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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 07/28/2006 :  05:46:08 AM  Show Profile Send YarnGoddess a Private Message
DWN, thanks so much for that advice. I have a very dear friend who is making some incredibly stupid choices regarding her bb and her minor-aged son. It's really difficult for me not to tell her she's being obtuse. You've given me a better answer.

Zipper & Diva

A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, overlook the unattractive and smile through the unbearable.

To learn more about healthy nutrition for your cat, go here: and here:
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honorary angel

1650 Posts

Posted - 07/31/2006 :  9:27:41 PM  Show Profile Send llinn a Private Message
Disciplining a male is beyond easy too. All you have to do is threaten to expose them to total humiliation and taunting and they're jelly in your hands.
When the evil horde was quite a bit younger we had made all the appropriate noises about responsible sex and so on. The glazed eyes and complete lack of response indicated they probably were not taking much of this in. We waited, like hyenas looking for a kill, until the oldest semi-adopted foster step child made the awful mistake of more or less admitting that he and his girl friend had become "active". I pounced, was he using condoms. Uh, no. Dad, my DH, who is nearly as evil as I am, promptly lined up all 3 of ours and our 3 regular extras and hauled all 6 boys to the mall. While the other 5 cowered in the school supplies, he drug our wayward youngun over to the display where he picked up a box of 36. He then held it up and in a full public address voice asked the pharmacist and cashier if they had any larger sizes as he thought 3 dozen wouldn't be enough.
Now I'm not actually positive that no son of mine, home-grown or imported, has ever gone out without his necessities--but there are and have been no pregnancies so far except for the planned one which has just resulted in my very first foster, step grandchild.
Congratulate me ladies, I'm an "other.
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Permanent Resident

7254 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  05:32:58 AM  Show Profile  Send gwtreece a Yahoo! Message Send gwtreece a Private Message
Lin, [:00][:00]

My Blog
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Permanent Resident

6041 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  07:16:15 AM  Show Profile Send KL a Private Message
Linn- YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! Is there a local stand up comedy club where you live? You need to be on stage and share your child-raising views with the world.

Or write it all down and publish a book. KL
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  09:41:22 AM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message
Lin, congrats on being an 'other. And on successful childrearing. That's a great story.


Knit long and prosper
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honorary angel

1650 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  5:28:55 PM  Show Profile Send llinn a Private Message
You know, I don't want to come off like a jerk, but I invented a lot of the terminology we take for granted today. I am the first person I know of to discuss the knitting police. I used to tell everyone at the store back in 81 tht I had buried them in my basement I declamed on yarnaholics and fiberjunkies and pointed out that as a former member of the "freaks" (not hippies, never met a hippie--I think Hollyweird invented hippies)and a dyed in the wool, card carrying social activist (pkay, actually I'm a tree-hugging liberal socialist) I have been paralyzed with despair when I discovered that all my best handles were gone. `(In other words-I'm out of cool ideas for a new nickname)
My husband actually invented the term "stitch 'n b***h". I had the coolest permanent floating hen party the world had ever seen for years. Men would walk into my store looking for their wives, blanch and turn around. There was NO subject off limits. WE were bad. But I used to be the yarnjunkie, queeen of the stitch n' b****. I was the 'hore for mo'hair
I stood for truth, justice and never paying full price for anything. I sold mill ends.
I have no brand loyalty. I LIKE acrylic for what it is, not as an imitation anything. I know how much it costs to make yarn and I know where all the profits are.
There is a very popular brand that is medium pricey that reduces me to screaming contempt. It's poor grade wool, spun and dyed in a rug factory and full of trash.
The only reason wool should be full of VM is because they don't have it carded properly. That's all. Carded and combed before spinning, 99.9% of junk will drop out. Once in a while something will stick but not tree branches every 6 inches.
Anc you do not want me to start on what I see on etsy. That place scares me to death. That some idiot child is selling hundreds of skirts and t's with cartoonish appliques while no one is willing to spend 30 for a well done baby set.
I have a somewhat iconoclastic attitude about designs and designers.
Some of the stuff people take credit for as a design would embarrass me. Simple hats and plain little tops and scarves are too comething.
Designers mostly don't take any big consideration of the fibers qualities into acount--most of the time they just want the yarn company or the magazine to pay them for the pattern.
Aggggh, I'm coming off testy tonight. It's kind of a thing with me. There are only so many ways to make a knitted garment that fits around the average human body part. Ease is almost totally a function of fashion. Right now you could go back to virtually any pattern printed between 1940 and 1960 and make it in more fashionable colors and have an up to the minute garment.
This years designers in NY's fashion week--several used sweaters-I could duplicate the look of any from my McCalls and Ladies Home journals of the late 60's early 70's.
Now having said all this, I havce to admit I've already written a book about sewing-80pages of print and with illustrations about 240pp long. I have written most of a book about knitting. But my working title for both was Anarchist Sewing and Knitting and somebody already did that so I'm sulking.
I'm gonna go shut up now.
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Permanent Resident

3291 Posts

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  8:37:27 PM  Show Profile Send ozknitter a Private Message
Hi Lin,

You sound like the coolest lady, I'd love to meet you in person, but I'm a bit far away for you.

Knit in peace and harmony.

Rose in Melbourne, Australia.
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Dances with Needles
Chatty Knitter

197 Posts

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  9:21:35 PM  Show Profile Send Dances with Needles a Private Message
Damn I had to clean my moniter again after the exposition of the condom brigade.
You should a heard The Talk as given by me to my sons when they were about 15 it included the direct order to get hold of some condoms and take them off in a corner and figure out how to get them on properly at a time when they were in private so that their first time using one was not in the middle of a hormone attack. I had this talk with more than my own kids, who were embarrassed to tears. Nobody got anybody pregnant, and nobody came up with an std.
Everybody graduated from high school with no major contact with the poice and nobody has driven drunk that I know about.
It sounds like a small thing but it is tough during the mid teens to imagine what makes them do stuff, and so I feel like we did good. And Lin, you can sit in my living room any time and have tea and roar like the lion that you are.

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Chatty Knitter

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Posted - 08/07/2006 :  01:03:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit beh2g's Homepage Send beh2g a Private Message
Just FYI, I read a lot on when I was growing up. They are strictly information for teens, not just about sex but about having healthy relationships and taking care of your body and emotions. My parents are wise people, but not the sort to really comfortably talk about sex, unless I asked. Anyway, I really like this website and donate money to keep it going, as it's a great resource. I point parents to it all the time, since so many TN schools are abstinence-only, which is like no education at all. *sigh* [:(!!]

2006 stats: 10 FO, 4 WIP, 1 UFO
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