September 21, 2000

Like most knitters, I adore yarn. I could lock myself up at home for a month and still not finish writing about all the yarns in my Knitter's Review stash.

And that doesn't include any new yarns I'll pick up at the Common Ground Country Fair and the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival this month. Then there's the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in October...

The Stash Sensation

We all have yarn stashes, but that doesn't keep us from looking for more yarn. Some of us are worse offenders than others, myself included.

I'd like to know your yarn-buying philosophy, so please vote in this week's poll. As an added bonus, you'll be able to show the results to your significant other and say, "See? It's not just me!"

Knitting Newcomers

I found out that some of you are new to knitting. That's why I've added a new area in our Links section dedicated to sites that help you learn how to knit. Let me know if I've left anything out and I'll add it to the list.


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New This Week...

Yarn Review:
Sturdy Softness with Berocco Mohair Classic

Playing the other white meat to Classic Elite La Gran's chicken, Berroco Mohair Classic is a widely available, commercially spun brushed mohair. What's the difference between the two yarns? For us it comes down to price and colors.

full story

Book Review:

Knitting Today's Classics: 60 Exquisite Sweaters from Elite
Buy it now at
When looking for yarn patterns, the common tendency is to leaf through page after page of individual patterns in a three-ring binder at your local yarn shop. It takes extra conviction (and financial commitment) to buy an entire book of patterns. This book is worth your money.

full review

Online Yarn Shop:

This relative newcomer and online-only shop is making quite a splash. Perhaps you've seen its full-page ads in the front of several popular knitting magazines, or noticed its prime listing with the online search engines?

full review

Knitter's Review Poll:
What's your philosophy about buying yarn?

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