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Gabber Extraordinaire

373 Posts

Posted - 01/10/2006 :  9:20:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit pixiepurls's Homepage Send pixiepurls a Private Message

This is my coffee table in front of my couch, it actually has a "tray" on the top of it which right now is filled with about twice that much yarn/projects. Everyonce in a while I "audit" it and rip something, or put something away for later :)

That's a dog toy on the floor to the top right heh.
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Permanent Resident

2463 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  03:12:07 AM  Show Profile Send chris a Private Message
I'm envious of you who can keep your knitting "out" all the time! One of my greyhounds loves acrylic yarn, one loves wool, and one loves to chew wooden needles. The fourth mostly ignores such things...she's above all that playing and chewing!

That said, I usually knit sitting in my recliner (I've gotten to the point that I almost can't knit sitting straight up!) in the family room. All of my yarn and supplies are in my knitting room, mostly put away nicely. (Hey, we are trying to sell the house! You should see that room when we're not!) I always thought I'd love to have a room where I could go sit and knit, but I find I still want to be where the action is. It is really nice to have a designated place all my own to store all my stuff, tho.

chris (up at 3:45, unable to sleep)

Keep on knittin', mama, knittin' those blues away!
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Seriously Hooked

814 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  03:31:52 AM  Show Profile Send Bullmonty a Private Message
My DH is normally stretched out on the couch. He is the coffee getter and dog let-er-outer.

I have gotta negotiate that dog let-er-outer part with my DH, KCShaw! that is just great!
My knitting area is a small couch in the tv/rumpus room and also in bed. Knit when DH drives too.
I'm also quite neatness impaired. I have a tote and/or caddy that I lugged around in the house that has my current WIPs, needles. knickknacks, note pad etc etc. and you really don't want to know how big my stash is
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Seriously Hooked

753 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  05:59:45 AM  Show Profile Send galleylama a Private Message
Hmm... the den, in an upholstered glider recliner that I gravitate to so much that everyone steers clear of it when I am home (he he he) with a little bookcase, lamp and small side table and piles of yarn around my feet.

It is easier to be forgiven than to receive permission.
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Chatty Knitter

290 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  08:36:06 AM  Show Profile Send PatriciaG a Private Message
I do most of my knitting in the family room while husband watches tv. That way I spend time with him and get to do my thing too. I have a basket under the side table next to my recliner with a couple of books that I'm currently using, and a knitting bag with my two current projects next to it so I can switch back and forth as I see fit. It gets a little untidy so I try to tidy it up daily.

I keep all of my books, yarn stash, needles, etc., in baskets in my bedroom in the corner. I'm looking for a small book case that can hold my baskets and let me stack my books so I can see what I've got. The IKEA is opening near us in March, so I'm biding my time to see what they may have for me. I've never been in that store, but have heard tons about it.

Patricia in West Sac., CA.

"How did I get over the hill without getting up to the top"
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Chatty Knitter

112 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  10:02:09 AM  Show Profile  Send ellieknitz a Yahoo! Message Send ellieknitz a Private Message
My knitting stuff is kept in my room, but I knit on the couch in the living room. Our couch reclines, so I can have my feet up. I have a folding Ott light on the end table next to me. I usually have my WIP in a zippered bag next to the couch. I sometimes have a fire in the fireplace next to me and either the TV or radio on. Almost always there is a cocker spaniel with a head and a paw in my lap, too. My spinning wheel is next to the fireplace, too. Don't forget a lovely beverage within arm's reach!

Lining my empty nest with yarn,
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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  10:05:29 AM  Show Profile Send Trina a Private Message
WOW! This is so much fun! I am picturing all of us in our little spots, knitting happily away. KathyR, you had a great idea & I have been looking around for shelving w/baskets for a while. I may have to make a trip to Ikea. DH always sees furniture that would work really well for my yarn & stuff, but we are renting this house & I hate the idea of having to move any more huge pieces of furniture. I like all the baskets & tray ideas. Keep sending your answers- I am enjoying this thread immensely & see I'm not the only one who is a neat-nick![:00]

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
-Langston Hughes

Trina in AZ
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Knit kitty
Permanent Resident

1383 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  10:21:11 AM  Show Profile Send Knit kitty a Private Message
Mine is in the family room as well. Large comfy chair, ottoman for feet (since the footrest of the chair is STILL not fixed), occasional cat attempting to curl up on whatever project is in progress. (The Manx loves wool, the tabby loves alpaca). Next to my chair is an old sewing box that my dad found out with the trash on one of his walks. I pulled the extremely UGLY fabric off, stapled nice dark grey ultrasuede on, and now it is a knitting box. Just the right size for a couple of WIPs and my tin of notions.

Otherwise, there is always a project in the car for those "waiting on the kids" moments.


"Nothing, why?"
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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  10:52:48 AM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
i knit at the computer
I loved knitting waiting for pt cause the chairs were comfortable
ditto the chairs in the hospital while waiting for tests
I also like the chairs at the lys

I knit in the car too
but mostly I knit at the computer
answering email...... reading you folks

gee I need a life


none of this will matter in 100 years.......
except I will finally be at my goal ~now with chickens!
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Gabber Extraordinaire

381 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  10:59:52 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I knit in my oversized recliner with an Italian Greyhound on one side and a Cat on the other. I have most of my knitting stuff right next to me sort of hidden in a corner.

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Sticks and String
Permanent Resident

1113 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  12:49:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit Sticks and String's Homepage Send Sticks and String a Private Message
I too have to negotiate the dog-let-er-outer part. Not with DH but with the dog. Our dachshund Spanky is convinced that I am the only one in the house qualified to let him out. He is convinced the rest of the family is dogspeak-illiterate and I'm the only one who understands that when he stands at the door with his little stubby legs crossed, rolling his eyes it means he has to go out.

Mostly I knit on my bed. My bedroom is HUGE and I like to be able to spread out and I have my TV and stereo in there, too. Two of the cats keep me company. Gracie just likes to be close to me, CharLaLa likes to hover in the hope I'll actually invite her to freely lavish the wool with kittylovings. My youngest son comes in to do his homework in the evening and when DH is home, he keeps us company in his armchair while subjecting us to endless repeats of COPS. (Don't tell him but as long as he's keeping us company, we don't care what he wants to watch. ;)

My supplies, oh lords. They are stored in my studio. The yarnstash lives in large plastic bins, 12 of them right now but I don't like limitations. The WsIP live in baskets in the closet so the cats don't move into them. The needles, stitch holders, point protectors and assorted miscellany live nicely in a half dozen beautiful blue and cream spongeware antique Roseville crocks. The magazines and books live in vintage wire locker room baskets and all of the above live happily together on a shelf made from 3 stacked vintage fruit crates. I keep loose patterns in plastic page protectors in binders.

I'd post pics but I haven't yet mastered the magic of getting photos OFF the camera, ON to the 'puter and THEN on to here. Maybe tomorrow...or after I finish knitting...

(as if)


"If you love not the noise of bells, why then do you pull the ropes?"
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Permanent Resident

New Zealand
1673 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  1:03:33 PM  Show Profile Send busygirl a Private Message

I don't really have a knitting area,but in the bedroom I have a large basket in which I keep my yarn.We have a TV in the bedroom,so during the week I tend to watch TV and knit in bed in the evenings,and on the weekends if I watch any TV in the living room,I just take my knitting through and knit on the sofa.

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Permanent Resident

3076 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  1:55:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit kadiddly's Homepage  Send kadiddly a Yahoo! Message Send kadiddly a Private Message
I mostly knit on my bed, as we have a loft (one room/one bathroom apartment) right now, so no room for couches and comfy chairs. I almost always have my laptop next to me or on my lap so I can pull up the pattern easily (I rarely print things out) or look for other tips and tricks and such as I think of them. Occasionally I have my desk actually set up as a desk and knit sitting in the chair, but since Christmas, my desk has kind of become the kitchen counter, so it's mostly the bed as a couch/desk/recliner/whatever now. The cat loves to sit on my lap or lay next to me. I can't wait until we move to our own apartment and have *gasp* a living room! Of course, then my yarn is gonna be splayed out everywhere and I'll get in trouble...oh well

I don't smoke, I knit. It relieves stress and tension, smells better, I don't have to go outside to do it, and it won't give me cancer.
Backstage Stitches
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Chatty Knitter

130 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  2:42:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit pixie_day's Homepage Send pixie_day a Private Message
I knit in bed while watching TV/movies. I have my yarn stored in a chest at the foot of the bed and a couple of totes under the bed. My WIPs are scattered throughout the house in various places and bags. My books and patterns are on a bookcase in the office/dining room.

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Permanent Resident

1570 Posts

Posted - 01/11/2006 :  3:23:24 PM  Show Profile  Visit Rho's Homepage Send Rho a Private Message
I sit in my chair in the living room - legs up on an ottoman - tv on -- laptop on my lap --usually reading here (or an ebook) and knitting with the bag of yarn at my side. I never thought I could knit and do anything else and now it seems I do one or two other things at the same time so I am progressing--- Plus DH is in the next chair with his laptop on his lap. So we are together in the same room - can talk to each other - and be doing our own thing. DH's new hobby is making duck calls so he is on a forum learning all about that


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New Pal

8 Posts

Posted - 01/12/2006 :  06:30:01 AM  Show Profile  Send a Yahoo! Message Send a Private Message
I knit in front of the fire and TV in my great room, which is the hub of my house, in a cushioned chair without arms, with my project basket next to me on one side and an end table and lamp with a full specturm bulb on the other side...and a magnifing glass which loops around my neck close by just in case I need to correct my work. Each project is in a basket so I can alternate when one gets "stale" and I need a "change of pace".
Just me, ihave2muchyarn

PS: I just joined a sock knitting forum using the book "Socks Socks Socks...if anyone is interested, email me...we are starting a new project in Feb.
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New Pal

1 Posts

Posted - 01/12/2006 :  06:38:53 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I loved reading these replies about where everyone sets up to knit. I sit on the left side of my couch next to an overhead reading light, with my knitting stuff on the coffee table in front of me. That's the luxury of having an empty nest now and no lodger to clear up for! I am in front of the tv if I want it or the radio / CD player.

My cat always comes and sits next to me. Isn't it sweet that so many people share knitting times with their animals? My cat's too old to interfere with my knitting but every once in awhile she can't stand it anymore and reaches out to attack the dangling wool. Once when I was knitting with long needles I realised that I was hitting her on the head with every stitch but still she didn't move!
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New Pal

4 Posts

Posted - 01/12/2006 :  07:12:05 AM  Show Profile Send Rie a Private Message
My life-partner and I just bought a queen-size captain's bed with six drawers on each side of the base. I have sorted my yarns by colors - one color per drawer. The drawer by the head of the bed is for my current projects. What a delight to sit in bed, sip tea and knit. Only one problem --- last night, I fell asleep holding the needles in my hand! Rie in Philadelphia
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Pampered Punkin
New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 01/12/2006 :  08:08:21 AM  Show Profile Send Pampered Punkin a Private Message
My ultimate favorite places to knit are on my bed and at the coffee shop that I go to for a weekly knitting group. But, I will knit anywhere that I can. I knit in between classes at school, in the car (when DH is driving), at church, at movies, in restaurants, other peoples houses, in line at the post office or grocery store, etc. I almost always have a project out that I'm working on. I carry small projects in my purse and school bag.

People think that I'm a super-fast knitter and the truth is that I'm just a compulsive knitter that knits anywhere and anytime (except during lectures because the instructors get mad if I knit instead of taking notes). Anywhere that I can pull out a project and work on it for a while becomes my favorite place for the time being.
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New Pal

27 Posts

Posted - 01/12/2006 :  08:43:41 AM  Show Profile Send Kyrstellaine a Private Message
Well, I certainly can't claim to be organized... I do most of my knitting at the computer (often while playing Everquest - shh, don't tell my group!). My computer desk is one of those armoires, but there's so much stuff piled on all of the various "fold out" pieces that it never actually closes, lol. I (sorta) cleaned up the other night, so I'm down to the 2 projects that I'm working on most actively (Leaves in Relief sits on top of the scanner, and the Ribbon X-Back in front of the printer). I've also got my first attempt at colorwork shoved into one of the cubbys up above until such time as I'm ready to figure out which way to twist things so I don't get holes and don't have colors showing through.
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