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 My "Do Not Knit" List
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New Pal

37 Posts

Posted - 10/13/2007 :  08:43:13 AM  Show Profile Send Rini a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Hi -

I was wondering if anyone else had a "do not knit" list? Mine is a little tongue-in-cheek.

Right now it only contains my husband, who does not wear knitted items (he just has no interest in doing so). He supports my knitting/crocheting (and my ever-growing yarn stash) but had told me that he doesn't wear knitted items. No sweaters, no gloves, hats, scarves, etc.

So I tell him that he's on my "do not knit" list (as a joke). But then I started thinking about it and there are others who either don't (or won't) appreciate a knitted item.

One benefit of feeling like I should knit something for someone is that I have the luxury of giving my items to different charity organizations. It's been fun to knit them, take a picture, and give them away to an organization that I know will really appreciate the artistry of the projects I make.


Gabber Extraordinaire

511 Posts

Posted - 10/13/2007 :  09:03:47 AM  Show Profile Send Vanadia a Private Message  Reply with Quote
MIL is the only member of mine "Do no knit" for now. After her unsuccessful knitting adventure, she dumped 10 skein of horrible, chunky alpaca/acrylic on me along with knitting needles the size of tent poles and requested a vest. I was taken by surprise and somehow accepted. I made her one pretty fast, shipped it off and received a "Thank you, it is a bit small".... No box of chocolate in appreciation of my work, nor any refund of my shipping expenses.
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Warming Up

98 Posts

Posted - 10/13/2007 :  10:46:26 AM  Show Profile  Visit NatRed2's Homepage Send NatRed2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My spouse is frequently on my "do not knit list"!! Over the last 12 years I have made him several afghans, some even at his request, which eventually and quickly end up on the closet shelf never to be used again! That is one of my biggest pet peeves, not using what I make.
Then there would be the slippers I made him last year, ok so one is just a tad looser than the other and it irritates him so he won't wear them. The hat I made him last year also sits on the shelf while he wears that decrepit, holey Bears hat instead (what-ever)! And the scarf I made for him when he had pnemonia, I get the ever popular "I don't do scarves". Then he whines and says "How come you never make anything for me?"
His snotty ungrateful niece is definately on my "do not ever knit for" list.
And my sister in law who claims she does not have time to knit. What ever- to her too!
The rest of our family, they pretty much get anything they want!


Nat Red Knits
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New Pal

29 Posts

Posted - 10/13/2007 :  10:19:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit VioletKnits's Homepage  Send VioletKnits a Yahoo! Message Send VioletKnits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I feel quite lucky that my SO loves wearing knitted things. My "do not knit" list includes my 15-year-old cousin and 11-year-old brother. they're both boys at that too-cool, hard to please stage, and they think anything handmade is uncool. their loss!

Knit it, Violet!
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Permanent Resident

1333 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2007 :  04:35:00 AM  Show Profile Send blazfglori a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I won't knit for my coworkers again.
For the past 2 years, I've knitted them all (about a dozen or so total, it varies) something for Christmas (felted slippers one year and felted soap & ornaments the next) and none of it went over the way I had hoped...not even a decent "Thank You" most of the time.

Now, I only knit for myself and my family. :)


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Permanent Resident

2903 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2007 :  09:02:40 AM  Show Profile Send Mocha a Private Message  Reply with Quote
How about 'to knit' list? easier for me. I only knit for people I like and people I want to.
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Ditzy Girl
Permanent Resident

4723 Posts

Posted - 10/14/2007 :  10:44:47 AM  Show Profile Send Ditzy Girl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Lori for my co-workers I always made 2 dishcloths and bought some nice soap. The yr I didn't do it they all complained and I am still in contact with most. Thirty yrs later they still want their dishcloths ea yr. The are quick, easy and everyone can use. Now people even use for face cloths. Just a thought.

Zola, Seattle, Wash.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

579 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2007 :  4:58:48 PM  Show Profile  Visit midnightskyfibers's Homepage Send midnightskyfibers a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Zola, I love that people request the dishcloths and actually use them, what a nice gift!

Midnightsky Fibers
Vegetarian and Environmentally Friendly Handspun & painted yarns, fibers, and kits
Midnightsky Fibers Livejournal
Midnightsky Fibers Blog
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Permanent Resident

7254 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2007 :  04:53:20 AM  Show Profile  Send gwtreece a Yahoo! Message Send gwtreece a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I hate to say this but I pretty much knit for me and me only. Now don't get me wrong, I ocassionally make things for others, I knit a sweater for a Teddy Bear for a Friend's kid. She loved it. I have knit socks for MIL but I have never seen her wear them, so never again.

My Blog
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Chatty Knitter

115 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2007 :  06:08:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit DoodleEwe's Homepage Send DoodleEwe a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I won't knit for DH's family anymore. He once told me how his mother didn't speak to his grandmother for a year because she bought his cousin a lovely, expensive gift for Christmas and gave him and his three sibs each their own handmade afghan for Christmas. Of course appreciating handcraft I said "Wow, four afghans must have taken her awhile." He said, "I guess but Mom finds that sort of gift 'cheap'". I don't think he realized I had given her an afghan the year before, but I'd rather know it wasn't appreciated than waste my time.

The irony is, she wants me to make her a cowl like I made myself (simple stockinette, quite tedious) and told me when I'm done, she'll take orders at work and "we" can sell them. I told her no one would pay the $250 a piece I'd want for knitting each one! Ha, that shut her up about 'cheap' hand made things.

Families are like fudge . . .mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
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Permanent Resident

1136 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2007 :  07:07:02 AM  Show Profile  Visit PBELKNAP's Homepage Send PBELKNAP a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I only have one so-called friend (who refers to my knitting and crocheting as "a waste of time") who is NEVER going to get anything more from me, knitting, crocheted, or otherwise...

Not that I'm bitter...LOL...


WIP = Branches and Bobbles Afghan, Raglan Sweater, Knit Your Bit for Vets Scarf

Completed this year = Knitted Baby Blanket (Estonian Lullaby), Knitted Charity Squares, Top-Down Sweater, Project Linus Baby Blanket (2), Summer Top, Scrap Sweater, Socks (2 pair), 63 Cable Squares Afghan, Winter Hat, Vertical Rib Sweater (crocheted)

If I could only do this for a living...
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Seriously Hooked

993 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2007 :  3:08:43 PM  Show Profile Send lacylaine a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Wanda, please don't give up on your MIL. Maybe she just wears them when shes at home and feeling cozy. I'm not necessarily saying to make her more unless she asks, but don't give up on her.


"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." Ecclesiastes 9:10

FO: 4 out of 6

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Chatty Knitter

179 Posts

Posted - 10/19/2007 :  07:23:49 AM  Show Profile Send FiberChef a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The first year DH and I were married MIL said something about, "Well, I never had time to waste on that needlework stuff." I was highly offended, albeit silently. When I asked DH about it, he reminded me she grew up on a farm during the Depression and truly there was little time for anything that wasn't keeping the farm running. Later she was busy with her boys and extensive charity work. I never made her anything before she passed, but in retrospect, I know she would have thanked me for it and found a kind thing to say about it even if it was the color.

Amazingly, my sister's kids love anything I make and are still proud to wear/use them even though they are in their teens. Sis has done a good job of helping them see how love is woven into things made specifically for them, even though she has little extra time for that work herself. They will always get handmade goodies. My dad too, he loves the artisan factor in handmade anything.
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Chatty Knitter

114 Posts

Posted - 10/19/2007 :  11:04:20 AM  Show Profile  Send Annabelle a Yahoo! Message Send Annabelle a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have to censor what I would or would not make for certain family members. The brother of my boyfriend would dig outdoor gear like hats, scarves, etc., but he's not the sweater type. The boyfriend I've made things for, he just lets the moths eat them up, except 2 afghans I made for him, which he won't let go of. The sister of my boyfriend would stick her nose up at anything I make. My own brother would do the same, but he and his wife are having a baby so they're ok with me knitting baby stuff.

It's too complicated!
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gulf knitter
Seriously Hooked

737 Posts

Posted - 10/19/2007 :  3:50:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit gulf knitter's Homepage Send gulf knitter a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Outside of my family, I mostly knit for other knitters. Quilters, too, are worthy recipients. Others have no frame of reference to appreciate hand knit items. My mother, for example, who remains on my "to knit" list despite many black marks, called me to thank me for an oversized cashmere shawl I knit for her from Classic Elite Embrace. She asked if I had knit it on my knitting machine. I said no, it is worsted weight cashmere, Mom, I knit it by hand. Oh... she said in her you-are-still-six-years-old-and-quite-the-fibber-voice, the stitches are so even, I can't believe you HAND knit it. Sarah.
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Seriously Hooked

740 Posts

Posted - 10/24/2007 :  06:22:43 AM  Show Profile  Visit sandrasingh's Homepage Send sandrasingh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm with Wanda, I'm in a knit for me stage right now! My DH could possibly be on my Do No Knit List, if I had one! He's always hot, so won't wear sweaters, and loses hats, gloves & scarves like someone is paying him to do it!

Sandra Singh
My Blog:
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Chatty Knitter

332 Posts

Posted - 10/30/2007 :  6:53:26 PM  Show Profile Send schrafinator a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I only knit for family and for close friends whom I know would appreciate it.

I learned my lesson with the teenaged nephews not appreciating handmade, nice quality stuff. The nieces all understand, somehow. As it is, nobody but the DH have gotten anything big like a sweater, although my parents are getting a bulky afghan this year that I mostly knit while sitting in the car on our roadtrip vacation.

My graphic designer sister is the most appreciative, since she is a professional artist, after all! Her husband and daughter are all artists, actually, so I really enjoy making things for them.

That sister requested mittens this year, and those are finished. I'm 3" from finishing the keyhole scarf in beaded rib (the pattern is called that, there aren't actual beads in the scarf) to match.
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Permanent Resident

3262 Posts

Posted - 10/30/2007 :  7:31:16 PM  Show Profile Send WendyB a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My husband explains to people why I shouldn't knit accessories for him - he loses them. He actually tends to lose any caps, gloves, etc., anyway, so he puts himself on my do not knit list - at least for small things. Other people who don't seem to use what I give them - for whatever reason - get chocolates or books or gift certificates or other things I think they'll like. Those that appreciate get more when it's convenient for me. In 2004 I tried making something for everybody - too stressful!
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Chatty Knitter

338 Posts

Posted - 11/05/2007 :  8:26:28 PM  Show Profile Send NuttyKnitter101 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My dad and one "friend" are on my do-not-knit list.

My dad because...its complicated, but he just doesn't appreciate the work that goes behind it, and I refuse to make something that won't be used, so...

And the friend was lined up for a hat (eventually, continuous black marks kept delaying the project) until one night when we were shopping and came across some stylish slipper socks. Being the sock fiend I am, snorted at the price. I could easily make the same socks for less! My friend looked me straight in the eye and told me that there was no way I could make this. "..." was my answer, I believe. When I found my voice I asked her why. "too soft" Oh, thats easy! get soft yarn! "No, Mary. Its too hard. You can't do it."

Need I say more?

"You know whats sexy? This yarn is sexy. No, seriously, look! Doesn't it just scream, 'feel me!'?"
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Chatty Knitter

284 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  11:09:55 AM  Show Profile Send miele a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My sisters. Two of them. Never again. They don't "get" knitting. I have made lovely things..cashmere scarves, Colinette afghans, lovely socks. They think I should probably be working more hours if I have time to do this stuff.
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Chatty Knitter

108 Posts

Posted - 11/13/2007 :  06:13:07 AM  Show Profile Send Pamie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My boyfriend's family is on my "Do-Not-Knit" list. I have never seen any of them wear a scarf or a knitted sweater. My boyfriend loves my afghans and has been wanting me to make him a hat (a project I have never attempted yet). I think Mocha mentioned that her in-laws think that knitted gifts are cheap. That is the mindset my future in-laws have.

my blog:
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