May 10, 2001

I've seen heaven. At its gates is a sign that reads, "Welcome to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival."

Fiberaholics Unite

Last weekend, I and some 60,000 other like-minded folks gathered on the rolling hills of West Friendship, Maryland, for the 28th annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It is the largest event of its kind in the United States and, some say, in the world.

The event is an unusual mix of livestock and fiber craft show. In one booth were colorful hand-spun yarns, while the next booth displayed portable electric fencing or bottles of hoof-rot treatment.

Proud shepherds of all ages strolled through the grounds with their ribbons prominently displayed somewhere on their clothing. Serious spinners struggled under the weight of enormous bags of fleece. Knitters stood in a daze with skeins of yarn in their hands, not sure what they were going to do with them but knowing they absolutely had to have the yarn, period.

Better than Being There

For those who couldn't make the show, I've compiled a virtual photo album complete with links to vendors I voted Best of Show. The list is by no means intended to be comprehensive, but it does provide a good starting point for exploring top-quality small-scale fiber businesses.

Special Sunday

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the United States. To every mother among us, including stepmothers, mothers-in-law, and women who serve as surrogate mothers to their beloved four-legged companions, happy Mother's Day!

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Back to Basics

Are fiber shows not your cup of tea? Don't fret! Next week we'll return to our in-depth yarn reviews.

Happy knitting!


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New This Week...

Show Report:
2001 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

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Fears of hoof-and-mouth disease didn't keep the crowds away. Check out our report of the 28th annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, including photos and links to one-of-a-kind fiber sources!

Show Overview
Vendor Highlights

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