November 8, 2001

This is an exciting day for Knitter's Review: We're launching online forums!

Now you can ask questions, share advice, tell stories, get support, and make new friends.

Strength in Numbers

We have some amazingly talented people in our midst, from experienced knitters and spinners to designers and yarn shop owners. I would be remiss if I didn't let you get to know one another.

That's why I invite you to visit the forums and become a part of this interesting and varied community.

Getting Started

You can begin by reading posts and otherwise familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land. When you're ready to make your voice heard, you'll be asked to register.

Registration allows me to monitor the forums closely and to keep them absolutely safe for all of us. Your registration information will be used for no other purpose, period.

For those of you who've never participated in online forums before, I've put together a special section called How to Use the Knitter's Review Forums that will answer your questions and help you get up and running quickly.

Our Light is Always On

Our forums are open for business 24 hours a day. No matter where you live in the world or what time of day it is, chances are you'll find someone home. To access the forums, click here.

Subscribe and Win

Our next newsletter subscriber drawing will take place at the end of November for a $50 gift certificate from! Simply stay subscribed and you could win.

Happy knitting, and I'll chat with you in the forums!


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In Print:
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