How much wool do you have in your wardrobe that isn't hand-knit?

Since Knitter’s Review launched in 2000, we’ve run some 674¬†polls. That’s a lot of questions! The site you see here is new as of September 2016, and it features some classics from the archives. We’ll continue to migrate polls from the archives over time as well as introduce new polls with each newsletter.

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Which weight of skein do you prefer, 50g or 100g?
Be honest. What do you really think of the cowl?
What do you do with leftover yarn?
Does the word "Targhee" mean anything to you?
Mittens or gloves?
What weight of yarn are you most enjoying knitting right now?
Have you ever abandoned a pair of socks after completing the first sock?
Without moving from where you are, can you see any yarn?
Would you ever consider wearing a pair of wool sneakers?
Have you ever knit with an indigo-dyed yarn?
Do you believe in the curse of the love sweater?
How many unfinished knitting projects do you have?
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