November 30, 2000

What do you get the knitter who has everything? Although a live sheep could be fun, it isn't always the most practical gift.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

This year, consider sponsoring a sheep through the Heifer Project. It's a fascinating concept in charitable gift-giving, whereby you buy a sheep (or a share of a sheep) for a family in need somewhere in the world.

The receiving family is trained in how to care for the animal, and they also agree to give one of the sheep's first offspring to another needy family in that village. Each participating village has at least one healthy male sheep for breeding purposes, so this is truly a gift that can keep on giving.

Yarns Aplenty

On the yarn front, I bring you two special yarns this week. The first is an unusual blend of fibers available in only one color. The second is a basic merino available in almost 100 one-of-a-kind color varieties.

Plus, I'll show the impact two angora bunnies can have on one knitter's life as I profile Northwest Angora's owner, Gretchen Beedle.

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Jill Wenzel, the winner of this week's $25 gift certificate to Knitwear Architects! Simply email me to claim your prize. (Make sure to email me from the same address at which you receive the newsletter.)

Coming in December

Don't miss our holiday gift guide, plus information about where to buy yarn without breaking the bank. On the fiber front, we'll profile good old-fashioned wool! Plus we'll give away another $25 gift certificate to Vancouver's Knitwear Architects.

Happy knitting!


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New This Week...

Yarn Review:
True Luxury in Northwest Angora

Northwest AngoraNorthwest Angora
There's a lot to be said for yarns produced by small-scale operations. Gretchen Beedle's unusual blends, packaged under the Northwest Angora label, are a perfect example.

full review

Yarn Review:

Koigu Premium Merino in Premium Colors

Koigu MerinoKoigu Merino
Maie Landra's hand-painted merino is a joy to behold, but do the dyes hold up to normal wear and tear? We find out.

full review

Northwest Angora's Gretchen Beedle

Northwest Angora kits
What do you get when you cross a lifelong knitter with two angora rabbits? For Gretchen Beedle, the answer was Northwest Angora, where she sells a small selection of her fantastic yarns.

full story

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