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August 19, 2010
sweet peas and Llanwenog wool

We knitters have our own shorthand, a secret code of dots and squiggles whose mystery only reveals itself when properly deciphered in our stitches.

Professional designers typically have a library of knitting symbols for their charts, or they use special charting software. This week I show you StitchinKnit, a knitting-themed symbol font that lets you create your own elegant charts using nothing more than your keyboard.

This weekend in Illinois
This Thursday through Sunday, Stitches Midwest takes place at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. In addition to the marketplace and fashion show, you can still sign up for classes with teachers including JC Briar, Melissa Leapman, Merike Saarniit, Lily Chin, Laura Bryant, and Sandi Rosner.

In the Forum: Remembering Fran
It is with great sadness that I tell you of Francine Marrs' passing. A beloved and steady presence in the Knitter's Review community since 2001, Fran was wise and generous, always patient and ready with whatever wit or wisdom the occasion required. She was also a valued presence behind the scenes, keeping spammers at bay and waving red flags whenever a discussion got out of hand. She will be dearly missed.

Would you like to share a few words about Fran?

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As always, I thank you for your readership and your support.

Happy knitting, and I'll see you on September 2nd,
Clara Parkes

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