October 12, 2000

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to spend your days engaged only in knitterly pursuits? Most of us can't afford such a luxury, but we can get lost for a few moments at a time.

Armchair Travels

This week I take you to Australia and New Zealand for a little armchair travel. First we look at Australian designer Jo Sharp's custom yarn, the result of a cross breed of Merino and Border Leicester sheep.

Then we review her latest book, Knitting Emporium. It's full of rich textures and colors and gorgeous photos -- not to mention lovely patterns. And finally I bring you the ultimate travel opportunity: a journey along New Zealand's recently established Merino Trail.



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New This Week...

Yarn Review:
Finding Softness in Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp yarnJo sharp yarn
Her yarns are tightly wrapped in neat little bundles like fresh dumplings, making them easy to spot. But are they any good? We find out.

full review

Book Review:

Knitting Emporium
by Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp has a definite poetic side. Her designs are classic but always with a hint of romance and mischief. This book -- her latest -- continues the tradition.

full story

Knitterly Travels
New Zealand

Merino Trail
Looking for the yarn-related trip of a lifetime? Consider venturing to New Zealand and following the recently established Merino Trail.

full story

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