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December 5, 2013
Awaiting a happy wrist

Julie Weisenberger has a knack for solving problems before we realize we have them.

She did it with her Knitter's Block blocking kit, which lets you assemble soft floor tiles in whatever shape you need for blocking garments. And she's done it again with her Knitter's Keep.

This silicone bracelet slaps onto your wrist and holds all those little metal gadgets we tend to lose when we're knitting, things like stitch markers, tapestry needles, and cable needles. How does it hold everything? Magnetism.

The Bale Takes on Manhattan
For the past year, I and some 750 intrepid knitters have been traveling the country, turning our 676-pound Great White Bale of superfine Saxon Merino into yarn. The project is nearing its end, but the story lives on. In January, I'll be speaking about the Bale—sharing pictures, stories, videos, and samples you can touch—at Vogue Knitting Live. Please come. Use the code NYTEACHER14 when you register, and they'll toss something extra in your goody bag.

Indiegogo: Let's Bring a Mill to Mendocino
Matt Gilbert and his wife Sarah are this close to funding their new wool mill in Mendocino. Let's put them over the top, shall we?

Cotton is King
NPR's Planet Money has been on a remarkable journey to track cotton from seed to field, factory, and, finally, T-shirt. They've produced an amazing video about each step of the process.

In the Forums: Spots Begone
Emmy's husband accidentally dumped a whole cup of coffee on one of her knitting projects, and now she can't get the stain out. Any ideas?

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As ever, I thank you for letting me be a part of your knitting life.

We'll talk again on December 19!

Clara Parkes

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