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Permanent Resident

4177 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  12:14:19 PM  Show Profile Send kbshee a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I stopped by an LYS (not one I patronize regularly, but one I go buy once a month or so) to get some pins. You know, pins. When you're seaming and you want to hold pieces together? Pins?

They looked at me like I had two heads (both owner and assistant manager). "You use pins? Why?" Says me: "to hold the pieces together when I'm seaming. Like a sleeve." "Can't you just fold the sleeve in half and then sew it in like that?" they ask.

Well, um, no, I can't. Hence, I'm looking for pins.

I have some loverly pins with little lollipop tops that I use for seaming, but apparently they are not carried by this LYS (and I keep losing them, hence I needed more). Instead, I bought some t pins as those were the only pins in the darn store. I know, I use these for blocking, not for seaming. But they seem to be working for me.

Now, if you can seam without pinning, fine. But I find it hard to believe two experienced LYS people had never heard of pinning.

kim in oregon

Permanent Resident

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Posted - 12/29/2006 :  12:25:00 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Different strokes for different strokes. When my Mum came to Canada she had no clue what all the knitting gadgets were; they just used needles, yarn, and a needle for seaming. I can't seam with pins! Truth be told I had never heard of using them for seams until I saw some in the corner of a yarn shop a few years back.

Brought to you by the tongue in cheek-y monkey
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Permanent Resident

1060 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  12:26:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit susiknits's Homepage  Send susiknits a Yahoo! Message Send susiknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Kim, you are right, it is wierd. I was looking for T-pins recently and was sold the Clover lollipop-head pins you describe, as THOSE people didn't know anything about any kind to T-pin.

And how does folding the sleeve in half work? I can see that as a starting point for placement, but being able to plan the ease of the sleeve cap is important, too!

Where had you gotten them before?

-- susi

--That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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Seriously Hooked

721 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  12:37:30 PM  Show Profile Send rebeccaL a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've gotten similar confusion at an LYS when I asked after blocking wires.

And the printed braid stuff for Norwegian sweaters.


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Permanent Resident

1136 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  1:42:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit PBELKNAP's Homepage Send PBELKNAP a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Actually, I would love to try those yarn clips sometime. They make special clips now that hold the pieces together while you seam. I've seen them in the LYS.


WIPs: Project Linus baby blankets (2) and Estonian Lullaby baby blanket.

If I could only do this for a living...
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Permanent Resident

1507 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  2:08:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit fleegle's Homepage Send fleegle a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I bought these large, wooden pins in Japan--Clover sells them--for seaming. Do they not sell them here? They kinda look like strange golf tees.

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Permanent Resident

4160 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  2:32:50 PM  Show Profile Send dschmidt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I would get rather lopsided garments if I didn't pin first and adjust for the ease, especially in the tops of sleeves. I can do a short seam without pins but otherwise, no. What is amazing is that they were so unaware of pinning first -- there are things I never use but I am aware that others use them.

Donna in VA
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Permanent Resident

4177 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  2:46:36 PM  Show Profile Send kbshee a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Donna--exactly my point!

Susi...I honestly can't recall where I purchased the lollipop pins...apparently not at THAT lys!!!

kim in oregon
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Seriously Hooked

935 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  4:13:11 PM  Show Profile Send VickiKK a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Those clippie things are fun to have, but people who I knit with buy tiny hair clips that are the same shape only smaller. I'm looking for some of them.
I have found that basting is the only way to go for me these days.
Vicki near Seattle
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Seriously Hooked

716 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  5:24:47 PM  Show Profile Send stitchmd a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You can get those pins in a fabric shop or craft store in the sewing section.

Instead of wooden pins how about nice quality round toothpicks. Stick a bead or something on one end if you like.

Personally I use large safety pins so no sharp points get me. If I don't pin first the seams tend to get out of alignment due to differential stretchiness or my inattention.

You can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.
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Permanent Resident

New Zealand
1673 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  5:56:02 PM  Show Profile Send busygirl a Private Message  Reply with Quote

I always use pins to hold pieces of knitting together - I think it would be very difficult to seam with no pins at all. I know that some knitters use safety pins,but I find dressmaking pins easier.


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Gabber Extraordinaire

537 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  6:23:05 PM  Show Profile Send PatriciaS a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'd love to try the clips -- and may try the hair clip idea in the meantime -- but what I use is plastic picks that were originally designed to hold hair rollers in place. You can see them in a couple of the photos here:

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Seriously Hooked

618 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  6:37:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit pqpatch's Homepage Send pqpatch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I also need to pin to make sure I keep on track with my seaming, otherwise I end up with one side being longer than the other when I reach the end. Everyone is different and there are certainly no hard and fast rules to follow. What ever works!
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  6:39:47 PM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I use the lollipop pins.


the pictures tell the story
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Permanent Resident

4172 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  6:44:23 PM  Show Profile Send lucylocket a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I use pearl-headed berry pins, which are probably the same as or similar to your lollipop pins. 40 in a pack and 8 different coloured heads.They are terrific to use when sewing up toys.On sale in all stores here that have a haberdashery section. Happy Knitting - Lucylocket[meow]

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Mermaid Knits
Permanent Resident

1129 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  7:30:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mermaid Knits's Homepage Send Mermaid Knits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Not that long ago I found some nice colourful plastic clothesline pins! I haven't used them for hanging laundry, but I have used them for seaming and hanging up nice photos. The pins have rubberized inner surfaces to really help with the grip.

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Permanent Resident

1431 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2006 :  8:48:13 PM  Show Profile Send chellethinques a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I had a similar experience when looking for blocking wires...I then realized that the LYS also didn't sell *any* laceweight yarn, so go figure...
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The Irish Ewe
Permanent Resident

1052 Posts

Posted - 12/30/2006 :  05:41:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit The Irish Ewe's Homepage Send The Irish Ewe a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Part of the problem may be in the supplier - their yarn companies may not carry pins. Or the sales rep may focus on yarns, not needles and tools. It's a hard balance, we often run out of pins in a week, but only after they sit there for months without anyone touching them!

Although... I admit I rarely pin. And I hardley ever use blocking wires (Yarn Harlot has a great tutorial on blocking with string instead of wires, I do that or just pin flat) And socks... I refuse to pay big bucks for sock blockers that are only in one size, so I end up making coat hanger forms. I think the only time I pin is for sleeve placement, but I really don't do fitted sleeves like that often, much prefer raglan or knit in or saddles. The rest of the time, I fold over the sleeve and use the aforementioned hair clips, or even paperclips.

But then again, I am lazy and Yankee Frugual (read that "very, VERY cheap" lol)

Dagny of The Irish Ewe
Norway, Maine
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Permanent Resident

2995 Posts

Posted - 12/30/2006 :  08:10:01 AM  Show Profile Send RachelKnitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I use twisty ties.

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Chatty Knitter

166 Posts

Posted - 12/30/2006 :  4:01:58 PM  Show Profile Send Schachkoenigin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Are the "lollipop pins" quilters pins? You can get those at JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels.

I never pin. I don't even pin when I'm sewing if I can get away with it.(read: if my mother doesn't see :P)

Others have excuses, I have my reasons why...
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Seriously Hooked

878 Posts

Posted - 12/30/2006 :  6:19:02 PM  Show Profile Send metromaples a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I generally don't pin when seaming knitting. But if I need to hold knitted parts together, or mark centers so I can match some part... I use dpns. Nice big "pins" and I have them in lots of sizes.

-- Jeri
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