage Send Jane a Private Message
Control the mania? I don't! It's what fuels the rest of my life!


Blog: Not Plain Jane
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Permanent Resident

3262 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  7:40:50 PM  Show Profile Send WendyB a Private Message
I control the needles, not the mania.
Welcome to KR.
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Permanent Resident

1496 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  7:59:55 PM  Show Profile Send Busyhands a Private Message
And the problem with wanting to start 10 different projects is...wait...maybe I better go back and read the first message again, I don't understand the problem?

"Wearing cheerful, multicolored hats is a public service, easy to perform, and of incalculable value." - Anna Zilboorg
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Chatty Knitter

167 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  9:12:17 PM  Show Profile Send KellyPg a Private Message
You don't need to control anything yourself. Outside sources will happily help you with that. For example, the amount of space and places you have available to hide store your stash,...or until I can convince hubby a 3'x3' ceiling height storage is quite reasonable in a 500 square feet flat.


Apparently, Picasso once said,
"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." And who am I to argue with that? :-P
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Gabber Extraordinaire

425 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  9:54:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit Kimaroo's Homepage Send Kimaroo a Private Message
Not only do we enable and tell you where to get the good stuff on the cheap.. (we are such pushers.)

We also give helpful tips on how to rationalise it all in your brain so you don't feel guilty : )

Hows that for service?

Lol.. since being here I've been the push-ee and become a push-er.. It's quite fun really.. and at least we're not selling on street corners......... yet.

Knitpicks and Elann = Yarncrack

There is just no better way to say it : )


The Kimmish Knitting Blog
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Warming Up

66 Posts

Posted - 10/05/2005 :  11:19:16 PM  Show Profile Send ydpubs a Private Message
Eeeek! Are you ever in the wrong place. I love it here, but you will find more enablers for your mania. If you find a way to control the need to expand the stash and the desire to start projects, let me know.

Don't get me started on the knitting book addiction....

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Chatty Knitter

161 Posts

Posted - 10/06/2005 :  03:04:03 AM  Show Profile Send nellcm a Private Message
Control? what's control? Do you mean to say it's not perfectly normal to have a 2 story house reduced to one story and a big cushion? and to have projects lined up farther into the future than the mind can comprehend? Doesn't everyone have that?

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