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 What are your new year knitting resolutions?
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New Pal

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Posted - 12/22/2005 :  08:34:31 AM  Show Profile Send LSEsStudio a Private Message

To start the new year off, I'm going to launch a "luncheon knitting circle" at work and teach a few co-workers to knit. In return, they are going to help me use up my huge stash of cotton yarns -- we'll all knit chemo caps for adult and children cancer patients to donate to clinics and hospitals in the Denver, Colorado area. Such a deal! I have three "students" so far and more have expressed interest, so we might even have to reserve a conference room for our sessions!

I started knitting cotton chemo caps a couple of years ago while I was in a pain clinic rehab program. Helping others really lifted my own lousy spirits. Of course, it also provided a great excuse for collecting all kinds of cotton yarns! I have a huge storage tub full and lugged it into my office today.

I designed my own pattern, which features a short floppy brim to flatter feminine faces, and a tie string hat band to tighten or loosen. If you'd like a copy of the directions, which include small color photos of some of my caps, I'll be happy to send it to you in either Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf format.

Happy New Year to all!
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New Pal

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Posted - 12/22/2005 :  09:04:10 AM  Show Profile Send Rie a Private Message
I'm a relatively new knitter. My partner and I just bought a 12 drawer captain's platform bed. What is in the drawers? You guessed it... yarn! A great use of space (although that is not why we bought it...[:00]

1. visit more LYS
2. accept more cast-off yarns from people
3. learn how to follow a pattern
4. knit something other than scarves

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Warming Up

68 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  09:46:02 AM  Show Profile Send bogrady a Private Message
I resolve to no longer knit to deadlines that might put my knitting health in danger. I'm currently working on a garder stitch shawl for my DSL in lace weight yarn - very pretty, but at more than 300 stitches as I get to the end, I'm suffering badly. If I injury myself beyond repair, there won't need to be any more resolutions about knitting.

Also, I'm committed to making something out of my new homespun. As a new spinner, I haven't yet had a chance to to use my own homespun. An experienced spinner/knitter gave me good advice - never spin without a project in mind - otherwise you'll end up with a lot of yarn that never gets used.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

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Chatty Knitter

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Posted - 12/22/2005 :  10:46:23 AM  Show Profile Send simpleknitter a Private Message
my new year's resolution is to have fun with my knitting. not guilt.
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Seriously Hooked

702 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  11:13:31 AM  Show Profile Send renee_knits a Private Message
I'm going to make it a bit more difficult for all of you who are resolving to dispose of leftovers and yarns you think you won't use...take a look at Jane's work and be inspired! If this doesn't wow you, go ahead and de-stash....

Knitting IS real life!
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Gabber Extraordinaire

552 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  11:34:20 AM  Show Profile Send SpinDiva a Private Message
Oh boy... let's see

1) fewer yarn purchases - less impulse buying - and when purchasing, buy more GREAT yarns, and fewer cheap ones that often dissapoint.
2) more time invested in each project - slow down.
3) continue to push myself to learn and grow
4) learn to fix problems - not accept or abandon.
5) Try and limit my knitting in bed... my partner is getting annoyed
6) Get rid of all yarns that annoy or frustrate. It won't get better

That should do it for now!

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Chatty Knitter

127 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  12:13:06 PM  Show Profile Send simpleknitter a Private Message
my new year's resolution is to have fun with my knitting. not guilt.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

457 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  12:33:55 PM  Show Profile Send griffsmom a Private Message
There are some good ones here! My new year's resolutions are to:

1. stop being afraid of seaming and learn how to knit a sweater;
2. learn how to knit socks;
3. do more charity knitting; and
4. try to give some of my knitting time back to my other hobby, quilting (which has completley suffered since I've learned to knit!)


My finished projects:

"Measure wealth, not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money." ~ Unknown
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Warming Up

59 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  1:08:00 PM  Show Profile Send julie1015 a Private Message
My new years knitting resolutions are :
1)To use my stash yarn without regret, I keep trying to save them.
2)To finish up all my WIPs.
3)To knit more for me. Everyone around me, including myself, has gotten
used to me giving away my handknits, so everyone assumes that anything I knit is up for grabs.

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Warming Up

90 Posts

Posted - 12/22/2005 :  2:32:16 PM  Show Profile Send Kimberling a Private Message
Not very original - but STASH MANAGEMENT - It needs to get organized. Also - finish projects before buying more yarn EVEN IF IT IS ON SALE. Also - my LYS has some great knitting classes - I would like to take one to learn a new technique and to meet fellow knitters. Perhaps if I keep knitting, I won't eat and then I can lose weight (another not very original resolutions that I resurrect every year).

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Mermaid Knits
Permanent Resident

1129 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2005 :  05:23:59 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mermaid Knits's Homepage Send Mermaid Knits a Private Message
1. to make a felted case for my circular needles.
2. To knit something up for charity/fundraiser
3. to start on a new design collection
4. get one pattern published somewhere
5. above all, have fun at it.
Happy New Years everyone.
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New Pal

6 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2005 :  08:45:00 AM  Show Profile Send BreezyDaze a Private Message
I have two resolutions that are on the top of my mind right now (these are in addition to knitting down stash yarn, which I'll get to in a minute):

1) Finish holiday knitting BEFORE December 2006. This also includes remembering that I will not knit 5 pairs of identical mittens (boredom sets in after the first mitten, and it is all I can do to knit its mate) I can not order 5 times the yarn when I pick a pattern!

2) Convert at least one non-knitter per year. I plan to keep a list anytime someone says to me "I wish I could knit". On the next birthday, or other gift-giving occasion I plan to provide a set of needles, skein of yarn, notions, and instruction book - and take the time to give some free lessons...its the only way I can hope to hold onto my non-knitting friends :-)

As far as the stash goes, 2005 was not a bad year. There were some setbacks at MD Sheep and Wool, but morning sickness hit from late May - August and made it impossible for me to knit or look at yarn. However, in the last month, I have been a yarn FIEND as I started ordering for Christmas gifts that were not to be (I call it nesting, my husband thinks it insanity). I'm hoping that a newborn in 2006 will keep me from buying yarn, but since I don't have any baby yarn in the stash - I might be sorely mistaken
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Permanent Resident

1927 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2005 :  4:34:58 PM  Show Profile Send Chayah a Private Message
My resolution is to finish the blue sweater I was making for myself about three years ago. I hit a snag on the length of the raglan front, and gave up.It's about 2/3 done. I would really feel good if I could solve the problem and finish it. It's a nice basketweave variation pattern.
Also to take on more challenges in knitting--I have knit dozens of hats on circular needles, and need to try some lace or cables soon.
Happy knitting and New Year to all,
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Gabber Extraordinaire

544 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2005 :  7:20:01 PM  Show Profile Send highdesertrose a Private Message
I really need to knit down my stash and stay away from those heavenly on-line sales[meow]. But with Stitches West coming up soon, my resolve is going to be severely tested...

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Seriously Hooked

993 Posts

Posted - 12/24/2005 :  09:08:48 AM  Show Profile Send lacylaine a Private Message
What a great topic!

* I really love the idea of using a spreadsheet to get organized.

* Finish/re-start my friend's sweater that I started over a year ago but set down to do Christmas presents last year and now I can't match the gauge anymore! She bought the yarn so this is a must-do.

* Buy the needles I need (after getting organized!) to finish projects for which I've bought yarn.

* Make something for myself! I saved up this year for my first big Elann purchase. Got cold feet (have no idea why) and dilly-dallyed until all my favorite colors were gone. Bought an okay color. Spent weeks poring over my pattern books and swatching for my first Aran. Actually took notes and used Sweater Wizard to make a pattern. Set it all aside until I could buy longer needles. Now I can't find anything but the yarn!![:((] DH says he saw me do all this, otherwise I'd say I was hallucinating! Even the computer file is missing.

* Stick to two WIPs at all times with the occasional dishcloth/potholder thrown in. Plus my Rambling Rows afghan (which is 3 years old!).

* If I don't get the yarn for Christmas, go out and buy what's needed to finish the afghan.

* Have one pattern published or accepted for publication.

Whew! That's enough for one year. And I'm going to try to eat one piece of fruit a day.....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." Ecclesiastes 9:10
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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 12/24/2005 :  3:42:01 PM  Show Profile Send pieheart a Private Message
Organize my stash.
Organize my books.
Organize my magazines.
Organize my needles and notions.

Notice a trend?

Also, I have three sweaters' worth of yarn, I would like to knit three sweaters for me! I am tired of moving this yarn about, and it would be far more useful when I can wear it.

I also have some Helen's Laces for the Shoalwater shawl. And several pairs of socks in between. All this may be a bit too ambitious, but I intend to do my best to at least get my stuff organized. Somehow I think I'll get distracted from the above knitting projects!


“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” Albert Einstein

Check out my album:
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Chatty Knitter

156 Posts

Posted - 12/25/2005 :  01:13:36 AM  Show Profile Send sweetnsour a Private Message
1. Take a short vacation away from knitting. The past month and a half has been insane, and I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself if I don't chill. Give some other interests some attention for a while.
2. Once that vacation is over, finish the pre-Christmas sweater and the Clapotis I started...before they're out of season to wear.
3. The tried and true "try to use my stash before buying more yarn" resolution. I'll find a use for the hot pink yarn sitting around somehow!
4. Start the Christmas knitting sooner. Like in June.
5. Plan for at least one more sweater/top and two pairs of socks for myself over the next year. Hopefully my expectations are really low and I'll have the fortitude to get two non chunky tops done, maybe one for a family member!
6. Work on learning more about resizing/customizing knitting patterns to fit my really odd body.

May it all come true!


A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
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Permanent Resident

3291 Posts

Posted - 12/25/2005 :  07:59:24 AM  Show Profile Send ozknitter a Private Message

I am going to start the year off making t-shirts for everybody and then I have seen some really beautiful things in the 2 newish English Knitting Magazines, Knitting and Simply Knitting, also hopefully in the new Oz Creative Knitting, which I hope comes out in time this summer will have something stunning to make for summer time.

After that its anybody's guess, I might even make something from Vogue Knitting.

Knit in peace and harmony.

Rose in Melbourne, Australia.

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday.
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Chatty Knitter

300 Posts

Posted - 12/25/2005 :  2:20:43 PM  Show Profile Send cpknits a Private Message
I would like to add one more, making something that actually fits me in the shoulders. I want to actually record and learn how to adjust patterns for my narrow shoulders. Hopefully out of yarn I already have.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

417 Posts

Posted - 12/26/2005 :  12:46:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit herbandteas's Homepage Send herbandteas a Private Message
[quote]Originally posted by SpinaYarn

my knitting resolutions?

buy more yarn.

(hey , at least I'm admitting it!)

knit with joy-

hehehee thats mine too......maybe some yarn spun by you!

Helaine in Olalla, Wa

Women who behave rarely make history.
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