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 What are the top five yarns in your stash?
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Warming Up

71 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2006 :  5:52:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit jewishfarmer's Homepage Send jewishfarmer a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Tell us the five yarns you have the most of, and what they are for!

Mine (These aren't necessarily my favorites, but I use them a lot):

1. Brown Sheep Lamb's pride (worsted and bulky) - love it for felting, and for winter outerwear. I bought a lot of it cheap on cones on ebay, and locally, when a yarn shop went out of business.

2. Brown sheep cottonfleece - this is my default baby blanket yarn, and a lot of people I know are having babies. It makes great summer socks as well, and when I local yarn store went out of business, I got a lot of skeins for $1 each. It is the only cotton yarn I really like.

3. Cascade 220 - my default yarn for anything worsted. But in danger of being replaced by Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. Still, Cascade has such wonderful colors.

4. Knit picks sock yarn - I have a serious addiction to sock yarn, and cheap sock yarn is even more addictive. Sigh.

5. This would have to be a tie between my own handspun, and Berroco's Pleasure, a gorgeous merino-angora mix that was (sadly) discontinued this year. I had some already, and couldn't resist another sweater's worth when Webs put it on sale.

How about the rest of you?


"Rats and roaches live under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privelege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy" - Wendell Berry

Chatty Knitter

334 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2006 :  7:22:28 PM  Show Profile  Visit Musicknitter's Homepage Send Musicknitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. Wool of the Andes (Knitpicks) - I LOVE the way it felts and DH needs new felted slippers soon (he will have gotten 2 years out of his old ones by the time these new ones are done)
2. Knitpicks Essential sock yarn - fingering weight superwash that comes in solid color (one of the few yarns I can find in this category and it costs less than Lorna's Laces)
3. Cascade 220 - also a default yarn for anything worsted or felted, slowly being replaced by Wool of the Andes
4. Rowan Wool Cotton - it feels nice!
5. Berroco Pleasure - it's for a sweater that just hasn't been started yet (ahem) and it was cheap at Webs and discontinued so I HAD to get it ASAP....


I wear fur - My cats leave it all over my clothes for me to wear.
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Seriously Hooked

913 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2006 :  7:30:53 PM  Show Profile Send Gelliott a Private Message  Reply with Quote
KnitPicks WOTA and Patons Classic Merino: lots of individual skeins in different colors. This is my experimental felting stash.

Patons Croy sock yarns in solid colors. I always have a pair of socks on the needles and I'm tired of self-striping yarns.

Lots and lots of other yarns, but no build-up of any one other type.

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Permanent Resident

3817 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2006 :  8:21:13 PM  Show Profile Send Milinda a Private Message  Reply with Quote
15 skeins of Chamonix to make an Oat Couture coat pattern. Webs had it on sale, what could I do?

12 skeins of Malabrigo in Levande to be stranded with Douceur et Soie for Lady Eleanor. They were on sale.

10 skeins of Araucania Nature Wool in clay/brick/cinnamon brown for a jacket. They were on sale and I had a free shipping coupon.

16 skeins of K1C2's Mousse color Spumoni for a jacket. Elann, what can I say?

32 skeins of Mohair 2000 in two different colors for jackets. Elann, again.

I am unable to resist good sales. I have much more but I'm not going to tell you about it!!![:00][:00]

Others may ask, "What's in your wallet?" But I ask, "What's on your needles?"
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Permanent Resident

1224 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  10:09:13 AM  Show Profile  Visit Monkachia's Homepage Send Monkachia a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Alas, it is hard for me to resist a sale too...
1) 40+ skeins of Kid Silk Haze (thank E-Bay)
2) Purposefully uncounted amount of Sock Yarn - Opal, Regia, Schachenmyer (Sp?), Regia, Lana Grossa, Koigu....Don't worry I'm having a sale soon!
3) 30+ balls Rowan Cotton Glace - (thank E-Bay, plus many more balls of rowan "fill in the blank here")
4) 3, 1lb cones of Zephyr - Jade, a burgundy and black (hey, it was 50% off!)
5) 26 Balls of wool yarn from france - all different shades of green waiting to be made into a blanket (thank EBay again! it was $2 a ball)

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Permanent Resident

2215 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  10:15:01 AM  Show Profile Send MMario a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Kidsilk haze

Knitpicks Shadow

Kidsilk haze

Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud

Kidsilk haze

MMario - I don't live in the 21st century - but I play a character who does.
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Permanent Resident

4773 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  11:12:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit kdcrowley's Homepage Send kdcrowley a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Irish Heather and Donegal Tweed by weight.

Wool by fiber, followed closely by cotton.

Novelty by type.

Variegated by color.

Anything knit picks by skein count.

All depends how you want to butcher that pig!

Mistress Kelley of the Hellacious Sockknitting

Going to He** for buying sock yarn during Lent, but at least my feet won't be cold.
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Honorary Angel

5539 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  1:29:54 PM  Show Profile Send azknitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Knitpicks sock yarn

Alpaca (lots of it in different brands)

Superwash Wools (again, lots of it in different brands)

Mohair (mostly Rowan)

Silk and Silk Blends (assorted brands)

Lots of miscellaneous stuff too...

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Seriously Hooked

748 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  3:44:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit Kipster's Homepage Send Kipster a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Various sock yarns
Lorna's Laces worsted for the Learn to Knit afghan
Wool/silk blends --different brands--for future shawls
Lots of Manos for something I've forgotten about
laceweight yarns

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Gabber Extraordinaire

388 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  3:52:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit knit_cookie's Homepage Send knit_cookie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hrm. What I have the most of isn't necessarily what I like the best.

40 balls of Zara Plus. I meant to return half after I bought different colors, but never got around to it. It's set aside for a sweater.

20+ balls of Chamonix. Enough for a couple sweaters and to finish my current WIP (a sweater dress).

20 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply (for lots of socks, possibly even a sweater as well)

20 balls of Jo Sharp DK Wool (for one or two sweaters)

An ungodly amount of Recycled Sari Silk. It weighs a TON. Every time I think I have a project for it, I pick up the bag and realize it's far too heavy for that purpose. Maybe a throw?

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Chatty Knitter

170 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  5:23:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit castelfam7625's Homepage Send castelfam7625 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. All of my Lorna's Laces sock yarn I stocked up on before I moved last summer

2. Koigu KPPPM - for several water bottle slings and Charlotte's Web Shawl. Have lareday knitted 2 slings

3. Noro Kureyon- for mittens and booga bags I've knitted both and want to make more

4. Lamb's Pride bulky- I'm addicted to the felted Intarsia slippers in Knit One felt too

5. My Lorna's Lace in Lion and Lamb for a Clapotis

Lisa C in Tn
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy sh** - what
a ride!"
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Permanent Resident

1431 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  8:07:29 PM  Show Profile Send chellethinques a Private Message  Reply with Quote stash isn't huge (yet) but so far:
The most: Paton's Classic Merino
Also a lot of: Regia sock yarn
KP Alpaca laceweight
Cascade superwash
Lorna's Shepard - worsted and sock
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Permanent Resident

1092 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2006 :  9:53:35 PM  Show Profile Send diana.enky a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hmmm, went thru the stash yesterday but don't dare list how much of the top 5 I have

1. Rowan All SEasons Cotton - too cheap on Ebay, great for sweaters and kids stuff
2. PAtons Zhivago
3. Rowan Linen Drape (stocked up before it disappeared)
4. Rowan Calmer ... notice the brand trend
5. Colinette varieties - mainly Giotto


2006: 1 FO, 2 WIP
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New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  06:35:05 AM  Show Profile Send GJohnson39 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
THis is only the top FIVE, right??

20 Balls of Rowan Calmer
- enough for a sweater & 3 summer tops
20 Balls Jaeger Extrafine Merino DK
- set aside for a Rowan cardigan
20 Balls Baruffa Merinos Otto Worsted Weight
- probably will knit a wrap sweater
12 Balls Zara
- for a raglan sleeved pullover
10 Balls Lang Yarn Alexa (stretch cotton)
- for a cropped cardi for my DD

I have lots of WOTA and Merino Style, but I keep starting and ripping out - I am not satisfied with the way either yarn knits up.

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Permanent Resident

United Kingdom
1227 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  07:09:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit probablyjane's Homepage Send probablyjane a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I think mine would be....

Jo Sharp Silkroad - most weights, tweed and non tweed
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool - found it on cones for 1p a gram so bought my body weight in it...
Jaeger Luxury Tweed
Rowanspun - most weights
Elann house brand cottons

Plus a supporting cast of so many other sorts it would make Ben Hur look like a kitchen sink drama...


'I am the milkman of human kindness - I will leave an extra pint' Billy Bragg
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Tangled Jane
Seriously Hooked

750 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  07:34:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Tangled Jane's Homepage Send Tangled Jane a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh, La Lana wool's indigo overdyed silk (one precious, handspun, hand-dyed skein), my Alchemy silk in Dragon green, the new Prism ribbon yarn that looks like strips of linen merged with organza, a single, rapidly deeminishing ball of hand dyed Fllece Artist cashmere in blues and greens plus one luscious, could-be-edible skein of honey silk, again Fleece Artist. I could go on and on. Try selecting your favorite children and see how you get along.

Jane Thornley
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Seriously Hooked

774 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  08:22:58 AM  Show Profile Send AuntyNin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Mmario's not kidding about his addiction to kidsilk haze... just try to get near it when he's in the store...

My list -

Sock yarns - enough for about 15 pair at last count

Dale of Norway Svale - 17 balls for summer sweater

Dale Falk Neons - for some experimental colorwork

Tahki Tweedy Cotton Classic - 19 balls, also for summer

KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud - shawls and scarves
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Permanent Resident

2995 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  09:06:13 AM  Show Profile Send RachelKnitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
-Rowanspun 4-ply
-Koigu (and other Louet Gems-based handpainted sock yarns such as Cherry Tree Hill and Claudia)

Most of the rest of my yarn is miscellaneous single-sweater quantities or less, so nothing else really sticks out. But other yarns that I would stash up in large quantities given the chance:
-Karabella Aurora 8 (this one never sits around long enough to be stashed but I've used it on more projects than any other non-sock yarn)
-Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (I almost just want to keep it as a pet--I've yet to finish a project with it)
-Rowan Felted Tweed

You are about to be told one more time that you are America’s most valuable natural resource. Have you seen what they do to valuable natural resources? -Utah Phillips, addressing a group of young people

Poetry reading group:
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New Pal

39 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2006 :  10:36:40 AM  Show Profile Send Jehaine a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I haven't worked with many yarns, but here are top 5 I am eager to try out/work with that I have in my stash:

1) Artyarns Supermerino - 6 hanks - Wrap
2)Dale of Norway Svale 5 balls - honeymoon cami
3)Lavish Alpaca (superfine alpaca - bought from ebay) - future sweater? 10 - 50 g balls
4)Cascade 220 - one hank - hat?
5)Noro Silk Garden - 3 balls - scarf?

Can you believe I want to buy more? Sheesh. :)

-- Jehaine

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Sticks and String
Permanent Resident

1113 Posts

Posted - 02/01/2006 :  08:58:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit Sticks and String's Homepage Send Sticks and String a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Currently but about to change as soon as "Brown" gets here! I have a wonderful yarn order on it's way...woohoo!!

1. Koigu...for socks, socks, socks, mittlets and oh yeah...that derned Charlotte's Web shawl that I haven't gotten to yet that will prolly end up as...ummm, socks, so?

2. Handspun...for all kinds of things

3. Patons Classic Merino...for felting stuff like bags, bags, bags, bowls, mittens and felted stuff, you know?

4. Nature Spun sport...for felting stuff AND for socks, mittlets and babykins goodies

5. Manos & Noro Kureyon (it's a tie!)...umm, not really "for" anything but just cuz I love them both and can't resist making sure I don't run out. Ever.

Jo << my blog thing, a werk in progress

"If you love not the noise of bells, why then do you pull the ropes?"
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Gabber Extraordinaire

373 Posts

Posted - 02/01/2006 :  6:35:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit alliwenk's Homepage Send alliwenk a Private Message  Reply with Quote

1. Koigu: about 350 skeins; socks, mittens, anything.
2. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock: 128 hanks; socks!
3. Kureyon: about 250 skeins; sweaters, felting.
4. Heilo: at least 12 sweaters worth
5. Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight: more than I can count!

I also have way too much laceweight but it's not from any one source.
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