In the Footsteps of Sheep by Debbie Zawinski

footsteps_sheepIt began as all great ideas do, as a spark of an inspiration, a loose thread that many people would let rest. But Debbie Zawinski is no ordinary person. A spinner for 25 years and a lifelong walker and knitter, Zawinski started tugging at that loose thread. She wanted to take a walk around Scotland, spinning and knitting the coats of Scottish sheep she met along the way. She would, in a way, walk and spin and knit her way around Scotland.

The fruits of that adventure have been published by Schoolhouse Press in Zawinski’s colorful new book, In the Footsteps of Sheep. Following her charming hand-drawn map and illustrated by colorful photographs she took along the way, you’ll follow Zawinski on her travels, meet the sheep she met, learn history, read stories, and—the icing on the cake—you’ll find patterns for socks that her travels inspired. Naturally, yarn substitutions may be tricky, but that’s not really the point of this book. The point is to curl up in a chair and follow someone on a grand adventure.

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Originally published November 2015
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  • A well written travel piece with a specific agenda. The descriptions of the areas mentioned along with the weather and people are delightful and then there are the sheep and the sock patterns. Satisfying on several levels. My only reservation would be that many of the wools shown, although I understand the reasons for knitting socks from each type of sheep, are not likely to be the most suitable for socks.

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