Knit One Knit All

Haiku for Elizabeth

I recently invited readers to submit a haiku about Elizabeth Zimmermann. The winning haiku author would receive a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's garter-stitch opus, Knit One Knit All.

More than 200 haiku were submitted, and the winning piece was written by Nell Ziroli:

      Humble garter stitch
      became the work of genius
      each time she knit you.

But Wait, There's More...
So lovely and inventive were your submissions that I picked another 26 to share with you here. Many thanks to everybody who played along!

Knit and knit again
those lovely garter ridges
no damn purl stitches
Evelyn Uyemura

I would love to meet
EZ on a sunny street
And talk of knitting
Gina Murphy

much better to knit
than to gestate, unaware,
a baby surprise

Knit some garter stitch.
Turn it, flip it, fold it here.
Look!†A BSJ.
Theresa Prime

Grandson shows honour
To esteemed knitting icon
Curating new work.
Linda Hanford

Garter stitch is swell;
Knitting in the round, as well.
She lives on through us.
Mary Kay Bishop

skillful, strong, and warm
knit on through sorrow and joy
how to craft a life
Jackie Chovanes

My advice is clear
Do not fear gentle knitter
Unvent on your own
Liz Flores

Needles click content
†Elizabeth taught us well
Forever comfort
Lynne Peterson

She gave us a look
Into her loving of†life
So that we too see
Chloe Kaufman

Itís true, I can knit
I can make my needles sing
Thank you, Elizabeth
Eileen McHugh

Yarn and sticks combined
With good sense and careful eye
Bring easy pleasures.
Sue Hopkins

Muse of my knitting
Wiping tears and fears away.
Now my sweaters fit!
Pat Netzley

Shapely, special knits
Fun to do yet challenging
Love them when they're done.
Sydney Fox

Elizabeth knits
garter, circular, seamless
wrapping us in wool
Verna Friedrichsen

take time, do the math
with wool and needles cast on
chart the tricky parts
Heather Connolly

Once I was the sheep.
Her words freed my knitting mind.
Now I lead the wool.
Julie Hall

Circular vanguard
Unventor of I and Pi
Wool origamist!
Susan Knorr

Simple stitches built
Each one upon another
To create beauty
Shirley Richardson

E Z you surprise
Knit riding motorcycles
Unravel the sky
Padma Rubiales

Garter stitch it is
No purling so no curling
EZ does it all
Ann Williams

Round and round it grows
Pretty, lacy, perfect pi
My own unvention

knitting without tears
reawakens my spirit
tomtens for us all
Terry Winer

EZ loves garter
No purls for you, my darling
But not in the round
Kathy Chin

In around and out,
so simple and so stunning;
all without a purl.
Sunshione Psota

in the new spun wool
a fine long dark hair appeared
who was this woman