July 26, 2001

In this month's One-Skein Wonders series I've shown how you can make one special skein go a long way.

This week we turn the tables and show how to make many leftover yarns into one, special skein that goes even farther.

The Magic of Mixing

The process is called magic ball knitting, and many people have already enjoyed experimenting with it. Learn how you too can turn stash leftovers into an amazing multicolored object without ever having to carry more than one strand!

Sweaters for Men

If you're a man or just like knitting for them, there's a new book for you. It's called "Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men," and we take it out for a spin this week.

This Month's Winner

Congratulations to R. McGuire, winner of this month's newsletter subscriber giveaway! The prize is a $50 gift certificate to eKnitting.com.

Our next newsletter subscriber drawing will take place on August 30, so stay with us and you could win!

Happy knitting!


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New This Week...
Tools and Techniques:
Magic Ball Knitting

a magic ballA swatch from the magic ball
When you're overwhelmed with leftovers and don't know where to turn, just tie them all together and spin yourself a magic ball! We show you how this adventurous technique works.

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In Print:
Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men
by Linden Phelps and Beryl Hiatt

Finally, an entire pattern book dedicated to men. This follow-up to "Simply Beautiful Sweaters" takes luxury to an all-new high. But are the patterns worth the cost of the yarn? We find out.

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