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 Your 5 Knitting Strengths
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  05:19:56 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Can you identify 5 things that you consider your Knitting Strengths? Keep it positive - no "buts" or qualifying negatives. Try it whether you are a beginner or very experienced. It's not bragging, rather the things you are confidant about doing when you approach a new project.

Here's an example of what I mean (not one of my 5) I am very good at choosing the right yarn to substitute in a pattern but I always pick the wrong color. The crossed out part is the negative that you should leave out.


Permanent Resident

1948 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  05:36:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit LJ's Homepage Send LJ a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Good question!

1. I don't mind making mistakes and having to frog or unknit to fix.

2. I swatch...a large swatch...with yarn I'm not familar with.

Hmmm...I'll have to think about the other 3.

Linda in Va
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Honorary Angel

919 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  05:48:41 AM  Show Profile Send lucienh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh, I like this.
1. I'm willing to tink and frog as necessary to make things come out right.
2. I'm also willing to accept less than perfection.
3. I enjoy finishing, even weaving in ends.
4. I can learn from books and written materials.
5. I can toss the real disasters without beating myself up about them.

New blog, not about knitting, but I bet it keeps sneaking in:
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Permanent Resident

1207 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  05:54:16 AM  Show Profile Send knittingbaglady a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I like this too!

1. My tension is always even.
2. I like my color sense.
3. My casting on is always even.
4. I can frog without getting upset.
5. I'm a patient learner when attempting new things.

But what about you GFTC?!

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Gabber Extraordinaire

484 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  06:00:50 AM  Show Profile Send sparkleplenty a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I'll try anything as long as I can understand the instructions.
2. Like lucienh, I don't mind fixing mistakes, and
3. I don't mind a mistake or two in my finished work.
4. I love learning new things.
5. Not necessarily a strength, but I'm proud that I learned to knit without looking. It means I can work on a simple knitting project while doing homework.


If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.
~Mahatma Gandhi
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Permanent Resident

1606 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  06:12:22 AM  Show Profile Send AngieSue a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I love knitting for my family and friends.
2. I like unraveling yarn that has becomes gnarled.
3. I'm always ready to try new techniques.
4. I'm up to frogging when needed and learning how to fix my mistakes.
5. I'm willing to overlook my mistakes. Just knit on.

My pictures:
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Gabber Extraordinaire

575 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  06:43:17 AM  Show Profile Send dothead a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1) My tension is even.
2) I can understand and decipher any knitting pattern.
3) I can teach knitting.
4) I have a knack for choosing the right yarn types and colors when I knit gifts for my friends.
5) I never give up when I really want to learn something like knitting socks (5 failed attempts before I had one sock)

Vicki, the Constant Lurker(who sometimes stops lurking and actually posts)
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Gabber Extraordinaire

400 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  06:55:44 AM  Show Profile  Visit englishtch's Homepage Send englishtch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I like a challenge - like trying new skills.
2. I can nearly always hit gauge.
3. I am good with textured patterns such as cables.
4. I have learned enough about basic structures that I can make my own designs or adjust others.
5. I have learned about fibers so I can fairly successfully substitute yarns.

What a good question to post! This made me think more positively about my knitting skills.

My blog:
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Sara Sue
Permanent Resident

1089 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  07:49:58 AM  Show Profile Send Sara Sue a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I don't mind ripping out because I consider every stitch one more stitch of experience.
2. I enjoy the process and am not in a rush to finish a project.
3. I have learned that the world does not come to an immediate end when I make a mistake.
4. I always read the instructions first - for everything!!! (Married to a man who NEVER reads the instructions for anything - I understand this a male trait.)
5. I love fiber - in any shape or form!!!
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Permanent Resident

1637 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  08:02:29 AM  Show Profile Send fiberlicious a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is a good one!

1. I will always choose to rip to get it right.
2. My knitting is even and beautiful.
3. I love the colors I choose.
4. I've learned to modify patterns to make them fit me correctly.
5. I'm told I'm a great knitting teacher, and I love to do teach and help others with their knitting.
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Permanent Resident

5199 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  08:17:40 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lanea's Homepage Send Lanea a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Great thread, GFTC!

1. I have a good sense of color
2. I am willing to really stick it out with a long project (hello, sock yarn blanket!)
3. Because I've sewn clothes for years, I know what sort of garment shapes work on different body types, and knit accordingly for myself and for my loved ones
4. I am good at incorporating knitting skills with other skills for the sake of designing or redesigning patterns or troubleshooting problems.
5. I'm inventive, so I can design nifty things for and with knitting.

See proof of insanity:
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Gabber Extraordinaire

433 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  08:31:55 AM  Show Profile  Visit amosellie's Homepage Send amosellie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is a great thought provoking thread!
1) I can knit almost anything with good written directions.
2) I can knit continental or throw method.
3) I can read my knitting and find my place on the pattern.
4)I have a good sense of color and texture to match the pattern to the yarn.
5) I am a happy knitter and LOVE to talk about knitting with anyone!

Thanks for this thread GFTC!!!

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Ditzy Girl
Permanent Resident

4723 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  09:24:45 AM  Show Profile Send Ditzy Girl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I am good at getting gauge.
2. My tension is good.
3. It does not have to be perfect.
4. I don't mind tinking.
5. I enjoy hand winding balls from skeins.

Zola, Seattle, Wash.

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Permanent Resident

1429 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  09:26:14 AM  Show Profile Send fiddlerbird555 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh, I like this.

1). I can read my knitting pretty well
2). However, I do not have to see it too well -- eyelash yarn or dark yarn doesn't slow me down, as I am putting the needle through the right place mostly by feel. (This is VERY important given the direction my vision has been going )
3). I tink well, but can also understand the "big" goal to make up small errors without undoing previous work.
4). Needles don't scare me. I'll do DPNs, 2-circs, magic loop, without stressing on the size, and without particular worry about how the pattern was originally written.
5). I haven't applied this yet, but I'm very good at turning things around in my head, and adjusting my manual skills, as evidenced when I had a child in my lap and suddenly had to learn to eat with chopsticks left-handed. (It was a little awkward, but nothing like learning to use chopsticks the first time. I got fed.) This probably means that continental style, or knitting back & forth without turning the work isn't impossible for me.


I can go loopy, or I can knit. Your choice.
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Sticks and String
Permanent Resident

1113 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  10:16:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit Sticks and String's Homepage Send Sticks and String a Private Message  Reply with Quote
What a great topic!

In no particular order...

1. I'm willing to try, learn and teach anything. Any pattern, any technique with any needles using any fiber. I've knit with kids on chopsticks using butcher's string, on my fingers using colored electrical wire and on pencils with bootlaces at a ball game with someone who needed a refresher on the Kitchener grafting.
2. I'm not afraid of tinking, frogging or leaving that silly mistake in row 12 when I don't find it 'til row 112 if it doesn't mess up the overall look. If it does, I can tink down to that silly mistake in row 12 from row 112 and fix it without having to rip out 100 rows.
3. I love knitting and everything about it. The history, the concept, the process, the materials and tools, the people I've met through knitting and the sense of peace it brings to my life. I half-jokingly tell people it's my high blood pressure medication.
4. I can teach others to knit and I've been told I'm a good teacher.
5. I'm comfortable with patterns. I can rewrite a pattern to make it easier for someone who doesn't understand it, chart written directions or write directions from a chart, find where you are lost in a pattern for something you started knitting when your youngest was an infant and set aside for whatever reasons but now find yourself compelled to finish even though your youngest is now in graduate school. :)

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Permanent Resident

1349 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  2:05:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit hissyknit's Homepage Send hissyknit a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. I love yarn. Just plain love it. The way it's made, the colors that meld together. Did I mention I love it?
2. I love to educate people especially kids about knitting.
3. I admire any kind of fiber artist. Anyone willing to take a chance on a project is worthy of applause.
4. I love to read up on patterns and different kitting techniques.
5. I love the secret language of knitting. Makes me feel like a fiber super agent. K2tog, yo, etc.

Christy B.
"I run with scissors and eat paste."
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Permanent Resident

3262 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  2:26:21 PM  Show Profile Send WendyB a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My List:
  1. My knit and purl stitches are consistent.
  2. I love to try new things.
  3. In general, I finish projects that I start.
  4. I have patience with myself while doing my projects.
  5. I've gotten better at fixing mistakes in previous rows.

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Seriously Hooked

659 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  3:46:58 PM  Show Profile Send adalton124 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My 5 strengths

1: I am a fast knitter, and I don't sacrifice accuracy to get speed.

2: I can read my knitting (and other peoples knitting) and determine what comes next and why something may not have worked out properly.

3: I am conscientious when I finish my knitting with seaming and weaving in ends.

4: I can learn from many different sources - people, books, trial and error... and I'm not afraid to make it up if I need to.

5: I am encouraging of newer or less confident knitters and I offer help whenever I can (without being pushy, of course).

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Gabber Extraordinaire

516 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  3:59:23 PM  Show Profile Send GaiaDea a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hmm, ok:

1) I get excited enough about new stuff to carry me through the learning curve.

2) I like learning and trying new things.

3) I don't mind if it isn't absolutely perfect.

4) I will keep plugging until I can get it perfect.

5) I always try to share what I know, and to learn from others.

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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  4:00:02 PM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is a great topic. Thank you GFTC.

My strengths:

1. I can read knitting, useful in re- making an item, sweater - whatever, that is unavailable to me because I've lost the pattern, design a garment from my drawing, read charts or written instructions.

2. My knitting is evenly tensioned, though I do have to use smaller needles for nearly everything.

3. Though I haven't done any for ages, I really do enjoy using the knitting machine as well as knitting by hand. I like seeing my chart Intarsia's turn out on the machine. It's sort of magical.

4. Having an eye for color and patterning that works very well together across fabric and yarns has been a blessing, though the cataracts are forming and the colors going.

5. My love of teaching and getting the chance to do that from time to time, in ceramics club, rockhound clubs, an impromptu lesson in Michael's store, and lessons for interested adults and children at craft shows and camp outs. It's been a real joy.

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Seriously Hooked

711 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2008 :  4:08:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit argoknit's Homepage Send argoknit a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is awesome. My strengths:
1. I have almost machine-like even tension
2. I enjoy a challenge and can teach myself almost anything from a book
3. Am willing to frog, and frog, and frog as necessary to get something right
4. I love working fair isle and it is benefitted from point number 1 above
5. I can decipher almost any knitting pattern

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