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 and what do you seem INCAPABLE of learning
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Gabber Extraordinaire

552 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  11:40:52 AM  Show Profile Send SpinDiva a Private Message
Okay.... most aspects of basic and basic-intermediate knitting have come relatively easily.... except one


My GOSH, I have tried over, and over, and over.... knit triangles, frog... knit triangles and first rectangle.... frog.... seems everytime I get to the "pick up stitches" part... I get messed up and can't get past it.

I pick it up again every couple of weeks, with a different set of instructions - hoping that the light bulb will light...

Alas - not yet. Does anyone know a step by step, PHOTO by PHOTO instruction that can help me get past this?

Is there anything like this that has gotten you hopelessly frustrated?


Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  11:52:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message
I always recommend Debbie Bliss How to Knit in conjunction with Katerina Buss The Big Book of Knitting. Open both books to the entrelac instructions and use practice wool in a smooth yarn, solid color, worsted or DK weight. Knit with blind faith and entrelac will appear like magic.

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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  11:53:27 AM  Show Profile Send pieheart a Private Message
Andrea, can't help you with the entrelac, haven't tried it yet.

My nemesis is toe-up socks. I have tried so many times, hopelessly tangle the yarn each and every time. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I have been making cuff down socks for years, lots of them.

The other thing I have not been able to master is 2 on 2 socks. This doesn't bother me because I prefer knitting socks on dpns, but it would be nice just to be able to manage the technique.

Oh well, not a really big deal after all! Anything else I have trouble with I post here and someone is almost always able to lead me in the right direction.


"If your toast always lands butter-side down, plan ahead. Butter the
other side instead."

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becka always
Permanent Resident

1959 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  12:29:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit becka always's Homepage Send becka always a Private Message
Andrea, my mail hasn't come today, but I'm hoping that 1 of my bday gift from my hubby is in's Elizabeth Zimmermann's "A Glossary of Knitting" DVD and one of the things covered is entrelac...I'm so excited about that..I've not yet attempted entrelac, but love the look & seeing someone do it is much better than reading about it..u r so right about that! I believe he ordered mine from KnitPicks...u can check it out there or @ Good Luck


Addicted to the Knit
Becka Always
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Parrot Girl
Permanent Resident

2129 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  1:03:45 PM  Show Profile Send Parrot Girl a Private Message
Unfortunately I am math challenged, so anything involving calculations much beyond 2 plus 2 can confuse me. I had a gorgeous lacey sock pattern that after the heel just had the pattern on top, and I swear it took me days and drawings and charts and complete bafflement before I figured out how to do it. Then I had to make a new chart for myself to finish it. I felt like a complete idiot. That's probably why lace is such a challenge for me.

"The past does not equal the future"

The other Fran in Kansas City
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Kelly B
Permanent Resident

2206 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  2:01:11 PM  Show Profile Send Kelly B a Private Message,entrelac
This thread has some good entrelac links. Hope it helps! I haven't tried it myself....
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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  2:09:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
magic loop
for me it is murder loop
I can't get the hang of that
maybe I am too used to my dp's

none of this will matter in 100 years.......
except I will finally be at my goal ~now with chickens!
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Diva Ree
Gabber Extraordinaire

537 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  2:18:50 PM  Show Profile Send Diva Ree a Private Message
I'm a Continental knitter, and my obstacle is learning to knit English. I've read several articles that mentioned there are some techinques that are easier with one style than the other, so it's good to know both. I can't get past holding the needles, let alone creating a stitch!
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  3:32:34 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
Intarsia. I have taken 3 or 4 classes, tried various books and tutorials but it is just not for me. Seaming is a close second. As much as I dislike it, people have told me that it looks mighty fine when I actually set my mind to it.

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr.
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Seriously Hooked

659 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  3:42:44 PM  Show Profile Send adalton124 a Private Message
The best entrelac instructions I have seen, and the ones that got me over the learning hump are from Erica Wilson. I have a copy of the "Dazzling Diamond Weave Sweater" instructions. It uses dpn's and has pictures of the orientation of the needles throughout the whole process - which seemed to be what was making picking up stitches so hard for me. Now I think I could follow the instructions for the Lady Eleanor stole on one big circ like it says to do in the book, but I'm almost done, so I'll finish it this way on the dpn's.
The other thing I found tricky about entrelac is how 16 rows and 8 stitches makes a square diamond shape?! This is where blind faith comes in handy, but it does work. (much to my amazement still!)

As for things I just can't learn? Well, I'm having a little trouble with toe up socks on 2 circs, but I haven't touched them in a couple weeks, so I hope my brain can wrap itself around the process when I get back to them. :)

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Chatty Knitter

102 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  4:14:51 PM  Show Profile Send Nadege a Private Message
Sweater seaming. No matter how many times I've tried seaming sweaters, I 've always had to frog repeatedly and then abandon the project. I currently knit only circular/seamless sweaters but don't really like the fit. Sooo... New Years resolution - Learn sweater finishing!

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Chatty Knitter

125 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  4:22:37 PM  Show Profile  Visit xanthia's Homepage Send xanthia a Private Message
Cr*chet. Its the devil. I just cannot get the right grip on those darn hooks, and pull little loops through each other. *sigh*
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Seriously Hooked

935 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  4:23:36 PM  Show Profile Send VickiKK a Private Message
The Kitchner stitch!! Darn, it drives me crazy. Each sock toe takes at least 6 tries even when I write the instructions stitch by stitch. mental block with it
Vicki near Seattel
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Chatty Knitter

123 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  4:36:15 PM  Show Profile Send mkeson a Private Message
I had a lot of trouble learning to do seams, too, especially mattress stitch, and ripped out and started over many times until I saw a book that showed how to do slip stitch crochet seams, which was a lot easier for me. I still don't like to do seams, but it's not impossible anymore. I still haven't tried entrelac, out of fear. Someday I'll have to get brave and take the plunge, because I like the look of it, too.

Mary from VA
"Housework is like threading beads on a string with no knot at the end."
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Permanent Resident

2373 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  5:20:03 PM  Show Profile  Visit RobA's Homepage Send RobA a Private Message
A good stretchy bind-off for toe-up socks. I thought I had one, just finished a pair of socks and now have to rip out the bind-offs and try something else. I didn't want to use the sewn bindoff -- wanted to do something on the needles. Sigh. So now the new socks are tainted with frustration!

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Sustaining Member

1565 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  6:10:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit Martheme's Homepage  Send Martheme a Yahoo! Message Send Martheme a Private Message
Believe it or not, holding the yarn "properly"!

I still pinch it between my thumb and index finger for each and every stitch. I've tried every set of directions I've found and I just can't get the hang of doing it any other way!

My MIL does this thing with her index finger which she tried to teach me when I started knitting . . . she can knit an adult sweater (for a guy even) in just a few days . . . not me. I just plug along . . .

Ah well.

The project I'm about to start (soon as the yarn arrives) is a Fair Isle Stocking for the baby. Looks like I'm in for some real fun!

Wish me luck!


visit my sites: & the baby blog
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Warming Up

98 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  6:22:00 PM  Show Profile Send mljan a Private Message
Continental hold, and I'm left-handed, which should make it easier. I've managed two or three knit stitches in a row, but can't seem to be able to feed the yarn along, and I really foul up on purls.
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New Pal

7 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  8:39:07 PM  Show Profile Send rsimson a Private Message
I can't seem to get a hang of simple embroidery, especially the french knot. I usually just omit it even though it is often very cute but for a particular baby blanket I just couldn't leave out the very pretty accents and they just don't look right!

Why should this be so difficult? Do you think it is because I am using yarn and adding to a knitted object instead of using emnroidery floss on fabric?
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Gabber Extraordinaire

532 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  8:47:03 PM  Show Profile Send msgb a Private Message
OK.It might sound dumb but I can't seem to grasp DPN.I will keep trying though.
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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  8:50:36 PM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message
The Kitchner stitch also gives me fits, Vicki. Since I don't do it everyday the little brain synapses don't mingle together and form a permanent bond. At least I've got the web sources printed out or bookmarked. sighs.....

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The Irish Ewe
Permanent Resident

1052 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2005 :  05:20:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit The Irish Ewe's Homepage Send The Irish Ewe a Private Message
Fair Isle when holding both yarns in one hand (I can wiz along with a yarn is each hand).

And I really need to realize that I CANNOT knit 40 things at once. Granted, I am the *queen* of note-taking (that new knity article on notes, mine puts hers to shame, I print mine out, color code with highlighters, and type out rows (1, 2, 3, etc) and increases/decreases) but I rely so much on the notes that I think I can come back months later and have my gauge be spot on. WRONG!

The Irish Ewe
Norway, Maine
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