April 4, 2002

Spring fever has finally claimed me. Seemingly out of nowhere, the sun has brightened, the earth softened, and the birds have returned.

Cotton Time

We all know what spring means to knitters: time for cotton! Not just plain old cotton but the fun stuff in unusual blends and innovative forms.

That's what we'll look at throughout the month of April. I begin this week with a German yarn, manufactured in Macedonia, that isn't even spun together. Hint: It has more in common with spaghetti than you'd think!

In the Forums

What are the other loves in your life besides knitting? Talk about them!

April Prize

I'm still mulling over April's newsletter subscriber prize but, rest assured, it'll be fun. Stay subscribed and you're automatically in the drawing at the end of the month.

Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the forums,


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New This Week...

Stahl Bandolino
a skein of Bandolinoa swatch of Bandolino

Stahl has put a different spin on this summer cotton... literally!
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