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A, Cookie

- knit. sock. love.

- Sock Innovation

Abrahams, Debbie

- 100 Afghan Squares to Knit

Albright, Barbara, ed.

- Knitter's Stash: Favorite Patterns from America's Yarn Shops

Atherley, Kate

- The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns

Badger, Ros and Elaine Scott

- Little Badger Knitwear

Bauer, Jutta

- Selma

Barnett, Mac

- Extra Yarn

Berman Price, Andrea

- Knitspeak: An A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns

Bigelow, Jill and Bigelow-Suttell, Jane

- A Knitter's Gallery of Mitered Squares

Birkett, Caroline

- Hand Knits for the Home

Black, Sandy

- Knitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft

Bliss, Debbie

- Baby Knits for Beginners

- Baby Style

- Debbie Bliss Celtic Knits

- How to Knit: The Definitive Knitting Course

Bordhi, Cat

- New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One

- Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters

- Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles

- A Treasury of Magical Knitting

- A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting

Bradberry, Sarah

- The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book

Briar, JC

- Charts Made Simple

Brocket, Jane

- The Gentle Art of Domesticity

Brown, Larissa and Martin John

- Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together

Budd, Ann

- Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave (editor, with Anne Merrow)

- Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd

- Knitted Gifts

- The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

- The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters

- Knitting Green

Buller, Kate

- The Ultimate Knitter's Guide: Patterns and Techniques

Bush, Nancy

- Knitted Lace of Estonia

Callahan, Gail

- Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

Campochiaro, Cecilia

- Sequence Knitting: Simple Methods for Creating Complex Fabrics

Carey, Jacqui

- 200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop, or Weave

Carles, Julie

- The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, co-author Jordana Jacobs

Chin, Lily M.

- The Urban Knitter

Clark, Evelyn A.

- Knitting Lace Triangles

Cobey, Katharine

- Diagonal Knitting

Coleman, Ava

- Stories in Stitches

Crowther-Smith, Alison

- Silky Little Knits

Dakos, Alana, and Fettig, Hannah

- Coastal Knits

Daniels, Linda

- The Northampton Wools Knitting Book

Davies, Kate

- Colours of Shetland

Davis, Jane

- Knitting with Beads

Druchunas, Donna

- Arctic Lace
- Stories in Stitches

Durand, Judith

- One-Skein Wonders

Durham, Teva

- Loop-d-Loop

- Loop-d-Loop Crochet

Edasi, Aime and Reimann, Siiri

- The Haapsalu Shawl

Egan, Mary Lou, with Theresa Gaffey, Scott Rohr, Shelly Sheehan, and Sarah K. Walker

- Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life

Ellen, Alison

- Hand Knitting: New Directions

Falick, Melanie D.

- Knit: A Personal Handbook

- Knitting for baby, co-author Kristin Nicholas

- Knitting in America

- Weekend Knitting

Fassett, Kaffe

- Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography

- Kaffe's Classics: 25 Glorious Knitting Designs

Fassett, Kaffe

- Kaffe Fassett's Pattern Library

Felton, Miriam

- Twist and Knit

Fettig, Hannah, and Dakos, Alana

- Coastal Knits

Fisher, Margaret

- Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater

Ford, Felicity

- Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook

Gaffey, Theresa, with Mary Lou Egan, Scott Rohr, Shelly Sheehan, and Sarah K. Walker

- Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life

Galeskas, Beverly

- Felted Knits

Gardiner, Chrissy

- Toe-Up!

Gardiner, Kay and Shayne, Ann

- Mason-Dixon Knitting

Garland, Claire

- Knitted Babes

Gibson-Roberts, Patricia and Robson, Deborah

- Knitting in the Old Way

Guy, Lucinda and Hall, François

- Kids Learn to Knit

Ham, Catherine

- 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand-New Knitter

Harris, Gillian

- Complete Feltmaking

Herron, Rachael

- How to Knit a Love Song

Herzog, Amy

- Knit to Flatter: The Only Instructions You'll Ever Need to Knit Sweaters That Make You Look Good and Feel Great!

Hiatt, Beryl and Linden Phelps

- Simply Beautiful Sweaters

- Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men

Hill, Romi

- New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces

Hoverson, Joelle

- Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

Japel, Stefanie

- Fitted Knits

Johnson, Wendy D.

- Socks from the Toe Up

- Toe-Up Socks for Every Body

Kartus, Lisa

- Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters

Knight, Erika

- Comforts of Home: Simple Knitted Accessories

- Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

Laidman, Janel

- The Eclectic Sole

Ligon, Linda

- This is How I Go When I Go Like This: Weaving and Spinning as Metaphor

Loving, Char

- Knitting Journal

Lydon, Susan Gordon

- Christmas Stockings: 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit (ed.)

- The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice

Mably, Brandon

- Knitting Color: Design Inspiration from Around the World

MacDaniels, Janice

- The Unpattern Patterns (a series of leaflets)

Macdonald, Anne L.

- No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting

Magnússon, Hélène

- Icelandic Knitting: Using Rose Patterns

Malcolm, Trisha

- Vogue Knitting American Collection (ed.)

- Vogue Knitting on the Go: Baby Blankets (ed.)

- Vogue Knitting on the Go: Bags and Backpacks (ed.)

- Vogue Knitting on the Go: Teen Knits (ed.)

Mapstone, Prudence

- Freeform Knitting

Marchant, Nancy

- Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch

Martini, Adrienne

- Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously

McIver, Sandra

- Knit Swirl!

McTague, Fiona

- Knits for Babies and Toddlers

Mellor, Zoe

- Animal Knits

- Double Knits: Pairs of Patterns for Babies and Toddlers

- 50 Baby Bootees to Knit

Mencher, Brooks

- The Yarn Woman

Menz, Deb

- Color Works: The Crafter's Guide to Color

Millen, Cynthia

- A Symphony For the Sheep

Mischer, Suzan

- Greetings from Knit Café

Modesitt, Annie

- Confessions of a Knitting Heretic

Moreno, Jillian and Singer, Amy

- Big Girl Knits

Morgan-Oakes, Melissa

- Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks

Nargi, Lela

- Astounding Knits!

- Knitting Lessons: Tales from the Knitting Path

Neatby, Lucy

- Cool Socks Warm Feet

- Lucy Neatby's Knitting Essentials 1 & 2 (DVD)

- Lucy Neatby's Intarsia Untangled 1 & 2 (DVD)

- The Brand New Knitter: A Comprehensive Guide for the Never-Held-Needles-Before Knitter-To-Be (DVD)

Nerjordet, Arne and Carlos Zachrison

- 30 Slippers to Knit and Felt

Nicholas, Kristin

- Knitting Today's Classics

Nicholson, Heather

- The Loving Stitch: A History of Knitting and Spinning in New Zealand

Oberle, Cheryl

- Folk Shawls

Parkes, Clara

- The Knitter's Book of Socks

- The Knitter's Book of Wool

- The Knitter's Book of Yarn

- The Yarn Whisperer: My Unexpected Life in Knitting

Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie

- At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

- Things I Learned from Knitting...Whether I Wanted to or Not

Percival, Kris

- Knit Knack Kit

Polley, Sandra

- The Knitted Teddy Bear

Radcliffe, Margaret

- The Knitting Answer Book

Reader's Digest

- The Complete Knitting Set

Reese, Nichole

- Harvest

Reimann, Siiri and Edasi, Aime

- The Haapsalu Shawl

Rohr, Scott, with Mary Lou Egan, Theresa Gaffey, Shelly Sheehan, and Sarah K. Walker

- Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life

Roth, Julie Jersild

- Knitting Nell

Rutt, Richard

- A History of Hand Knitting

Schurch, Charlene

- More Sensational Knitted Socks (and Sensational Knitted Socks)

Schreier, Iris

- One + One: Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs

Sefton, Maggie

- Knit One, Kill Two

Seiff, Joan

- Fiber Gathering

Sharp, Jo

- Knitting Emporium

Sheehan, Shelly, with Mary Lou Egan, Theresa Gaffey, Scott Rohr, and Sarah K. Walker

- Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life

Singer, Amy and Moreno, Jillian

- Big Girl Knits

Singer, Amy

- No Sheep for You

Spring, Sixth and

- 60 Quick Knits: 20 Hats, 20 Scarves, 20 Mittens in Cascade 220

Sloat, Teri

- Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep: A Yarn About Wool

Sowerby, Jane

- Victorian Lace Today

Square, Vicki

- The Knitter's Companion

Startzman, Katie

- The Knitted Slipper Book

Steege, Gwen

- The Knitter's Life List

Stoller, Debbie

- Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

Strick, Candace Eisner

- Sweaters from New England Sheep Farms

Swansen, Cully (Editor) with Elizabeth Zimmermann

- Knit One Knit All

Swensen, Meg

- Meg Swansen's Knitting

Taylor, Kathleen

- Yarns to Dye For: Creating Self-Patterning Yarns for Knitting

Teague, Ysolda

- Little Red in the City

- The Rhinebeck Sweater

Temple, Mary Beth

- The Secret Language of Knitters

Threads Magazine

- Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets

Tiselius, Stina

- 25 Potholders to Knit

Turner, Sharon

- Monkeysuits

Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher

- The Age of Homespun

Vogel, Lynne

- The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

Vogue Knitting, Editors

- Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

- Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book

Walker, Sarah K., with Mary Lou Egan, Theresa Gaffey, Scott Rohr, and Shelly Sheehan

- Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life

Ware, Debby

- Too Cute! Cotton Knits for Toddlers

Watterson, Lynne

- The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting

Wills, Kerry

- The Close-Knit Circle: American Knitters Today

Wilson, Margaret Klein and the Green Mountain Spinnery

- The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book

Wiseman, Nancie M.

- Knitting with Wire

Zachrison, Carlos and Arne Nerjordet

- 30 Slippers to Knit and Felt

Zimmermann, Elizabeth, with Cully Swansen Editor

- Knit One Knit All

Zawinski, Debbie

- In the Footsteps of Sheep

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