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 Started your holiday projects yet?
 How many on your list?
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Gabber Extraordinaire

391 Posts

Posted - 08/17/2006 :  9:35:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit eggshel344's Homepage  Send eggshel344 a Yahoo! Message Send eggshel344 a Private Message
Just wondering how many projects, and of what sizes/proportions, are on everyone's holiday list to knit... I have the suspicion my list is getting way out of hand and that I perhaps need a reality check as to what is realistic...[crazy]


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When Henry Ford said that I doubt he had knitting in mind, but if the sweater fits...

Permanent Resident

6604 Posts

Posted - 08/17/2006 :  9:51:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Atavistic's Homepage Send Atavistic a Private Message
Zero so far.

Amanda Takes Off... and
Amanda Knits

Only you can decide how tongue in cheek I am.
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Permanent Resident

1475 Posts

Posted - 08/18/2006 :  04:30:47 AM  Show Profile Send socks4all a Private Message
This varies from year to year. Many of my friends do not exchange gifts at Christmas and my family is small. I have knit an outdoor weight pullover for every family member, just not for the same Christmas! Those years, the sweater was the only hand knit gift. Other years everyone got a pair of socks (friends) or two (family). After a while you learn how long it takes to do a project. Starting in Jan or Feb for the next Christmas almost always insures that I get the work done. Oh, you asked how many. At most 12 (Mom, Dad, Sis, bil, 2 neices, nephew-in-law, 5 friends). Just because you can knit doesn't mean you should knit for all. Overextending yourself makes those projects that you are pushed to do no fun and the recipient doesn't (shouldn't) know about the hassle so you get no extra points.
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 08/18/2006 :  06:10:52 AM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
When you are worrying about it in August! Seriously, summer isn't over yet so if you are worried that you have taken on too much this early, well, you have. This years project is bath sets, of which I need about 10. I will start them in November. If I don't have them finished by the time Signatures craft show rolls around then I buy the remainder of gifts.

Are all of these gofts for people in your life/family or for those in your man/woman's? If the latter, let them come up with something.
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Permanent Resident

7254 Posts

Posted - 08/18/2006 :  06:27:40 AM  Show Profile  Send gwtreece a Yahoo! Message Send gwtreece a Private Message
Mine is a small list. I am knitting some socks for mil and an aunt. This year is a really a non-knitting holiday for me.

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Chatty Knitter

180 Posts

Posted - 08/19/2006 :  3:21:54 PM  Show Profile Send beadsnyarn a Private Message
I'm knitting the following:

SIL: Flower Basket Shawl - 60% done
Mom: Aran Braid Socks - 1 sock 15% done
Dad: Tiger striped socks - Not started
Stepdaughter: Tiger striped socks - Not started
Sweater - Not started
Husband: Sweater - Not started
Brother: Socks - Not started
Misc/to be decided recipients - various dishcloths - 1 done

I know I've got two sweaters on there, but the one for my stepdaugter will be in bulky yarn and should go really fast. I may also knit the one for my husband in bulky WOTA. I haven't decided yet. I have to pick a pattern first!


Bev's Projects
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New Pal

29 Posts

Posted - 08/21/2006 :  9:15:08 PM  Show Profile  Visit VioletKnits's Homepage  Send VioletKnits a Yahoo! Message Send VioletKnits a Private Message
oh goodness...i've got somewhere between 10-20. there are about 20 on the list, but i don't *knit* all my gifts, although i do handmake everyone at least a little something. i started in june. :)

Knit it, Violet!
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Warming Up

75 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2006 :  06:14:47 AM  Show Profile Send AuntieK a Private Message
I have 7-10 knitted gifts to make this year. They're all pretty small projects, i.e. socks, scarves, and a first for me: golf club covers (special request from my sister). For once I've started early - I usually don't get the bug until about October and then sometimes don't finish on time. I once made socks to all the guys in my family. The last pair were still on the needles when I gave them along with a note promising the finished product in a few days.

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Chatty Knitter

273 Posts

Posted - 08/22/2006 :  07:36:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit Cozy's Homepage Send Cozy a Private Message
Even though I started back in January, I maybe have 3-4. That's because birthdays & babies snuck in (I usually don't do birthdays, but I did a couple this year for the first time). My biggest Christmas gift will be a lace scarf for my mom, but everything else is small: socks or dishcloth sets for the most part. What I don't knit, I'll buy.

Come see me at my blog:cozy's place

Knitting addict since November '03

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New Pal

19 Posts

Posted - 08/23/2006 :  2:14:14 PM  Show Profile Send Hollster a Private Message
I do quite a bit for Holiday knitting. This year it will be sweaters for my 3 nieces, 2 nephews and my son. They are all under 4 so the work goes quickly. I do knit for most of the women in the family too. They usually request a scarf, purse, socks or a shawl. I have a strick "by September 1st" request rule. If you are late with your request, you don't get it for that Christmas.

It can get alittle crazy, but I really enjoy the pleasure that everyone gets when they open a homemade present!
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New Pal

26 Posts

Posted - 08/24/2006 :  04:58:20 AM  Show Profile Send bdiane a Private Message
I have a small family so only making 5 major projects but each one is major so started already . I have one done thanks to 12 hours in the car for a trip. I started with the easiest and thankful it is done. I also am happy to give these gifts as they are special to my kids. I only do my 3kids and the 2 grandkids ! I always start in August and at times very tight in time at the end. It is worth it to know they received something with love. I do not worry what they do with the item when they get it; it is no longer my responsibility. Barbara
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Warming Up

71 Posts

Posted - 08/24/2006 :  06:14:33 AM  Show Profile Send EliotsSocks a Private Message
I used to knit and craft presents for everyone on my list... but the stress of getting them all done on time got to me...

Now I just knit for a select few -- for others that I think would be interested in crafting, I buy them supplies and give them lessons in knitting or beading or whatever...

Buying yarn for knitters is always appreciated -- and it's a lot faster than knitting them something!!!

If only I could just knit all day, then my list would be a lot longer!
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Permanent Resident

1349 Posts

Posted - 08/24/2006 :  06:15:49 AM  Show Profile  Visit hissyknit's Homepage Send hissyknit a Private Message
If my son has his way, I'd be knitting for his entire school. So far I have six projects in the works.

Christy B.
"I run with scissors and eat paste."
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New Pal

2 Posts

Posted - 08/27/2006 :  10:29:38 PM  Show Profile  Visit jayamaree's Homepage Send jayamaree a Private Message
three...maybe :-)
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Chatty Knitter

250 Posts

Posted - 08/27/2006 :  11:16:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit harakiri's Homepage Send harakiri a Private Message
step niece 1- scarf & cell phone cozy - DONE
step niece 2- scarf & coin purse - Done
step nephew 1- scarf
step nephews 2- scarf
future SIL- Irish Hiking Scarf - 50% done
Mom- Thuja socks - doing a test sock now (I've never knitted socks before)
MIL- 2 dishcloths

~ Sarah

Knitting since April 2006, excuse the mistakes, I'm a newbie.
SAHM to E- 2 & A- 16 months
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Gabber Extraordinaire

507 Posts

Posted - 08/28/2006 :  07:24:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit cozystitches's Homepage Send cozystitches a Private Message
I have:

Sister #1: Knit pillowcase
Sister #2: Something w/ thinking of a washcloth and then buying something else
Sister #3: Lace Beaded Knit scarf - have all materials except the beads
Sister #4: Hasn't told me what she wants yet
Sister #5: Bookmarks - have picked out a few patterns
Mom: Sewing project
Dad: No clue
Grandma: No knitting this year - she wants pictures.
DD#1: Raglan sweater - Almost done w/the body
DD#2: Haiku or Baby Surprise Sweater - haven't even started yet
DS: I probably won't knit anything for him

Dh isn't on the list as he won't wear anythign I knit for him...I'll be buying his gift.

I send out an email to all my sisters giving them a deadline of October 1 for their gifts. But I tell them I'll need longer if they want something large.


Tammy my Blog
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Permanent Resident

3449 Posts

Posted - 08/28/2006 :  1:12:55 PM  Show Profile Send hillstreetmama a Private Message
A few years ago, I realized that Christmas wasn't as much fun as it used to be - too much stress over what to buy for who, and was it going to kill the budget. Soooo....with the blessings of my sister, I played the meanie and announced to my extended family that gifts were no longer to be exchanged. We would get together, enjoy the 'gift of family', eat too much, and just have a wonderful good time. NO PRESENTS! I'M not buying THEM any, THEY better not buy ME any. Two SIL were upset, but they abide by the rules. My husband and I discuss what we will do for ourselves for Christmas, and my children tell me what ONE item they would like (they are 13, 14, 19, 24 and 26). Beyond that, I buy something for my parents, and sometimes I bake cookies to give to a special person, but no other gifts. It makes the holidays so much more enjoyable.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

579 Posts

Posted - 08/29/2006 :  4:52:10 PM  Show Profile Send Greyling a Private Message
I have no one on my list so far -- they are "not worthy".

In the past, I've kept a list of people (mostly relatives ) whom I thought would appreciate a knitted/crocheted gift, and when I have given the gift, I have never rec'd a note or a verbal appreciation, so as for this year --- EVERYONE IS OFF!!

This year, as in the past two years, I'm making hats, scarves, baby ensembles, and afghans, for the Merlin Muffler Snug Hugs for Kids Project (Illinois)

Just my 2cents and past experience. [whatever]

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Chatty Knitter

194 Posts

Posted - 09/01/2006 :  3:32:41 PM  Show Profile Send diamondgirl a Private Message
Little sister;

orange merino scarf (DONE) and
vermillion merino leaf trellis lace wrap (DONE)

Husband's family;

Don't know who I have in the grab. May end up having to buy power tools, may end up knitting something, may end up needing a gift certificate to the GAP. No idea. May knit self something super pretty, and then give it to grab-ee instead if it is a woman.

Brother's new wife;

Lace Scarf - still in the imagination process - help! Needs to be light and lacy and fluffy, like the wife herself!

EDIT - the Husband never wears either scarves or sweaters, and has gently asked that I not knit for him, lest there be tears when the gift does not end up getting used.

Third Generation Craft Ho
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New Pal

35 Posts

Posted - 09/02/2006 :  08:03:02 AM  Show Profile Send needle a Private Message
I have about 10 to 15 gifts to make. they will be knitted, sewed, embroidered, or tatted gifts. I have all of them started already.

Happy Knitting !!!
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