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 Why listen to podcasts?
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Chatty Knitter

328 Posts

Posted - 11/05/2007 :  7:24:28 PM  Show Profile  Visit MonicaSilva's Homepage Send MonicaSilva a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I saw there are many knitting podcasts around and 5 days ago Vickie Howell from Knitty Gritty started her own too. I usually listen to a lot of music in my free time because I'm a musician. After seeing that people listent to knitting podcasts while they knit, I'll give it a try.

I'd like to know:

What you gain from listening? knitting tips, humor, background while you knit

favorite podcasts and why? funny, learn techniques, book reviews, interviews of book authors

where do you listen to it? online, ipod, while walking the dog, while you knit

I look forward to your recommendations. I'll start this week.

Monica Silva
A Knit Skinny Scarf Blog
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Chatty Knitter

324 Posts

Posted - 11/05/2007 :  9:38:09 PM  Show Profile Send TracyKnits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've only just started to listen to Podcasts while I knit and so far I love it. I haven't had an I-pod for very long, so all of this is new to me. I've been listening to Unwound while I knit and I enjoy it so much. I've picked up tips, info on yarn, stories about knitting. I'm sorry to see she only has 12 podcasts, I'm on the 4th now and will be sad to see it end. I'm interested to see what other people recommend.

So far I've learned about the Red Scarf Knitting project, which I knew nothing about and plan to participate in, and also learned about a finisher from Seattle that I plan to send my sweater to. It's been both helpful and very entertaining.
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Permanent Resident

4773 Posts

Posted - 11/05/2007 :  11:37:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit kdcrowley's Homepage Send kdcrowley a Private Message  Reply with Quote

1. You name it. Who knows what we take away from any particular products, new jokes, new resources, just information on our fave topic.

2. I have listened to alot of them, and then keep going with the ones that appeal to me. Everyone's taste is different, and so its hard to say what podcast will appeal. But I highly recommend Cast On with Brenda Dayne, she's professional, funny, ironic, organized and experienced in broadcasting. She puts on a good show, without a lot of giggling and well 'young' content.

3. Umm, yes, to all of it. Except the dog walking, and only becuase we don't have dogs....but also at my desk at work when I need to tune out the 'loud locals'. And airplanes, buses, cars, airports, etc. Wherever.

Check out my solar-dyed yarns at
and my blog at
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Chatty Knitter

110 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  07:42:41 AM  Show Profile Send Lindakh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
What you gain from listening? Interesting stories, knitting tips, ideas for new projects, and a feeling of a "knitting community" right in my ears.

favorite podcasts and why? I love Stash and Burn - very well organized with good information, also KnitPicks podcast - Kelly has some interesting tips plus good book reviews. Also Knitwit - this is a "storytelling" podcast that is short (around 10 min) and about half of the stories are knitting related - the "non knitting" stories are all entertaining, too.

where do you listen to it? I listen on my iPod at work (I need background noise to work), and it gives me a good dose of knitting when I'm away from the needles. I work in a quiet office, so I listen to a lot of podcasts.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

395 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  09:07:20 AM  Show Profile Send daizie_ray a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I listen to podcast to feel a sense of community with other knitters. I a SAHM and love hearing about other people's knitting. One of my fav is limenviolet. They don't always stick with just knitting but you do get to know about them. I feel like you can just hang out with them.
I also enjoy the knitpicks podcast. She gives info, book reviews and interviews with diffrent people. Kelly is trying to make it around 30 minutes long.
I listen to my from the computer during nap time (for the little ones) and on the mp3 player while we walk.
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Chatty Knitter

132 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  2:24:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit KrisKnits's Homepage Send KrisKnits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've started listening to podcasts just in the past 6 months. I actually don't listen to them while I'm knitting. Usually when I listen is when I'm working on things for the shop.

I listen to learn about a knitting idea, yarn, tips and just to hear from other knitters. I also like it when a knitter I either know personally or one that I know of (i.e. Crazy Aunt Purl) is interviewed. I love the essays or stories that relate to knitting. One thing I enjoy about Cast On and Sticks and String is learning about a knitter's life in a whole other country/culture.

One thing I love about Stash and Burn is when they do a whole podcast on a topic like the Lotus Blossom Tank. There were so many things about that pattern that I never considered. I learned so much about the structure issues and the problem with the yarn called for.... that podcast saved me a lot of unnecessary trouble.

I do like the humor aspect of podcasts. I mainly get that with Lime & Violet or by listening to my 2 fave non-knitting podcasts.

I listen to knitting and non-knitting podcasts.

The knitting ones I enjoy are....

Cast On
Stash & Burn
Sticks & String

Non-knitting faves are

This American Life
News from Lake Wobegon (Prairie Home Companion)

Check out our shop:
Sonny & Shear
The I've Got Ewe, Babe Yarn Shop

Or check out the blog....
The Knitting Wannabe
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Chatty Knitter

132 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  2:26:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit KrisKnits's Homepage Send KrisKnits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Dang.... I hit send too quickly. So, just consider this part of the post above.

I mainly have the podcasts playing in the background. I'm not one to listen to them while I'm driving. I really love listening to them most when I'm working on the shop.


Check out our shop:
Sonny & Shear
The I've Got Ewe, Babe Yarn Shop

Or check out the blog....
The Knitting Wannabe
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Chatty Knitter

106 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2007 :  7:39:25 PM  Show Profile Send farmgirlnow a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I am a real podcast lover! The first time I heard about podcasts I went to iTunes and put in "knitting" and was shocked to find one (Knitcast)! I thought to myself - what could they possibly talk about! There were 2 or 3 episodes and I put them on a CD to listen to in the car and I was so suprised! I can still remember right where I was driving when she interviewed the designer of the Clapotis on I could not wait to get home and look it up and see what all the buzz was about. I had no idea there was a whole online knitting "culture." I knew about blogs and knitting sites, but I had no idea that people from all over the world were doing the same thing as one another, like a real community!

Then came Cast On. She started out good and became great! I loved her "magazine" format, with reoccuring segments. Then came Knitting News Cast and Pointy Sticks, etc... and now there are so many! I finally got an iPod especially to listen to them!

I do not know many knitters, and I do not have any to hang around with (no close by LYS). I use knitting podcasts as my "knitting group" with all the exchange of information that I would be exposed to if I were sitting around with other like minded knitters.

I especially love hearing book reviews. I have bought some books because of what I heard. I have learned about blogs that are now my favorites, that I most likely never would have heard of (especially Crazy Aunt Purl! and how I miss You Knit What?). I hear about patterns and then I look them up and sometimes buy them and actually make them (like Felted Clogs by Fiber Trends). I like hearing yarn reviews. Since I am not near a LYS when I do go to one I know what to look for (The first time I ever saw Koigu in real life I felt like I found a hidden treasure).

I love interviews with designers and authors. I love the guest essays on Cast On and Sticks and String so that I can hear from even more knitters.

I could go on and on and on...

I download almost every knitting podcast and I listen in my car. Since there are so many to listen to I will skip any that have bad audio quality as it is too hard to listen to. I skip through almost all of the music (I will sometimes listen if they say ahead of time that it will be a funny song, and there have been some good ones!). If someone is just talking on and on with no purpose and I find my mind wandering I have to skip that too. I generally do not like when there is more than one host because they tend to giggle and get off topic (the exceptions to this are Stash and Burn which is GREAT and Lime and Violet who are fun).

It would be hard to list ALL of my favorites but I never miss an episode of Stash and Burn, Knitpicks, Cast On, Changeling, Sticks and String and Ready Set Knit. I miss so many of them that don't post any longer so don't forget to go back and listen to them, just go through the list on iTunes.

There are very few that I stopped downloading because they weren't my cup of tea, or the audio was just too rough to listen to. I wish them all success though as they are putting their time and energy into their podcast and putting it out there for the world - and I think that is great. I hope there will be more and more added. I thank all of these people for all of their hard work and the many hours of enjoyment they have given to me. THANK YOU PODCASTERS!!!!

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Chatty Knitter

108 Posts

Posted - 03/17/2008 :  11:35:14 AM  Show Profile Send Pamie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I began listening to podcasts when This American Life was brought to my attention. As for knitting related podcasts I listen to YarnCraft which is podcasted by LionBrand Yarn Company. So far I am pleased with this podcast, however I feel that more informative podcasts are out there. I downloaded a few more, including Sticks and String, Cast On, and another which the name has slipped my mind. I listen to Yarn Craft because it is hard for me to find people who are in their early-mid twenties like me that enjoy knitting. This program allows me to feel connected. I usually download the episodes onto my computer using iTunes and listen to them while I knit and crochet.

my blog:
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Posted - 03/20/2008 :  08:09:41 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I started listening to podcasts while I spin or knit. With the writer's strike I found I lost all interest in TV. A good thing, but mostly I used it for audio while I did something else. So a friend suggested books of tape. That was okay, but I read so much faster than I can listen to them. Then I found podcasts. I listen to them directly from the computer-nothing in my ears to distract me. I can listen for 30mins to an hour, get a phenomenal amount of stuff done, and feel like I am in a small knitting group. I have learned so much from these, and I have tried a few new yarns because of reviews. Anyway, I am hooked. It is like taking a blog a step further and connects the listener to the topic. I listen mostly in my knitting group on Monday nights, so this is just an extension of that.
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Seriously Hooked

656 Posts

Posted - 03/20/2008 :  6:25:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit KnitSSK's Homepage Send KnitSSK a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi, I'm Martha. I am a podcast addict...


Wanting to be knitting, not working...
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