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 When did you know it was love?
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Gabber Extraordinaire

551 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  09:43:47 AM  Show Profile Send susan14_23 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm talking about knitting, though you can tell us your story about the other kind of love too if you like.

I knit a few projects before the bug really bit me - a baby blanket, a hat and scarf for my nephew and a doll blanket for my niece. At first it was just another craft I enjoyed. Then about a year or so after I learned how to knit I made my first pair of socks and that was it - knitting took over my life!


Chatty Knitter

253 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  10:21:26 AM  Show Profile Send SummerKnitsinMS a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I had a similar experience. I taught myself to knit, but don't remember particularly loving it the first few months (my attitude was more grim determination, "this knitting thing is not going to whip ME). I knit a scarf first, then tackled a monstrosity of an afghan that ate up 2 months of free time for a measly 9 inches of fabric. I set the knitting needles aside during warmer weather and picked them up the following winter and haven't stopped. I think it was my first visit to a brick and mortar yarn store that did it. I fell in love, closed the place, and left with a sack of yarn, needles and patterns and have been addicted ever since!
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Gabber Extraordinaire

409 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  10:25:59 AM  Show Profile  Visit operakaz's Homepage Send operakaz a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I was taught to knit when I was 4...knit a lot of doll clothes, etc. and certainly LIKED knitting...dabbled now and then through my whole life...then discovered sock knitting (which I'd always avoided cuz I loathe DPNs) on 2 circs and fell in love hardcore...

Sock knitting was my gateway drug LOL I intended to only knit socks...figured even if I went nuts buying sock yarns was better than going nuts buying sweater quantities of yarn...then I saw a sweater I had to knit...and the gateway opened *le sigh* LOL

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Seriously Hooked

748 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  10:41:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kipster's Homepage Send Kipster a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I also knew how to knit forever--but, never really made anything.

I fell in serious like with knitting a few years ago when I discovered how much fun it was to knit various stitch patterns.

But, then I fell in love with knitting when I made socks. It was magic!

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Permanent Resident

1093 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  12:14:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit LittleMousling's Homepage Send LittleMousling a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The first time I knit with wool.

I had knit for five or six years, off and on (because it hurt my hands, I hated novelty yarns but thought they were "normal," the items I knit made me sweat, etc). The good thing about that period was that I taught myself stranding, intarsia, entrelac, simple lace, cabling, seaming, and a number of other techniques, so when I discovered natural fibers I was ready to use them to their best advantage.

So one day I suddenly wonder what would happen if I googled "knitting." And, well, I think we all know what happens! I joined a forum and kept reading about wool. Wool? There's wool yarn?
So I ordered some Highland Wool from Elann and cast on for this scarf. I started with the white, which was bleached and softer than the other colors.

The tactile experience--the softness, the elasticity, the indefinable woolness of it running through my fingers--had me thinking to myself, within ten minutes of casting on, that I was hooked for life. There's nothinng like it. I'll knit with a little silk, mohair, angora, alpaca--but wool has got a special place in my heart, my stash, and my closet.

-Molly, obsessive but not exclusive socknitter
Stash photos, FOs and a sock recipe
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queen of the east
Seriously Hooked

877 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  1:17:38 PM  Show Profile Send queen of the east a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I learned how to knit when I was five years old. My early projects were doll and teddy clothes. When I was seven I began knitting scarves and hats, I enjoyed knitting but was not yet in love with it.
Love of knitting did not strike until 1967 when I was thirteen. It was the year of the Worlds' Fair, Expo 67', held here in Montreal. The whole world had arrived on my doorstep and I wanted to look "fab" when I stepped out to meet it. I remember spending hours looking through fashion magazines for inspiration and was smitten with a handknit mini dress I spotted. My mother helped me to design what I wanted and we adapted a pattern from a knitting book. For my birthday present that year my mother allowed me to pick out the yarn I wanted for my dress. As I worked on my first "serious" knitting project I began to fall madly in love with knitting, here was this wonderful activity that gave me the opportunity to express myself creatively and to make the kind of garments I would never be able to find in a shop or afford if I could find it. I wore the dress to the opening day of the fair and so many other days that my parents called it my Expo uniform. I was thrilled when very stylish ladies asked me where the dress came from and I said"I knit it".
Over the years I have knit so many garments, not all of them loved, but always I retain a deep and abiding love for the act of knitting.

Ann in Montreal
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Permanent Resident

1136 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  1:38:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit PBELKNAP's Homepage Send PBELKNAP a Private Message  Reply with Quote
For me, it was my very first sweater. When it was all done and I remember looking at it and thinking, "I MADE this! I can actually WEAR it! It looks like it came from a fine boutique!"

I was so thrilled...Looking at it now, it's got holes, it's sewn together horribly, and it's pilling like crazy because I used a cheap acrylic [:00]

But the point is that I was completely thrilled that I could actually knit something to wear. I've been smitten ever since...


WIP = Project Linus Baby Blankets (1), 63 Cable Squares Aghan, Summer Top

Completed this year = Knitted Baby Blanket (Estonian Lullaby), Knitted Charity Squares, Top-Down Sweater, Project Linus Baby Blanket

If I could only do this for a living...
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Permanent Resident

3101 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  3:25:31 PM  Show Profile Send sandyt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
When I walked into a yarn shop and saw all the possibilities! Then some yarn followed me home, and I loved the soothing tactile sense-I needed a hobby that would distract me from the recuperation of surgery I was going to have. Knitting did it! It was love at first stitch!
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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  3:58:45 PM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I knew it when my aunt in Colorado showed me the long tail cast on and helped me learn it. I held all my pent-up desire to make my own sweaters and hats right there in my own two little hands. I'm sorry, crochet is ok, but the best sweaters I ever saw at that time were knit ones. My paternal grandmother and aunts were the only knitters, and they lived far away. I was 13 years old, and I see that magic trick performed by my auntie, in my minds eye, to this day. Whoot!


My Knitting & Blabbity blog
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Gabber Extraordinaire

393 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  4:10:59 PM  Show Profile Send pinecone70 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I relearned to knit to carry on the tradition. My maternal grandmother knitted amazing things, she taught me when I was young, but I didn't continue. A few years ago I taught myself all over again in her honor and haven't stopped. I also love the tactile sense, the making of fabric is what puts me under a spell. I find KR delightful, no one in my life cares much about knitting, but I can come here and read and discuss (thanks everyone!)

The real love happened with the creation of my first sock too! I could knit any item just to knit, but the actual sock making is so much more magical for some reason. It might have something to do with the utilitarian nature of socks, the colors and stitches are just icing on the cake!
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Permanent Resident

4172 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  5:20:20 PM  Show Profile Send lucylocket a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have been knitting (with wool) since I was 9 yrs old. I have always loved it and have never taken a break from it - I am forever indebted to my Great-aunt Elizabeth for her patience and persistence in teaching me the basics and also to my years at Primary school where I learned to knit with dpns !! Happy Knitting!

Lucy [IMG][/IMG]My Blog - Lucy Knits
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Seriously Hooked

688 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  7:36:25 PM  Show Profile Send elkymama a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I learned to knit when I was 10 yrs old and knit several sweaters when I was in high school, but I didn't learn to love knitting until my aunt taught me Combined/Continental.

Then I became seriously addicted when I discovered this forum 2 years ago.
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Warming Up

79 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  7:37:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit ndjen04's Homepage Send ndjen04 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
During Thanksgiving break 2005, I bought a book, some needles, and cheap yarn and taught myself to knit. But I did not fall in love with knitting until about 10 or 11 months later. After knitting scarves and other flat items, I wanted something new. I bought my first 16" circs and DPNs to knit a hat and pair of mittens. That was it -- I was hooked for life and reached the point of no return. Since then I became a sock knitting addict and even dabbled in knitted toys. My next big "obstacle" is a sweater, but until then I have lots of sock yarn to knit up and many more projects waiting for me to cast them on.


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Permanent Resident

New Zealand
1673 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  8:30:27 PM  Show Profile Send busygirl a Private Message  Reply with Quote

My mother taught me to knit when I was about five years old,and at primary school we had to knit during needlework classes,so it was more a case of having to do it than really enjoying it.I remember starting to look through my mom's knitting patterns when I was a teenager,and wanting to knit something for myself,so she bought me a pattern for a lovely longline waistcoat/gilet and some yarn,and that's when I really fell in love with knitting.


My Pics
My Blog
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Permanent Resident

1844 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  02:22:40 AM  Show Profile Send scraffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I started knitting squares in high school. Never tried to do anything fancy.

By Sept. 2006 I was done with school. (I mean all the way as far I wanted in college) Please do not suggest a Doctorite's Degree for me!

I found without classes and reviewing for tests, evenings were long...Garter stitches were dull. Time to move on.

I ventured into the LYS and asked how to purl. I made a scarf with slipping stitches, knitting and purling. By the time I finished I was looking for my next project. That was a teddy bear. I am pretty sure that somewhere between binding off on the scarf and picking the yarn for the teddy bear I was in love with knitting and I am still loving it.

The thing I love most about knitting is I can still learn something. That something can be a new stitch (example psso) or it could be a techinique like shadow knitting.

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Mama Cat
Permanent Resident

1223 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  04:14:32 AM  Show Profile Send Mama Cat a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I learned to crochet when I was 8, and got not-bad at it pretty quickly. Kids learn so fast! I made my first garment at age 9 or 10, a shawl that I still have. Some time around that time I also taught myself to knit, but didn't really "take" to it.

Segue to a few years later, when I was in grad school for the first time. It just so happened that my apartment building overlooked a little strip mall that had in it ... a LYS!!! I was miserable in grad school and terribly stressed out. I don't really remember forming an intention to go into this shop and knit something but one day I did go in and walked out with a bag of purple wool, some needles, and a pattern with which I intended to make a cabled pullover. I am sure that I lied to the LYSO about my level of experience.

But it came out not-bad (I had it until last year, when I finally retired it). And it felt so good ... just the thing to get me through the nightmare of my days. I remember so VERY clearly a phone conversation I had with my mother about it. I told her I was knitting, and really liking it. It helped with stress. She agreed, saying, "knitting can be so soothing." I said, "Soothing?! It's NARCOTIC! I'm getting totally addicted!" And she laughed ... mothers really know, don't they?

Famous last words, anyone?? That conversation happened in about 1984 or 1985, but I have never forgotten it. Indeed I've had many occasions to remember those words over the years.

I've been knitting more or less continuously ever since, even knitting (though not too happily) with cheap wool/acrylic blends when that was the only yarn I could find. Every time I've moved, the first thing I scoped out was the yarn-buying situation. And then, around 1996-ish, I discovered online yarn stores. My friends, life has never been better.
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Permanent Resident

1896 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  04:45:36 AM  Show Profile Send ceecee a Private Message  Reply with Quote
When I met lace and socks... now it's a happy bigamous relationship.
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Honorary Angel

919 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  05:11:56 AM  Show Profile Send lucienh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Someone started a knitting group at one of the schools where I taught. Everyone said how relaxing knitting was, so I decided to really learn, but that I'd just keep at it until I understood the relaxing part. As a beginner, I was a mass of tension, knitting very tightly, hating every minute.... And then, suddenly, one stitch to the next it was easy and relaxing and fun. My original idea was that now I was supposed to quit, but I couldn't. And I still can't.

Spontaneity isn't random -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Gabber Extraordinaire

357 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  05:47:15 AM  Show Profile Send knitterbug1023 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have knit since I was a small child. I learned using my mom's old aluminum straight needles. I always found knitting awkward and cumbersome. I started to crochet as a teen, liked it much better, and thought I'd never want to knit again.

Several years ago, I discovered circular needles and I was hooked!! It wasn't awkward and, IMHO, quicker and neater then crochet. When I got my Denise set, I felt "obligated" to make something using every size of needles. That equalled a lot of projects. I've long surpassed that goal but still knitting like crazy (only mostly with KP Options now).

My Blog
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Permanent Resident

1800 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  05:49:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit knitz2's Homepage Send knitz2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
When two things came together: I realized I could visualize finished projects before I even chose the yarn (unlike any other hobby I've tried) AND when knitting saved me from depression following my father's death. these two things happened in rather close proximity so I can't separate them in my mind when I look back.

Keep knitting, this too shall pass.
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Chatty Knitter

245 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2007 :  7:59:20 PM  Show Profile  Send Knitfool a Yahoo! Message Send Knitfool a Private Message  Reply with Quote
knitz2 I can relate.
I have been knitting and crocheting since 4-5 years old, when my aunt's tought me but it wasen't love then it was more like something to do to fill up time, to figure out.
It turned to love after my mom's death, it soothes my sole and keeps me going one day at a time.


Live Happens, learn to deal with it!
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