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Seriously Hooked

750 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  09:55:55 AM  Show Profile Send KarenB a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've got Tahki Donegal Tweed on the needles for Knitscene's Central Park Hoodie. The rustic, tweedy fabric it produces looks fabulous, but the feel . . . not so much. It's a lot rougher than what I'm accustomed to using. My washed swatch softened up nicely, though, so I'm forging ahead.

How do you feel about your current project's yarn?

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Seriously Hooked

910 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  10:00:37 AM  Show Profile  Visit JayhawkKnitter's Homepage Send JayhawkKnitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Project? Singular? [:00]

Okay - now that I've composed my self, let's see:

After a quick mental inventory, I just realized I have 3 projects from Scarf Style on the needles. Oy.

Anyway -

Vintage Velvet - Touch Me. Yummy.
Lady Eleanor - Patons SWS - love it - although as an unspun - very splitty and doesn't rip out or unknit with any ease at all.
Backyard Leaves - Aurora 8 - LOVE IT.
Christmas Stockings - my copy of an old pattern - Cascade 220 - great stuff.
The Perfect Sweater - Mason Dixon Knitting - Cascade 220 - see above.
2x2 ribbed socks - no pattern - just winging it - Regia Canadian Colors in the Alberta color way - LOVE these colors - nice yarn.

Ummm - I think that's it.

Check out my blog!
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Permanent Resident

1606 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  10:09:42 AM  Show Profile Send AngieSue a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm knitting up some socks from Columbia-Minerva Zephyr, a nice 50/50 wool and nylon blend and these are in the Beaded Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. My other project is a pair of the Slipper Socks from Knit Picks in the Sock Landscape yarn, Redwood colorway. I'm making these as a Xmas gift for my momma but I'm hoping to have enough yarn left over to make me some socks:-) And yes, I really like these yarns. Some acrylics, on the other hand, drive me batty!

My pictures:
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Permanent Resident

1872 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  10:24:45 AM  Show Profile Send pieheart a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If we are talking about what I'm knitting as I am reading the forum, then no, I don't like knitting with this yarn. It's Green Mountain Spinnery's Double Twist. Last week I posted about it in the Yarn Talk Never Again section.

It's rough, pulls apart when you tighten the stitches (especially when doing cables), feels a bit like lopi. But, it does soften up when washed (a bit). And even without washing the knitted fabric feels softer than the yarn does as I knit. The cables really pop. I'm doing Chicknits Twist, so the sweater will be outerwear.

I won't be buying this yarn again, but I think I will like the sweater when I'm finished. I was hoping to finish by the retreat, but since I'm only on the left front and I still have the right front, sleeves, sewing, collar to do, that's not happening!


Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams - The Dilbert Principle
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Seriously Hooked

774 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  10:58:34 AM  Show Profile Send AuntyNin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Of the mumble projects on my needles right now, I'm liking just about everything.

Schaefer's "Andrea" (silk laceweight) is a dream to work with; it flows through the hands like water and the colors are amazing.

Opal handpainted sock yarn is perhaps not quite as soft as some until you wash it, but again, I love the colors.

Webs' alpaca/silk laceweight is also a delight, even when you're negotiating with 800 stitches per row. It's so soft and warm that I don't really mind its slight splittiness.

Tahki's Tweedy Cotton Classic is smooth and almost silky-feeling, though it does tend to split if you don't pay attention.

Karabella "Gossamer" makes me curse - regularly and repeatedly. Much as I like the feel and appearance of the finished product, working with the yarn is annoying. I've posted about this under the "never again" heading.

The other projects are (gasp!) various acrylics, which are okay, nothing special, just okay.


Everything happens for a reason, except possibly football. --- Terry Pratchett
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  10:58:49 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have a few projects but the one that I am working on to finish ASAP is a baby blanket in Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. I love this yarn and have at least 70 more skeins in 4 colors stashed. I am trying to amass this yarn because I have heard it is or will be discontinued. I managed to get some from Elann although I was a day late and I'm sure I missed a lot of colors. It is my favorite yarn for baby blankets because it's soft, washable, knits like a dream at 5.5 spi and has wonderful colors for that sophisticated baby - dusty pales and cool brights.

Other projects in work:
socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yes, I love this yarn; always have and alway will

fair isle baby sweater (just have to sew in sleeves) in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, another yarn that I use over and over and I am not happy to think that it, too, might disappear. I can't imagine what I would use to replace it for baby things.

cabled hoody toddler size in Debbie Bliss DK Cotton I like this yarn but I like Tahki Cotton Classic better for a cotton yarn in 5 spi.

cabled cardigan for me in La Gran Mohair. I like this yarn and would use it again. I know a lot of people dislike mohair in general but I am not one of them.


the pictures tell the story
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Permanent Resident

3262 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  11:25:04 AM  Show Profile Send WendyB a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Alpaca - like butter.
Cascade 220 - love it. Feels right. Cascade 220 Superwash is also fine.
Encore - quite acceptable.
Gave up on icky 100% acrylic, including Patons Canadiana for now. I am too spoiled.
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Permanent Resident

3076 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  11:25:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit kadiddly's Homepage  Send kadiddly a Yahoo! Message Send kadiddly a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Rogue in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Worsted. Yes, I like this yarn, although I know there are lots of people out there who don't. It does what I want, is reasonably soft to the touch, and it looks good with the project.

Jaywalker Socks in Spunky Eclectic's Super Sport. Yes, I like this yarn, too, although I did have a hard time finding out what it wanted to be. The Jaywalker pattern seems to have stuck, though.

April Fool's Socks in Spunky Eclectic's Super Sock. Yup, like that one, too!

Snowdrop Shawl in KnitPick's Shadow. I think this is a great laceweight. It's a beautiful color, it's soft, and so far has been very easy to knit with and tink with. (Not that I would know about the tinking on a lace project *coughcough* Where was that lifeline again?)

Chunky Diagonal Throw in Lion Brand's Jiffy. So far no problems. It's a little rough after a while, but it knits up very quickly. I wish they had more of a color selection.

"Alright everyone, back to your knitting..."
- Fred or George Weasley, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (movie)
Backstage Stitches
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Chatty Knitter

199 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  11:50:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit WhiteStar's Homepage Send WhiteStar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If I DON'T Like it then I DON'T knit with it! That's what Goodwill and eBay are for.

Anne in Colorado
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Miss Maia
Chatty Knitter

314 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  12:01:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Miss Maia's Homepage Send Miss Maia a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have a hat, scarf, and socks on my handspun yarn and I won't spin it unless I like the fiber. Handspun has a wonderful squishy feel that I really like.

I also have socks on merino sock yarn from Pippi Knee Socks and Lisa Souza (dyers) and one pair on ArtYarns ultramerino4. I like all of them a lot.

The last yarn I didn't like was Paton's SWS. It is very slippery (I always use metal needles), splitty, and fuzzed on me as I was working. I plan to felt it; otherwise I would worry about how well it will wear.

My blog, Maia Spins
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Permanent Resident

1093 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  12:41:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit LittleMousling's Homepage Send LittleMousling a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Let's see ...

A pair of convertible mittens in Sundara sock yarn - LOVE it. OTOH, I seriously need a new 32-40" size 1 needle. I have a half-dozen perfect 32" 0s, but my two ML 1s are old and the nickel's half rubbed off.

A pair of socks in Knit Picks Essential, the new version - not loving it. It's still splitty, and moreover it's oily-feeling and odd.

An endless, endless shawl in Lisa Souza Laceweight - love it. Very strong, a beautiful just-the-other-side-of-solid shade, and incredible yardage - 2500 yards! It's not the yarn's fault the shawl is taking forever, that's for sure.

Hmm. I think what this says about me is that I buy too much yarn online (she says, with a box of new Fearless Fibers sock yarn next to her ...).

-Molly, obsessive but not exclusive socknitter
Stash photos, WIPs and some FOs
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Seriously Hooked

700 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  2:32:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit knitwitt's Homepage Send knitwitt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. Pam Allen's Floral Gathering Sac in La Lana Wools Obverse blend. LOVE the yarn. The colors are beautiful. It's not a smooth texture, really, but it works so easily, I don't even notice.

2. Baby hat & sweater in KnitPicks Shine. Frankly, I am not happy. I don't think this is KnitPicks' fault. I just don't like cotton that well. The forgiveness of wool is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, I plan to use Shine for Knit Lit's "Fake-A-Gamo" at some point in the future....

3. Garter Lace Shawl from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls (the Martha Waterman/Interweave book) in Rowan 4 Ply Soft. Absolutely yummy yarn. A joy to work. Smooth, soft, no splitting or anything. I adore it.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

444 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  2:42:22 PM  Show Profile Send Kathleen-NYC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have three projects going: (1) Kureyon (2) Silk Garden (3) no-name acrylic.

I'm loving them all!

I try only to buy yarn that I can't live without - and usually succeed.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

521 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  2:49:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit JulieB's Homepage Send JulieB a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Dale Falk - nice. A bit rough, but I'd expect that from a standard wool designed for Fair Isle. Knits easily.

Koigu socks. Yummy as always :)


My blog:
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  5:04:26 PM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Okay----here goes--my list of active WIPs

Sienna cardigan--Araucania Nature Wool Chunky. I love this yarn. I love the color variations and the fact that it knits up fast.

Socks-- Regia I think. It knits up well, and Ilove the color patterning. It's a little stiff, but I've read that a good washing will take care of that. Now if I could only find the second ball, I'd be a happy camper.

Diamond tunic from Knitting Nature--Cotton Classic. I love this yarn. Cotton Classic is an all-time favorite. Doesn't bother my hands at all.

Ogee Tunic from Knitting Nature--Silky Wool. Not my favorite. It will look nice when it's done, but I don't particularly like the feel of wool/silk blends while I'm knitting.

Child's sweater--Simply Soft. I despise this yarn, at least for this project. It's ok for something like a scarf, but I'm doing some simple intarsia & am not finding it as user-friendly as other yarns. But I've put too much time and energy into rewriting the pattern for this yarn (which I bought because I misread the gauge) to frog it. I'm too cussed.

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Gabber Extraordinaire

373 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  5:16:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit alliwenk's Homepage Send alliwenk a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I hear you on the Donegal Tweed. I knitted a cabled sweater for dh from it last year and it wore a little groove onto my left index finger. Lovely to look at but a pain to knit.

Right now I am knitting Jodi Greene's Gatsby Girl Pullover from the Fall IK in Rowan (RYC?) Cashsoft DK. I have the same problem with this yarn that I have with all merino/microfiber/cashmere blends: it splits a LOT...and it is already pilling. When will I learn?

I've also been trying to get 9.5 sts/inch with Nature Spun Sport for a pair of mittens from Folk Mittens and am just going crazy with calls for sz 1 needles and I've gone to 000 and still have 8 sts/inch. I've a ton of this stuff in the stash and really don't want to buy new wool right now. GAH!

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Permanent Resident

1670 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2006 :  6:28:23 PM  Show Profile Send Mickey a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1, Schaefer's handpainted merino - YUMMY! soft and smooth, a pleasure
2, variegated sockyarn whose name I don't know since I lost the band - feels pretty nice too
3, Rowan's All Seasons Cotton - well, it's cotton/acrylics... not too bad, but hard and unyielding compared to the two yarns above
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Seriously Hooked

659 Posts

Posted - 11/04/2006 :  05:17:35 AM  Show Profile Send adalton124 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've got a sweater going in Jo Sharp dk wool, a little rougher on my hands than I like usually, but my LYS said it would wear forever and the cables are really popping on it. It's a lovely heathered green.

Pair of socks in La Lanna sock yarn, nice to work with and is making nice soft fabric.

Red Heart Acrylic for a service project of afghan squares. Not my favorite yarn by any stretch of the imagination, but it was given to me and the whole blanket is being knit out of it, so I couldn't very well use different yarn from everyone else, unfortunately. At least the stitches are showing up nicely on it and I can knit on it in very small doses.

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Chatty Knitter

225 Posts

Posted - 11/04/2006 :  06:15:43 AM  Show Profile  Send sydo a Yahoo! Message Send sydo a Private Message  Reply with Quote
An Iris Schreier lace scarf/stole on the needles in Brooks Farm Four Play, always a big treat for me. But I also have several skeins of BF Acero (superwash wool, silk and viscose)from Rhinebeck waiting in the wings which feel delicious. This yarn is new, but BF says they hope to have it online soon.

Then there is:

[bKatia Diana] being knit into a toddler sweater. Although it is acrylic and rayon it has Angora in it which makes all the difference. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. I tried to corner the market from Little Knits because this is the one acrylic that is a pleasure and makes for great kid's projects.

Tilli Thomas silk yarn being knit into a beautiful lace scarf from Annie Modesitt. Looks and feels gorgeous, but I am not very fond of how it is wearing, and it is still on the needles! Looking a bit raggedy despite care in handling. Pure silk gets old fast. This is my first experience with this yarn and probably my last.

Lisa Sousa Fat Bunny Angorabeing knit into a gift hat. Divine color,incredible feel, a really luxurious experience.

I am eyeing some Foxfire Cormo Silksportweight in my stash for an Ene's scarf, so I guess I will not be giving up silk any time soon.

And I have someManos[/b]stash in various colors waiting on needles to become a Knitting Basket Cocoon vest/thingie. Manos is one hard yarn to use up. I am not crazy about knitting with it, so it sits around a lot.
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Permanent Resident

1018 Posts

Posted - 11/04/2006 :  06:42:03 AM  Show Profile  Visit marjotse's Homepage Send marjotse a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I Have 3 projects going, 1 socks for my eldest in Lorna's Laces, a yarn I really like, a cardigan for my youngest in Alpaca from Garnstudio, nice and soft yarn feels really nice but it is on 2.5 mm and takes forever and a cardigan for my eldest in kimono angora from Louisa Harding, very nice soft yarn with beautiful colours, have usd it before and will use it again. Actually I will use all three again since I have them in my stash. I have made a shawl with the alpaca and a dress and that was on larger needles so it just went ahead...

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Gabber Extraordinaire

491 Posts

Posted - 11/04/2006 :  08:22:23 AM  Show Profile Send JGOLOSO a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have a few things going..

Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted for a herringbone stitch poncho. The yarn is really nice. It looks like it would be sort of rough and ropey, but it is super soft. Everyone that touches it loves it. I really like Blue Sky yarns.

Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple and Ritz - These are great yarns. Expensive, but super soft. I am making Stitch Diva Studios Simple Knitted Bodice.

I have frogged a few things lately, not because of the yarn, though. Mostly because the sizing was off. I had Patons SWS, Noro Kochoran and Noro Iro on the needles. All very nice yarn, but things weren't working out so well, so have to start over.

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