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Permanent Resident

1136 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2008 :  1:18:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit PBELKNAP's Homepage Send PBELKNAP a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I just recently finished the Cabled Yoke Pullover that took 5 months of my life and most of my sanity. Despite this, I'm toying with the idea of knitting ANOTHER one, only in a different color. Normally, I don't repeat patterns (unless it's a variation on the top-down or EZ method), but for some reason I'm compelled...

Does anyone repeat patterns, or are you more of a person to try new things?


WIP = Shadow Jacket (crochet), Strip for charity afghan (knit), house socks (knit).

Done this year = Scrap Scarf (knit), Gloves (knit), Mittens (knit), Afghan (crochet), Pinwheel Afghan (crochet), Knit Your Bit Scarf for the WWII Museum (knit - charity), Scrap Sweater (knit), House Socks (knit), Easy Playtime Set (knit), Aran Stitch Afghan (crochet), hat (knit), One-Stitch Cardigan (knit), Peppermint Stick Afghan (crochet), Patons Cabled Yoke Pullover (knit), Orphans for Orphans Baby Sweater (knit), Socks (knit).

If I could only do this for a living...

Sticks and String
Permanent Resident

1113 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2008 :  1:48:37 PM  Show Profile  Visit Sticks and String's Homepage Send Sticks and String a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If I fall in love with a pattern I'll happily repeat it in different colorways. I've knit dozens of the Fake Isle hats, Felted Mittens, Two Weeknights With Warrick Scarfs, Parfait Play sweaters, fingerless mitts in more than a couple different patterns, Simply Lovely Lace Socks...and so on. Most of my knitting ends up as gifts so there is a little more room in my knitting for repeating. If I were knitting for myself I might not.

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Permanent Resident

3337 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  04:45:48 AM  Show Profile Send Chemcats a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh yes! I knit a sweater that was a challenge at first, but by the time I finished, it was called a Fun Knit. Will I do that one bet! Or, I probably will do one that is similar..but take it up a notch or two.

Oh! I forgot Lady Eleanor...that's repeatable. Feather and Fans. Clapotis. All with different yarns of course.

Just as long as you don't get bored!

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Permanent Resident

3363 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  04:53:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit CatherineM's Homepage Send CatherineM a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I love repeats. Feather and fan is my all-time favorite stitch, and I have made many shawls, scarves, baby blankets, afghans, etc. I made two Clapotis - gave one away - and more than one pair of Maine Morning Mitts, and then of course there are basic ribbed hats for charity.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

433 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  09:14:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit amosellie's Homepage Send amosellie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have done repeats as well. Especially if I like the way something fits. Then I have an excuse to buy more yarn!!!

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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  11:05:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I suppose I do repeat patterns on occasion.

I have a favorite baby blanket along with a stash of the yarn that works for it so it's a go-to pattern for gifts.

I use the Strong Heel sock pattern with self-patterning yarn when I don't want to overthink the project.

There is a baby sweater that I knit once in wool and once in cotton and another baby sweater that I knit once in blue and another time in green.

I made the Monkey Sock once in solid color in the original and the second time in variegated with no purls.

I knit the Twin Rib scarf twice in alpaca for my son because the first one was lost. I also knit the Feeling Fuzzy hat twice for him, once in merino and once in alpaca. He's in college where the weather is cold and needs warm hats & scarves so I'll probably make a few more.

Wow, with a simple yes or no I would have said no to the original question. I guess I would have been wrong!


my knitting photos on Flickr
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Permanent Resident

4773 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  11:40:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit kdcrowley's Homepage Send kdcrowley a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hmmm I don't tend to repeat OPP's (Other People's Patterns) but do repeat my own, with variations....go figure.

Check out my solar-dyed yarns at
and my blog at
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Permanent Resident

1429 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  12:04:49 PM  Show Profile Send fiddlerbird555 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
"You cannot step into the same river twice"

Even if it's the same pattern, something will be different. But I did two Dr.Who scarfs from the same buy of yarn, so I'm not sure my opinion is worth anything.


I can go loopy, or I can knit. Your choice.
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  3:11:32 PM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I sometimes go on crazed project repetition binges, especially if they're small projects. I'm currently on my fourth felted bag since Thanksgiving out of Paton's SWS. It'sidiot-proof knitting for watching TV and taking to my yarn group; the colors are addictive; and the yarn's stash. All except one are being given away.

Sometimes it project-type binges. All my holiday presents this year are hats. Different patterns, but the same basic circle.

But it's time to start something new . . .

and then repeat it to death.

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Chatty Knitter

300 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  3:26:40 PM  Show Profile Send cpknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have also repeated patterns that I love but with different yarns/colors and even adding my own patterns (using a different stitch but keeping the shape of the garment). I think it has to do with mastering a pattern (favorite lace ones) or a garment that is wonderfully functional (sweatshirt style jackets). I'm trying to make myself try a new pattern from each of the many books I have in my library in 2009. Otherwise, why did I buy so many books? I'm such a collector, it's time I started using what I bought. I'm going through the books now with my stash in mind. Other than books with history of a particular type of knitting, I'm really trying to curb acquisitions. Great question!

Carol, Wisconsin
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New Pal

13 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  02:17:10 AM  Show Profile  Visit maqqie's Homepage Send maqqie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I never knit the same thing twice. I get excited to see how it turns out, but the next time I try to knit it, I get bored...go figure.

Maggie Ames
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New Pal

29 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  03:27:57 AM  Show Profile Send Jessica-Jean a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I try new patterns all the time, but there are always a few Truly Tasha's shawls in progress. I fell in love with that pattern and have worked it in everything from single strand of fingering weight yarn to super bulky. I never get tired of it, and - excepting the border - is truly brainless-carry-everywhere knitting.
However, there are times when I get hooked on something like a particular hat pattern. I only wanted to make one, but ended up making 75 one autumn! The nearly instant gratification is what gets me, and the ability to empty a box of odd balls is and added bonus. It's a good thing there are always charities in need of knitted hats!
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Chatty Knitter

193 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  04:35:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit scarfitup's Homepage Send scarfitup a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Because I sell my knitting, I do repeats. My favorite is my Cachecol line of neckwarmers/scarflettes simply because they are randomly shaped and stitched, and the choice of yarns and combinations of fibers is endless, so each and every one is unique. I do sell the pattern, BTW, if interested, in my Etsy shop. But I warn that if you like structure in design and process, this in not for you. I never tire of making these, however!

Scarf It Up!

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New Pal

United Kingdom
3 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  04:50:16 AM  Show Profile Send lilymarlene a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I do lots of repeats, but I usually tweak (improve!!!) the pattern the second time around.
Just knitting something once usually leaves me feeling something is missing...not complete.
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granny purple
New Pal

22 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  05:01:13 AM  Show Profile Send granny purple a Private Message  Reply with Quote
When the issue of Rowan Magazine with the Birch shawl came out, I was hooked-for a while. I think I did 5 of those, some with beads, some without. More recently, the flower basket shawl has been interesting--maybe 3 of those. And I've done Icarus twice...Recently, I improvised a top-down turtleneck, & am planning to repeat that with a variation!
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Permanent Resident

2266 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  06:06:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit marfa's Homepage Send marfa a Private Message  Reply with Quote
How do.

It's fascinating to hear of how many items are repeated & in what great quantities!

I have hopes of repeating some items I have knit. Because I am such a pokey knitter, I end up working on other things. I do have two felted bags in the works (& close to the finish line) & plan to do more of them, using stash yarn.

Clara's one skein shawl (doing it w/ stash) is such a versatile pattern & can be used w/ so many yarns & combinations of yarns that I plan to use it again.

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Seriously Hooked

824 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  07:18:07 AM  Show Profile Send Cecioboe a Private Message  Reply with Quote
In general I like the new horizons but have a few favorite sock patterns (Embossed Leaves and Monkey) that I repeat. I did knit my Mom a Mr. Greenjeans after knitting one for myself. Also, baby sweaters and Fiber Trends Felted Clogs get repeated.


Aw, gee, c'mon and see:

Cecioboe on Ravelry
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Permanent Resident

2493 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  11:24:52 AM  Show Profile Send MindyO a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I was trying to answer this question thinking back to all the things I've knit (or crocheted) over the past 5 years. I realized I really haven't knit much from an actual pattern. In the beginning I knit from patterns and it's almost as if once I completed one item I would move on to another type item because I proved I could do it. I have never knit a large item like a sweater for myself, I mostly stick to smaller things like baby items, socks, wraps, scarves. And with the exception of mittens, same pattern just adjusted for different weights of yarn, I don't think I've ever repeated one specific item. I have used the same stitch pattern several times worked into another form, like I've made fern lace into a scarf, hat, baby sweater... lol it's my favorite.

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dolores dev
New Pal

3 Posts

Posted - 12/18/2008 :  6:04:02 PM  Show Profile Send dolores dev a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I usually do not repeat patterns. However, I have three grandchildren and I have kknitted three different stockings for them. Now my good friend's daughter has three children and so far I have done two stockings for them using the same patterns. I thought I did not have another stocking in me but I will start one for the new baby using that third pattern.
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New Pal

44 Posts

Posted - 12/19/2008 :  2:16:39 PM  Show Profile Send mcknitty a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I don't mind repeating patterns on small things, like socks, but on big items I like to try out different patterns
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New Pal

10 Posts

Posted - 12/21/2008 :  05:38:34 AM  Show Profile Send Hbrwn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I believe that if you gave a prize for the 'boringest' knitter in the world, I would win it!!! I usually knit the same pattern over and over again -- mostly because there are baby items I have sold for years. Now that I knit primarily for charities, I knit the same checkerboard pattern laprobes repeatedly, like 150 of them, also making them in baby colors and giving them to a county health program to use for baby afghans here in Flagstaff.

But the longest list is of Quaker Stitch booties. They are made with baby yarn on a size 1 needle. They are ridged, so they expand as baby grows. They are quite darling, with large, fluffy, matching pompoms. I began making them along about 1947 when my older sister had a baby. I have made 1599 pairs of them! Really! I have the list to prove it!!!


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