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Knitter's Review
November 19, 2015
The adirondack chairs along Lake Canandaigua

Last weekend, 110 of my favorite knitters gathered with me on the shores of Lake Canandaigua. We did what knitters do. We played with yarn, we shared our knowledge, we stayed up far too late, we told stories and made silly faces and came away promising to keep in touch until next year.

This was the 14th year I've had the privilege of leading the Knitter's Review Retreat, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain what makes a great retreat.

Coming Up
This weekend the Creative Hand Show and Sale takes place at the Old Shawnee Town Hall in Shawnee, Kansas. Sponsored by the Weavers Guild and the Fiber Guild of Kansas City, the event is both an exhibition and show of "art-to-wear" by members of both guilds. That same weekend in Boerne, Texas, the 27th annual Kid 'n Ewe & Llamas Too Festival will occupy more than 30,000 square feet of the the Kendall County Fairgrounds. The following week in the United Kingdom, the Knitting and Stitching Show takes place at the Harrogate International Centre in Yorkshire November 26-29. Find details about these and many more events in our online calendar.

In the Forums: Knitting for Knitters?
Lisa raises an interesting question. For her, receiving a knitted gift is the ultimate form of kindness. But she knows other people who see it as an insult, muttering, "If I wanted this I would have made it myself." As a knitter, how do you feel about receiving knitted gifts?

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As always, I thank you for letting me be a part of your knitting life.

Clara Parkes

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Adirondack chairs along the shores of Lake Canandaigua

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